Below FAQ are some common concerns, if you have other questions, please just send it to
All OMO Bikes are manufactured at our production unit in a small town called Karnal in Haryana.
All orders are shipped with 2-3 days of placing order. Thereafter, depending on the delivery address, home delivery can take from 4 days to 10 days.
We have a partnership with India's Biggest Finance Corp, Bajaj Finserv for all of our bicycles. For EMIs, you can check
All bicycles are returnable for 10 days in case of any kind of damage or defect, provided the bicycles havent been used. For any part replacement & issue, company provides 30 day free replacements of the part.
We do not offer COD option on any product.
All OMO Bikes are delivered 90% assembled and customers are needed to assemble rest of the 10% themselves. An instruction manual is provided with all bicycles. No executive is sent to assemble the bicycles. Once assembled, it is highly recommended to visit a local mechanic
All OMO Bikes have 2 year warranty on Frame & Fork. There is 30 day free replacement warranty on all moving mechanical parts. For Electric Bicycles: Motor, Controller, Light, Horn, Throttle have a warranty of 1 year. The Battery & Charger are covered under a warranty of 6 months.
Once the order has been shipped, we send an update mail + SMS with all tracking details. Customers can track their order using those details. In case you dont receive Mail or SMS, please contact us on
OMO Bikes is an online exclusive bicycle brand. We believe in giving riders best value cycle by removing the middle man from our distribution channel. We trust our products & all of them are covered are under return, replacement & warranty.
Yes. All our bicycles are suitable for women with height more than 5'4"
Irrespective of which platform you place the order on, all orders are processed & shipped from our factory. There is no difference in terms of product quality, accessories, warranty, return policy.
We take immense proud in saying that all bicycles are made in India. A bicycle consists of 100s of different parts, and a few of them are sourced from China. However, it is our goal to make a 100% percent made in India bicycles that delivers great riding experience.
All our bicycles are tested for 105kg. However, we have hundreds of riders weighing more than 110kg (upto 130kg) riding & enjoying our bikes since 1.5 years.
We deliver to more than 20,000 pincodes in India. To check whether we can deliver to your address at your pincode or not, go and check if the pincode is deliverable.
Our battery packs usually last more than 20,000km depending on the way they have been used. As of today, the price of battery replacement is 11,000 inlcuding shipping, taxes.
Our batteries have been tested extensively for 800 charging cycles. This means batteries can be charged & discharged 800 times. Multiplying this with the real world range of 40km, we get a life of around 32,000km. However, to keep things on safer side, we claim a battery life of 24,000km.
It is very difficult to give an accurate range per charge of electric cycle, as it varies significantly based on usage, rider weight & handling. However, 99% of our electric bicycles give at least 40km of range per charge on throttle only in real city like conditions. Some of our customers even get 60-70km per charge when they ride with Pedal Assist mode.
All electric components of Electric bicycles are 100% maintenance free and do not require any service or maintenance. In case customers are facing any issue, they can contact us on with a description of their issue and we resolve it as quickly posible.
Lithium batteries are becoming popular everyday and there are a lot of manufactures with reliable quality out there. Although it is preferred to get battery replaced from OMO bikes as you get renewed warranty, customers can get it replaced locally also. However, it is highly recommended to contact us so that we can ensure the vendor is a reliable one or not.