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Gear Bicycles are very useful when you want to ride for long distance or on hilly terrains. Omobikes collection of Gear cycle at Great Price for Hardtail Mountain Bikes or Hybrid City bikes With 7 and 21 Speed Original Shimano Gear options and dual Disc Brake are Best value for money for riders who want to enjoy Best quality bicycle at affordable prices in India

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What is Gear Bicycle?

Gears in a bicycle are part of the drivetrain, which determines the ratio between the cyclist's pedaling and the wheel's rotation. Think of a gear bicycle like a stationary bike at the gym, where you can adjust the resistance to simulate hills or flat terrain. With a geared bicycle, as you shift gears, the chain moves between different sprockets, altering your pedaling effort (more or fewer pedal rotations to cover the same distance). This allows you to adjust your effort throughout your ride, making it easier to tackle hills and maintain speed on flat ground.

Is Gear cycle good or gearless?

Geared cycles are a great choice for beginner riders and cyclists who want to tackle long distances, hilly terrain, or achieve higher average speeds. However, if your typical rides are under 5km on flat terrain, a single-speed bike might be a better option due to its simplicity and lower maintenance. Even for beginners, a geared cycle is recommended if your occasional ride includes even a short steep climb.

What is 7 , 21 , 24, 27 Gear meaning?. Which gear is good? 

Gear bikes, also known as multi-speed bikes, have multiple sprockets on both the rear wheel and the front crankset where the chain runs. For flat terrain and city riding, 1x drivetrains with 7 to 11 gears in the rear cassette offer sufficient options. However, for hilly terrain and steeper roads, shifting the front crankset to a smaller gear (reducing the number of sprockets the chain runs on) provides lower gear ratios for easier climbing. This is why 21-speed bikes have a 7x3 gear combination (7 rear gears multiplied by 3 front gears), and 24-speed bikes have an 8x3 combination. Similar for 9x3 = 27 gear.

What are disadvantages of gear cycle?

What are disadvantages of gear cycle?

Advantage of Geared Bike (Hybrid / MTB / Road Bike)

Geared bicycle provides several advantages that cater to different preferences, riding styles, and terrain conditions. For a beginner rider to long touring riders , Geared Bicycle are Suitable for everyone. Based on the usage , one can customise the most suitable Gear option for themselves 

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All Terrain

Terrain Flexibility

Geared bicycles are suitable for diverse terrains. Whether you're doing uphill climbs, riding on flat roads, or downhill descents, the ability to switch between gears allows you to adapt your bike to the specific demands of the terrain, making your ride more comfortable and efficient

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Variable Speeds

Gears enable Riders to achieve different speeds with the same pedaling effort. This flexibility of gear shifting is particularly useful for riders who want to maintain a specific pace or increase their speed on flat or downhill sections without excessively straining themselves

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Versatility for Different Riders

Geared Cycles cater to a broad range of cyclists, from beginners riders to experienced riders. The ability to customize gear ratios(7, 21 , 24 , 27 , 9 etc) allows individuals to choose a bike that aligns with their skill level, fitness, and specific preferences.

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Reduced Physical Strain

Adjusting gears according to the terrain(hilly or Flat roads), cyclists can maintain an optimal pedaling cadence, reducing the strain on muscles and joints (useful for people with leg injuries even for small rides). This is especially important for riders who want a more comfortable and sustainable cycling experience.

How to Use Gear Bicycle

Which Gear Bicycle is best ?

Hybrid or MTB ?. Which Bicycle to choose?

* Thin tires: Easier to roll on paved surfaces, making them ideal for city commutes and long-distance rides.
* Comfortable riding: Relaxed posture thanks to a more upright handlebar position.
* Non-suspension or light suspension: Suitable for smooth paths and light gravel.
* Energy efficiency: Requires less effort to maintain speed compared to an MTB.

* Thicker tires: Offer better grip and traction on rough terrain like trails and dirt roads.
* Front suspension: Absorbs bumps and shocks, enhancing comfort and control on uneven surfaces.Slightly heavier: Requires more effort to pedal due to the thicker tires and suspension.
* Versatility: Handles various terrains, from paved roads to challenging trails.Choosing the Right Bike:

For short commutes (10-20km) and paved roads, both hybrids and MTBs can be good options. While the MTB might require slightly more effort due to its weight and tires, it offers the benefit of handling occasional bumps or gravel paths.However, for longer rides and smoother terrain, a hybrid's efficiency and comfort shine. Its thin tires and lighter weight make it easier to maintain speed and cover greater distances.

What is Tourney , Altus , Acera, Alivio and Deore Drivetrain or gear system?

