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Model U.0 - Unisex Design Semi Fat City Bike

Model U.0 - Unisex Design Semi Fat City Bike

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🔥 7 Reasons to Choose OMO 🚴

Omobikes is a Startup by IIT Engineers to revolutionise the bicycle experience in India. We started selling bicycle online since 2016. The Idea of building omobikes is to provide the Experience of premium quality Bicycle to every household in country at affordable prices. From the day of purchase , our team works continuously to make your experience better day by day. We Take feedback from our customers to redesigned our product so it could be more useful to the Indian Buyers. Here are some Key reason for you to choosing omobikes

1. 30 Day Parts Replacement Warranty ( Only Company in India to Provide Such warranty)

We are crazy about bicycles and make sure every cycle is crafted to perfection. But to err is human. We make mistakes. But we ensure that doesn't affect your bicycle owning experience. For this, we give 30 Day Parts Replacement Warranty on all adult & kids bicycles bought online from our official website, amazon or flipkart.

Bicycles are handcrafted machines which take some time to settle to give best performance. Even after regress testing while assembly, 1 out of 500 bicycle may have an issue after return windows are closed. But you don't have to worry, we understand the bicycle and will help you with part replacement for 30 days.

Also If any part is not functioning properly or got damaged during shipping, worry not. Just take a picture / video, raise a complaint ticket on our help center with detailed description of the issue. And we will send a free replacement asap. 

2. Made in India by IIT Engineers to Revolutionise the Bicycle experience 🇮🇳

For some people, this might be the trend. For us it is a dream. We started making bicycles for the simple reason that we were tired of riding Chinese & European bicycles. We asked why cant we make good bicycles ourselves and we set forth to do it. We take pride in taking so much pains to make high quality bicycles in our facility in India when it can be easily procured in China. But our dream is not just to make bicycles here in India but to craft world class bicycles in India. 

3. Availability of Spare Parts at Best Prices

Bicycle like any other vehicle needs regular maintenance and service. Service can be done easily at any local cycle shop with very minimum cost if spare parts are available. We are the only Bicycle company Online to provide spare parts to our customers at minimum price. We want you to use and modify your bicycle as per your need from time to time instead of investing in a new bicycle because of unavailability of bicycle parts

4. Bicycle Expert Team to Guide you choose the Most suitable Bicycle for you

You are a beginner or pro, everyone need suggestion when choosing the most suitable Bicycle for themselves. You can contact our chat support on website to get the best suggestion about which bicycle model will be suitable for your need. If we don't have any suitable bike for you, we wont push you to buy our product but our team will guide you with specification you can look in other brands which will be most suitable for you 

5. Customised your Bicycle as Per your need

Sometimes the regular bicycle models on online store are not perfect for your need. While in other brand you need to compromise on the available models but at OMO we will help you with customisation of your bicycle so it fit your need perfectly  

6. World's First Rider Reward Program

Bicycles will save the world. No second thoughts about it. And we do everything in our power to promote bicycle riding. For this we reward all our rider customers @ 1km = ₹1. Now you dont just save money while riding bicycle, you actually earn it. For complete details, Visit our Strava page

7. Timeless Design & Lightweight Bicycles 

Our bicycles are simple and gorgeous. Their efficient tubing design not only gives them timeless design but also makes them extremely lightweight. That's why we boast of lightest bicycles in their segment that ensures great riding pleasure. Always. 

No Cost EMI Option

No cost EMI Option Available On
Click to Know Step by Step Process

Major Credit Card
Kotak Mahindra
Standard Chartered bank
American Express Card
Bank Of Baroda
Yes Bank )

HDFC Debit card

Bajaj finance Card


Free Delivery All Over India. Bicycle are shipped from Karnal, Haryana. It takes 7-8 days for delivery to metro cities. 1-3 days up and down could happen due to festival season or weather condition such as Rainy season


2 Years on Frame.
30 Days part replacemnet from day of delivery for any Manufacturing Defect

Return and Refund

7 Days Replacemnet in case of manufacuturing Defect or Damaged product Received. Please contact our chat support or create ticket on website for easy replacemnet process

This gorgeous Unisex bicycle is designed for speed and has an adequate comfort quotient. It has a 7-speed gear-train that provides great versatility for long-range rides & steep inclines with dual disc brakes that offer unmatched safety performance. It is our bestselling model for metropolitan riders within height 5'5"-6'1"

 Bicycle Overview

  • Design - Gorgeous Steel strong Unisex frame with highlighting wheels make you stand apart. Always.
  • Comfort over Style & Performance - This is not a performance bicycle. This one is tailor made for people who prefer comfort over show offs, practicality over numbers. Perhaps thats the reason why it is so popular among senior citizens & women.  
  • Light but Strong - Efficient geometry & tube design makes it the most practical bicycle in its segment with the sturdiness of steel.
  • 26 x 3 inch tires are built to go on any kind of roads & provide unmatched ride comfort.
  • Dual Disc Brakes give superior braking performance and safety to the ride.
  • Adjustable seat height & handle height give the perfect riding posture for kids, adults (men, women), and senior citizens.

