OMO Bikes Comparison Chart : A complete guide to choose suitable Bicycle

Choosing the correct bicycle for one self is difficult. One has to consider a lot of factors. Following are the comparisons of most important factors that determine the perfect bicycle for a rider. 

What Kind of Bicycle?

Single Speed Hybrid Bicycles  MTB Bikes

Single speed bicycles are best for short commutes and rides (upto 10-15km per day). Their maintenance is very easy & economical, however they are difficult to ride on inclines. 

Example - Hampi 700, Ladakh X1, Model 1.0

MTB is focussed more on offroading, riding on trails. The tires are thicker in profile, and geometry / suspension are set in a way to provide more comfort on bad terrain.

Example - Manali G1, G7, LadakhX7, vagator 


What kind of Wheels? 

700c Wheels  26" Wheels

700c rims are larger in diameter and use thinner tires. This makes their ride very fast, the weight is lighter. However, the ride is slightly harsh, due to thin profile.

Example - Hampi series (Hampi 700, Hampi 707) & Ladakh Series (Ladakh X1, X7)

26” have thicker profile, so this makes the ride more comfortable but slightly slower as compared to 700c wheels.

Example - Model 1 series (Model 1.0, 1.7) and Manali Series (Manali G1, G7).


What kind of Tires?

Thin Tires  Thicker Tires

Thinner tires offer better speed, by compromising on comfort & road grip.  For most Indian urban usage, we prefer thinner tires over thicker tires. 

Example - Hampi series, Ladakh Series, Model 1 series

Thicker tires provide better cushioning effect and grip while compromising over speed & effort to ride the bicycle.

Example - Manali Series


What kind of Fork?  

Rigid Fork  Suspension Fork

Rigid fork does not offer any shock  absorbing effect, however, is very fast for urban usage. For most urban usage we recommend rigid forks as the overall experience is much better with them.

Example - Hampi Series, Model 1 series

Suspension offers a comfortable ride quality. However, it also makes the bicycle slow. Suspensions can be used in MTBs and city hybrid bikes.

Example - Manali Series, Ladakh Series


Comparing Two Best Selling Series

Ladakh Series  Manali Series

Ladakh has bigger and thinner wheels which provides it more urban hybrid MTB nature. This means it can ride effortlessly on both city roads, and offer decent offroading also.

Ladakh is suitable for 5’6” to 6’1”.

Manali series has better off-roading capabilities due to smaller wheel, thicker tires, and more MTB friendly geometry.

Manali is suitable for 5'2- 5’8” rider height


What Kind of Brakes? 

vBrakes  Disc Brakes

vbrakes offer adequate braking performance for all most urban purposes. 

vBrakes can be repaired, replaced at very nominal costs & most mechanics can tune a vbrake.

For most urban purposes, we recommend vbrakes.

Disc brakes offer better braking, particularly when riding at higher speeds.

Disc brakes are much expensive to repair, and require technical professionals.

For offroading & MTB bikes, we recommend disc brakes.


Comparing Most Popular Models

Hampi 700 Hampi 707 Model 1.0 Model 1.7 Manali G1
Single Speed 7 Speed Single Speed 7 Speed  Single Speed
5'6" to 6'1" Height
5'6" to 6'1" 
5'2" to 5'8" 
5'2" to 5'8" 
5'2" to 5'8" 
26" x 1.95"
26" x 1.95"
26" x 2.35"
Dual Disc Brakes
Dual Disc Brakes
Power V Brakes
Power V Brakes
Dual Disc Brakes
upto 15km daily in city more than 15km daily in city
upto 15km daily in city
more than 15km daily in city
upto 15km on trails & city



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