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Hybrid bikes are light weight Geared and Non Geared Bicycles designed to navigate easily through city roads & traffic. Available Online at great price, these are light weight, have thin profile tires and are made to provide a balance of speed & comfort to the rider. These come with rigid fork or suspension to give you comfort on Bad patches of roads.

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What is a Hybrid Bike / Hybrid Cycle?

Hybrid cycles derive their configuration from both road bikes and mountain bikes. They have thin tires thicker than those of road bikes but thinner than those of mountain bikes. The riding posture varies from 45 to 60 degrees, which is also midway between that of a road bike and a mountain bike. The overall configuration of a hybrid cycle is designed to accommodate easy riding, long rides, and city commuting. They are light weight and can be customised with various accessories as per the rider need

What are the pros and cons of Hybrid cycle?

1) Lightweight
2) Comfortable riding position
3) Better speed than MTB
4) Used for city riding and long touring

1) Not suitable for heavy off-roading
2) Speed is limited and less than that of a road bike

Are hybrid bikes good for Indian roads?

Yes, Hybrid bikes are the most suitable option for city commuting in India. They are easy to ride and lightweight as well. With versatile usage, one can customize a hybrid bike to be used for all kinds of city roads. If the road condition is not good, one can have a hybrid bike with suspension and even take it for minor off-road excursion

Is hybrid bike good for beginners?

Yes, hybrid cycles, with their comfortable riding position, easy pedaling, lightweight design, and multi-purpose usage, are the most suitable bicycles for beginners. As a beginner, you need to pedal easily so you can ride long distances regularly instead of getting tired after a few miles, which can be easily achieved by using hybrid cycles

Features of Hybrid Bike

Versatility of Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are designed to be versatile and suitable for a variety of riding conditions for all age group people. They combine the features of both road and mountain bikes, making them suitable for riding on both paved and unpaved surfaces with good speed

Comfort of Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bike with more relaxed riding pisition gives a comfortable rider compared to MTB or roadbikes

Efficiency of Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are designed to be efficient and easy to ride. They often have lightweight frames, efficient gearing systems, and smooth-rolling tires, which make them easier to pedal and faster on the road.

Safety with Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes often come equipped with features like disc brakes, which provide reliable stopping power in any weather conditions. They may also have reflective components and lights to improve visibility when riding at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Frame size to choose of Hybrid Bike?

The first and most important thing to decide when choosing a perfect hybrid bike is the frame size. Different bicycle brands provide various frame size information, making it difficult to select the correct one. However, the idea or concept behind the correct frame size is the same for any bicycle brand.

1) Check your inseam length, which is the distance from the ground to your crotch area.

2) Refer to the bicycle size chart or bicycle dimensions and check the standover height. The standover height of a bicycle refers to the distance between the ground and the top tube of the bicycle frame when the rider is straddling the bike with both feet flat on the ground.

3) Once you have both pieces of data, look for the frame size where your inseam length is 0.5 inches to 3 inches more than the standover height of the bicycle.

What Gear to choose in Hybrid Bicycle ?

Hybrid bicycles are designed for city commuting purposes, exercise, or long routes.
1) If you are using a hybrid cycle mostly for city usage with flat roads and some flyovers, 7, 8, or 9 gears are more than enough.
2) If your terrain is hilly or has steep inclines, the front gears will be needed, for which 21, 24, or 27 gear options are most suitable.

What fork to choose Rigid or suepension in Hybrid Bicycle?

A hybrid cycle comes with the option to have a rigid fork, or one can customize the suspension fork. Depending on the road condition, one can opt for a rigid fork if the roads are mostly smooth and paved. If the roads are not paved, or have too many speed breakers or potholes, a better option is to opt for a lockout suspension.

* 50mm suspension if your weight is under 95kg.
* 80mm Zoom lockout suspension if your weight is under 115kg.
* 100mm SR Suntour suspension if your weight is under 140kg.

An alloy frame can easily carry up to 120-125kg weight. For riders above 125kg weight, a steel frame is recommended

What are the top Hybrid Bikes from Omobikes

Hybrid Bikes are good for beginner and professional riders Weather you are planning to add cycling for fitness and health purpose or you are professional rider looking for daily commute cycle. Differ kind of Hybrid bikes customisation can be done based on purpose
* Ladakh Lite - Single Speed without Gear Hybrid Bike with Disc brake 
* Hampi Lite - Super lightweight under 12kg weight, single speed Hybrid bike
* Ladakh Ace - 7 and 21 Gear Hybrid Bike with lockout suspension and disc brake
* Ladakh Prime - 8 and 21 Gear with Lockout suspension and disc brake
* Ladakh Pro - 9 and 27 gear with hydraulic brake option 

Which is the best Hybrid Bike for Beginners?

Ladakh Ace and Alloy Hybrid 7 and 21 Speed Gear with Alloy Frame, Disc brake, Lockout suspension are best for beginner which can be upgraded later on as need and requirment change