Shimano categorizes its gear systems for hybrid and MTB bikes into different levels:

Tourney << Altus < Acera < Alivio < DeoreAs you ascend the chain or opt for higher gear level systems, the gear shifting and overall performance improve compared to the previous level. For instance, Acera surpasses Altus or Tourney in performance.However, delving deeper into gear systems can be confusing due to the multitude of multi-lever gear systems or model numbers within each level. For example, Shimano Tourney alone offers around 20 different models.

Note: If you're considering Shimano Tourney gears, it's advisable to opt for the TX or TY series. The TZ series is quite basic and more suitable for kids. On the other hand, if you're choosing Acera or above, extensive research into model numbers isn't necessary for regular usage. Nonetheless, based on performance and specific usage requirements, you can select the appropriate model number within the Acera and above drivetrain range as well

7, 8 , 9 Gear / Speed options

For beginners intending to ride short distances, typically under 15km, on flat roads with flyovers, a 7-speed gear system is a suitable choice.

Conversely, for those planning longer rides or seeking smoother shifting, an 8 or 9-speed cassette-based gear setup would be a better option.

21, 24, 27 Gear / Speed options

In case of 21, 24 and 27 gear. The rear gear are same as above but it include additional 3 gear system making it a combination 7x3, 8x3 or 9x3. The front gear are useful for rider who are planning for long rides or using on hilly terrain or steep roads 

How to Select Best Gear Bicycle in your Budget at omobikes

Best Gear cycle option in under 15000 in India

For city commuting, particularly on flat roads and flyovers, a hybrid gear cycle equipped with 7 gears proves to be suitable. Within the price range of 15000, there are quality alloy frame hybrid bicycle options tailored for such usage.
However, if your intended terrain involves hilly areas or off-roading, opting for a mountain bike with 21 gears is advisable. In this price range, securing a high-quality alloy frame MTB might be challenging. Therefore, it's preferable to choose a steel frame MTB

Best Gear cycle option under 20000 in India

A budget of 20k presents a good opportunity to acquire either an alloy frame hybrid or an alloy frame MTB suitable for beginner riders.

For beginners seeking city usage or engaging in exercise with long rides or group bicycle outings on weekends along flat roads, an 8-gear option proves most suitable.
However, if your intended usage spans a mixture of flat and hilly terrain, opting for a 24-gear setup is advisable.When considering an MTB under 20k, selecting a 24-gear alloy frame MTB is ideal for long-distance rides on weekends. Conversely, for daily rides under 10 km, a 21-gear option suffices as the additional gears of a 24-gear setup are unnecessary

Best Gear bicycle under 30000 in India 

A budget of 30,000 offers excellent opportunities to acquire quality gear options.

For city usage, a 9-gear Shimano Alivio drivetrain proves to be suitable within this price range.However, if your usage primarily involves inclined roads and mountainous terrain, opting for a 3x9 - 27 Shimano Alivio gear setup is recommended. Additionally, within the 30,000 budget range, you can also explore other components such as hydraulic brakes, quality suspension systems, and adjustable stems to further enhance the riding experience

How do you maintain Gear cycle?

How to improve gear shifting and maintain the long life of gears?

1) The gear chain is the most important component when it comes to gear maintenance. With regular riding, the gear chain attracts dust and grime, which accumulates in the chain links. Ignoring this can cause the chain links to become stiff, leading to misalignment on the sprockets and potentially damaging them. Therefore, one should always clean and wipe the gear chain regularly and lubricate it with good chain lube, especially the chain links, to ensure smooth operation.

2) One should always monitor the length of the gear chain or look out for signs of wear. While gear chains generally have a long lifespan, improper maintenance, such as excessive stress and lack of lubrication, can cause the chain links to elongate over time. Eventually, this elongation reaches a critical point known as wear-out. If the gear chain is not replaced in time, the worn-out chain can lead to premature wear of the derailleur, crank, or cassette, resulting in high maintenance or repair expenses.

3) Avoid cross-chaining or using gear combinations where the gear chain is at an extreme angle. Cross-chaining accelerates the wear of the chain compared to regular usage.

When are the signs of gear chain wear-out or when is gear maintenance needed?

1) One can always notice when maintenance is needed in gears. Most of the time, riders tend to overlook small instances, but if you notice any difference, you can avoid major damage. If you are experiencing issues with gear shifting or hearing a continuous sound of the gear chain rubbing before it shifts after a few seconds, this is a clear sign that gear tuning is needed.

2) If, while pedaling, you feel a half rotation of the pedal that occurs quickly without making the wheel rotate, or if the chain skips or slides for a few seconds before gripping the sprocket again, this is a clear sign that the chain has worn out.

How often should we clean and lube the gear chain ?

The best practice is to clean, lube the chain, and tune gears once every two weeks, or after riding 1000 km, or after a 30-40 km ride