Although our love for 2 wheels, be it bikes or bicycles, goes long way back, the actual journey of OMO bikes started in 2016. It started as a wishful project to make self sustaining & running solar powered bike. The experiment, to our surprise, was a success, but its commercial viability still needed sometime. But we enjoyed making the bike so much that we started making more bikes, only without the solar setup this time. 


Since then, we have kept our team of engineers, technicians, designers busy in designing & producing cycles & electric bicycles that can match any world standards with a proud 'Made in India' tag. 


All our cycles & electric cycles are made in India, keeping in mind Indian traffic conditions & usage. We strive to build a trust among our customers that will, one day, make OMO Bikes synonymous with Urban Commute. 


We are also firm believers of conserving our environment. So from Day 1, we have been planting 5 trees for every bike sold. This makes every OMO bike, world's only carbon negative bike, that is, it produces more oxygen than carbon. 


Ride More. 

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