Bicycles Parts Details (Adult Manual Bicycles)

This section is for adult manual bicycle parts details, specs & issues. 

2.1 Handle 

What kind of handles do OMO Bikes have? Do you have threaded or threadless handles?

  • All OMO Bikes use threaded handle assembly. No, our bicycles do not have threadless handle assembly.

What is the difference between threaded handles & threadless handles? 
  • There are no difference in performance in threaded vs threadless handle assembly. Threadless handles do tend to offer a better look. However, all threadless handle assembly components are made in China. We intend to start models with threadless handles as soon as these are started to manufacture in India.

    What are the specs of handles used in OMO Bikes? 
      • The handle dia is 22mm and length is 600mm. The handle & stem are made of steel. We do not use alloy stem or handle. 

        2.2 Frame

        What is the material of frame? Is the frame made of steel or alloy ?
          • All OMO bikes frames are made of of high tensile steel. As of now, we do not use alloy frames for our bicycles.

            Can I modify to fat tires in my OMO Bikes.
              • The maximum width that can fit in any OMO Bikes (Model 1, Hampi. Manali & Ladakh Series) is 2.350”. Any tire thicker than this won’t fit in these model series. Fat tires generally range from 26*3.00 to 26*5.00, and these wont fit in the bicycle frame or fork.

              What treatment is done to ensure long life & protection from rust of frame? 
                • All our frames are phosphate (tank treatment) for anti rusted and have 3 coats of high quality paint. Apart from that, all frames are covered under 2 years of warranty. 

                  What is the frame size of bike ? 
                    • The frame size for all OMO Adult Bicycles (non electric) is 18 inches (medium). The seat height is adjustable by 6 inches & the handle height is adjustable by 2 inches. This makes them very versatile & people of different heights can easily adjust on them & find their perfect riding position. 

                      2.3 Tires

                      What is the brand of tires? What kind of tires do you use? 
                        • All OMO Bikes tires are high quality nylon tires. These tires are procured from best of Indian Brands only and are 100% made in India. Some of the brands we work with are Ralson/ Ralco, Metro Tires, Hindustan tires etc. 

                          What is the difference between tires of different models? 
                            • Thinner tires like 700x35c & 26” x 1.75 (or 1.95) are designed more for speed. Tires with thicker profile, that is, 26 x 2.125 (& 2.250, 3.00 & 4.00) are designed more for comfort to absorb the bumpy ride. However, the effort put to gain speed is higher in these tires.
                            • Thinner Tires are used in urban sport & hybrid bicycles like Model 1.0, Model 1.7, Hampi series, Ladakh Series. Thicker tires are used in MTBs like Manali series. 

                            What tubes are used in OMO Bikes? Can i use any pump to fill air? 
                              • The tubes have long wavle to give perfect fit in double valve alloy wheels. The valve length is 40mm and the type of valve is schrader valve. Almost all pumps these days are designed for schrader valves. These valves are same as used in motorbikes tires. 

                              2.4 Suspension / Shockers

                              Can I add suspensions to my OMO Bike? Should I buy suspension from your website or i can purchase from local shop also ? 
                                • Suspensions can be added to all OMO Bikes (Model 1 series, Hampi series, Manali series, Ladakh series) keeping the following things in minds. 
                                • The suspension should be compatible with the bike, that is, it should be a threaded suspension with headtube part length = 140mm
                                • You can purchase the suspension from our online store or you can purchase it locally also. Just make sure it is of good brand & build. And the specifications are as mentioned above.

                                  What is the specification of suspension used in Manali series? Can i switch to fat tires with this suspension? 
                                    • The suspension used in Manali series is a threaded suspension with head tube part length = 140mm. It is best suited for tires upto 26” x 2.235”. 
                                    • Fat Tires range generally starts from 26x3.00 and goes upto 26x5.00. These tires won’t fit in Manali series frame or suspension. 

                                      What if the suspension of my bike is not working as it is supposed to be?

                                      • The suspension of the bike is from the brand orbishox which is one of the best in the market however sometimes customer may feel that the suspension is not working properly. In such cases, sometimes when the rider is above 90kg the suspension is already little bit in use. Therefore it reduces the effect for the same and the customer may feel that there is an issue with the same. If the rider is below 90 kg and is still facing this issue, he/she can connect with the OMO team help center. 

                                        2.5 Seat / Saddle

                                        I have read some reviews about seat not being comfortable. Do you have any better seat / Saddle ? 
                                          • We use top of the line saddles that are mostly exported to Europe markets from India, or used in 25k-35k electric bicycles in India. They are broad, made of high quality PU, properly contoured and give great comfort to riders in all the right places. However, it takes time to get used to any bicycle saddle. 
                                          • Most of our customers are young professionals who take up bicycles riding after a gap 8-10 years. In such cases, it takes 3-5 weeks to get used to the firmness of bicycle saddle, but once they do, they are all smiles. 
                                          • We do offer even larger seat, but we do not recommend it to riders. As, once they get used to riding, such a large seat looks odd & gives a lethargic vibe to rider. However, we encourage customer to be comfortable and choose whatever they like to. 