     Payment Choices

    • EMI Options Available
    • Secure payments by credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, Wallet
    • SSL certificate for Safety Assurance

     Delivery Process

      • Free Delivery (worth  1500) to more than 20,000+ pin codes.
    • All OMO Bikes are made to order & have a waiting period. This means it usually takes 2-3 days to ship a new bicycle order from a central facility in Haryana.
    • Once the order is shipped, tracking ID is shared via mail & SMS.
    • Delivery Time
      • Tier 1 Cities North Zone - 3-4 Days from day of dispatch
      • Tier 1 Cities East / West Zone & Tier 2 cities of North Zone : 5-6 Days from day of dispatch
      • Tier 1 Cities South Zone and Tier 2 cities of East / West Zone: 7-10 days from day of dispatch
      • Tier 2 cities of South Zone - 10-14 days from day of dispatch

       Packaging, Assembly Information
        • Accessories (worth 900) included in the box.
        • Rotatory bell
        • Cable lock
        • Mudguards
        • Side stand
        •  Tools to assemble the bicycle
        • Riding Bag
        • Assembly Manual
      • 85% pre-assembled in box (DIY style assembly + professional tuning of brakes/gears is needed)
      • 20 Checkpoint Packaging in 7-ply strong Box.
      • Assembly Manual Instructions & Tools included in the box.

       Warranty & Customer Support

      • Hassle-Free 30 Day Part Replacement Warranty
      • 2 Year Warranty on Frame & Fork
      • 24x7 Support via an online ticketing system (best in the industry)

      About Company

      • Gorgeous Urban Bicycles Build By Passionate Cyclists & Engineers
      • Proudly Made in India
      • Bestselling Bicycles on Amazon & Flipkart

       Ride with Riders

      • Follow Us & Ride with Thousands of #omobikes riders
      • Share your rides & get featured on our website & channels

      Maintenance, Servicing & Repair

      Bicycles, just like any other machine need timely servicing to make sure it rides great every time. For best performance, we recommend the following schedule

      • Initial 30 Days
      • Self DIY assembly + Brake / Gear Tune Up by professional mechanic to ensure you have a safe ride from day 1.
      • 1 month check up, to make sure all moving parts have set in perfectly & working the way they are meant to be
      • After first 30 Days
      • Monthly cleaning & greasing at home will ensure your cycle lasts long & rides great.
      • Professional checkup servicing every 6 months is recommended to keep a check on the wear & tear of moving parts.

      Note: OMO Bikes does not provide any onsite servicing or assembly services. 

      Technical Specifications


      High Tensile Light Weight UNISEX design Steel 


      Dual Tone Double Wall Alloy Wheels

      Weight 15.5 kg
      26 x 3.00" (for smooth rides)

      Black Alloy Pedals


      Front + Rear Dual Disc Brakes 


      Selle Mio Super Saddle

      Seat Height 

      6" adjust with Quick release

      Handle Bar 

      Rider Handle Bar for City Riding 

      Max. Weight

      105 kg 

      Rider Height 

      5'6" to 6'1" 

      Ideal for 

      City Usage & OutdoorUsage for upto 20km daily


      Single Speed

      Center Axle  Sealed BB Cartridge Kenli


      Comparing With Other Popular Models

      Model 1.0 Hampi 707 Model 1.7
      omobikes model 1.0 comparison with hampi 707 and model 1.7
      Omobikes hampi 707 comparison with model 1.0 and model 1.7
      Omobikes model 1.7 comparison with hampi 707 and model 1.0
      Single Speed 7 Speed 

      7 Speed

      5'2" to 5'6" 
      5'6" to 6'1" 
      5'2" to 5'6" 


      13.5 kg


      13.95 kg


      13.95 kg

      26" x 1.95"
      700c*35 (29"x1.2")
      26" x 1.95"

      Power V Brakes
      Dual Disc Brakes
      Power V Brakes
      upto 15km daily in city +15km daily in city
      +15km daily in city
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