This page lays out the details & rules for reaping rewards & benefits from OMO Bike's Riders' Club on Strava. For any doubts, only this page is to be taken as a  reference rule guide.

Riders (OMO Bike owners) will be rewarded at 1km = 1INR at the beginning of each month. 

Other riders (non OMO Bike owners) will be rewarded at 3km = 1INR at the beginning of each month. 

The rewards will be mailed to rider's registered mail id on OMO Bikes website. In case you have not registered on the website, gift cards can't be sent. In case you have registered as a user and not receiving the reward gift cards, please check if you have marked our emails as spam, block or unsubscribed from our mails. If every thing seems in order but still you are not receiving the gift cards - please raise ticket at our help center and we will issue the due points. 

The gift cards can be used to purchase any product from our website without any minimum order limit. There is no catch whatsoever. 

To ensure that the rewards are not being misused, there is a minimum limit of 10kmph and a maximum limit of 30kmph on all rides. If the rode is beyond these limits, the rider will not be rewarded. 

The rules & policies are purely to promote cycling in every aspect of our lives. These are subject to change at any time without any intimation. 




For any doubts or queries, feel free to contact us here 


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