OMO Bikes Rider Rewards 2024: Larger & Better

We're on a mission to make cycling more sustainable & we know a happy cyclist is a cycling one. When we started Rider Reward Program, we were thinking of 3 things

  1. Make cycling more rewarding
  2. Motivate riders to ride more
  3. Be self sustainable

Keeping these in mind, we are making some exciting updates to the program

  1. Open to All!: The Rider Rewards program is now open to everyone, allowing a greater community to reap rewards of bicycling.
  2. More Ways to Save: Earn points & redeem them for discounts up to 20% on a wide range of cycling accessories and upgrades [complete details at bottom]
  3. Introducing: Accessory on Demand: We know bike accessories aren't always impulse buys. Now, you can tell us what you're looking for, & we'll help you find it, even if it's not on our website. Here's how:
  • Simply let us know what you want with a link at
  • We'll track it down for you (with a small upfront payment to secure it).
  • Use your points to get it at the lowest price possible

With these changes, we're making world-class cycling accessories & upgrades more accessible to a wider community of riders, all while keeping sustainability at the forefront. Let's get rolling!

How Rewards Can be Redeemed on (updated for May 2024)

  1. 1 km = 1 Point = ₹1
  2. Rewards usable upto 20% discount on any order
  3. Maximum Limit on Rewards = ₹2000/month
  4. Example: If you ride 300 km in a month, you win ₹300 points. These are usable upto 20% discount on any order from This means, if order value is ₹200, then discount is 20% = ₹40. If order value is ₹800, then discount = ₹160.
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