                                            The saddle / seat of my bicycle is not getting fully tight. It keeps on going up / down or rotating sideways. What should i do? 
                                              • The seat is locked with a strong clamp on the seat pillar from the factory. This seat pillar is attached with the main frame with the quick release nut, which is to be adjusted by customer as per their height. Please note that this quick release nut is locked with good amount of pressure as this will hold the entire weight of riders body (please check the images for this). 
                                              • If the problem persists, you can visit a local mechanic as this is a very simple mechanism and all it requires to secure the seat is a good amount of force to lock the clamp and QR nut. Or raise a complaint ticket with explanatory pictures / videos.  

                                                Why if the seat post of my bike has bent ?

                                                • The seat post that is used is a strong and premium quality part that is used in the bike however the same is to be fitted inside at least for 2 inches otherwise even if the rider weight 50 kg the seat post will bend. Therefore it is highly advised properly set the seat.

                                                2.6 v-Brakes

                                                What brand are the brakes?
                                                  • We use high quality brakes from top manufacturers in India. Our partners for brakes are Sprandom, Dass Brakes to name a few. 


                                                  What are brake levers made of? 

                                                    • The brake levers are made of Aluminium Alloy. 

                                                      2.7 Disc Brakes

                                                      Can I modify my brakes from v-brakes to disc brakes or from disc brakes to v-brakes?
                                                        • Yes, some of the modifications that can be done. If your frame & fork have a certain fitment extension, v-brakes can be replaced by disc brakes. 
                                                        • The disc brakes can be replaced to v-brakes in Manali series. 
                                                        • The disc brakes cannot be replaced by v-brakes in Hampi & Ladakh series. 


                                                        2.8 Crank

                                                        What are the specifications of the crank set? 
                                                          • The crank set is 44T high precision unit. The crank arm length can be of 165mm or 170mm depending on model & availability from the manufacturing partner. The material used is high tensile steel. 

                                                            There is something wrong with the crank / the crank seems to be loose. What should I do? 
                                                              • The crankset usually have 2 touch points. (a) From one end it is linked with the bicycle main frame with a big nut and attached to the BB cartridge (b) on the other side it is linked with the pedals. On both sides it is linked with a screw mechanism. With time or rough usage, the threads might get loose, so it just needs some tightening. To understand correct procedure of tightening the crank set, please refer to this image or else visit a mechanic. If the problem persists, please raise a complaint ticket and with explanatory pictures / videos. 

                                                                2.9 Chain

                                                                The chain of my bicycle is slipping. What should I do?
                                                                  • Chain slipping can happen due to the following reasons 
                                                                  • Chain has become loose overtime - Need to adjust the rear wheel backwards and get the chain tight. 
                                                                  • Chain is extremely tight - Need to adjust rear wheel forward and release some tension.
                                                                  • There is some play in the Chainwheel crank - Need to replace the Crankset. 
                                                                  • There is some play in Freewheel - Need to replace the freewheel.

                                                                  2.10 Rims & Wheels

                                                                  What material are rims made of? 
                                                                  • All OMO Bikes (adult) wheels are made up of strong and durable double walled alloy rims. The kid’s & junior range wheels are made up of steel.

                                                                    My Rim has a crank / joint. Should I be worried? 
                                                                      • All steel and alloy rims have a prominent joint where the 2 ends of the rim is welded together. Do not worry. This will not affect the rider’s safety & bike’s performance. 

                                                                        How many spokes are there in the wheel? 
                                                                          • All adult bicycles (wheels 26”, 700c and 29”) have 26 holes. 
                                                                          • 20” bicycles wheels have 28 spokes. 
                                                                          • 14” bicycles wheels have 16 spokes. 

                                                                            The rim of my bicycle seems to be bent. What should I do? 
                                                                              • Rims are trued to a perfect balance by tightening & loosening spokes. This is a long procedure and takes a lot of precision. We at OMO Bikes, take a lot of pride in truing our rims to maximum precision and rechecking them before shipping. Sometimes, during shipping, due to continuous vibrations, it is possible that the tension in spokes might change. This can affect the wheel truing, which is then visible as a bend in the rim. However, there is nothing to be worried about. In most such cases, only a minor tuning is required by a good professional and the wheel will be true again. 
                                                                              • Sometimes, it is possible to be a slight protrusion in the tire. An amateur cyclist is unable to identify the difference between bend in rim or tire. In case, of tire protrusion, the issue is resolved by removing the air completely and adjusting both tube / tire by hand, and refilling the air. That’s it. 

                                                                                2.11 Mudguards

                                                                                2.12 Freewheel

                                                                                The freewheel of my bike seems to be wobbling. What should i do?
                                                                                  • Sometimes, with time or some rough usage or manufacturing defect, the freewheel starts to wobble. This wobbling is more pronounced in multi-speed freewheels and single speed freewheels. In such cases, the freewheel needs to be replaced. 

                                                                                    2.13 Pedals

                                                                                    2.14 Gears

                                                                                    What brand gears are used in the bikes? 
                                                                                      • We only use high quality gears in our bicycles. Our partners for gears Shimano (Japan), Vortex (India), Sunrace (Taiwan) etc. Depending on availability and model, the gears can be of different brands. 
                                                                                      What are the gear ratios for Multi Speed Bikes?
                                                                                        • Currently we produce 7 speed bikes. The gear ratios are as follows:
                                                                                        • Front Chain Wheel - 44T
                                                                                        • 7 Speed Freewheel - 14-16-18-20-22-24-28


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