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Vagator 26T Semi Fat Geared

Vagator 26T Semi Fat Geared

Frame Color
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Lifetime Frame Warranty*

OMOBikes gives warranty on all our products purchased from Our Website or Amazon, Flipkart, Bajaj EMI Store only, starting from the date of billing. In order to avail warranty in case of purchase from Amazon, Flipkart, Bajaj EMI Store, customers are necessarily required to fill Warranty Registration Form (otherwise the warranty will be considered void).

OMO Bikes warranty is exclusively limited to replacement or repair due to any manufacturing defect in E-Bike, Bicycles or their Parts.

This warranty is applicable for purchase of omobikes since March 2022 
Post March Please read the Old warranty Information here 


All Bicycle frame and Rigid (Non suspension) fork are covered under Lifetime warranty 

This Warranty Does Not Cover

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper assembly
  • Corrosion
  • Improper maintenance
  • Installation of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle as sold
  • Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect
  • Labour charges for part replacement or changeover

This warranty applies to:
• All model year April 2022 and newer bicycles
For old Models Please refer to Old Bicycle Warranty guidelines 

This warranty is void by any modification of the frame, fork, or components. This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective item by omobikes spare part only. 

This warranty applies only to original owners and is not transferable. Claims under this warranty must be made directly to OMO Bikes and a Proof of purchase is mandatory while claiming the Warranty Benefits.

Warranty is applied as mentioned above to all products purchased from our Websites or Amazon products. Please contact us at to determine if this warranty is valid for your case (in case you have bought it from other dealers). We cannot accept warranty claims that have not been authorized by us.

Under no special circumstances shall OMOBikes be liable for any special incidental, indirect or punitive damages for any consequential damages, even if OMOBikes knows or is informed that such damages are possible. 

How to Choose Right Bicycle Configurations ?

Planning to start riding bicycle again but confused which one will be more suitable a Hybrid or MTB?. Looking for specification on Bicycle But still confused how to opt for right specification ?. Here is Complete Guide to choose the Best suitable Bicycle for you online 

STEP 1 : What is Hybrid Or Mountain Bike/MTB?

Before You start searching a bicycle category, First thing you need to familiarised yourself with Bicycle Catagory 

What Is Hybrid Cycle ?

Hybrid cycles are light weight easy to use bicycle for city commute which can be used for long touring on paved roads (smooth or roads with little potholes and bumpy roads). Basic features to identify a Hybrid Bike 

  • Thin Tyres in 26 inch or 700c , where tyre thickness may vary from 1.2 inch to 1.95 inch
  • Comfortable riding position 
  • Rigid Fork (most common) and suspension (customised hybrid in case of not so smooth roads)

Below Example of Hybrid cycle with gear and front Suspension for Refrence 

Hybrid cycle omobikes with suspension

What is a Mountain Bike or MTB ?

Mountain Bike are Mostly Designed for Mountain terrain or rough roads. The suspension and thicker Tyres can take the beating from roads. Mountain bikes can be used for both paved roads and off roads but due to thick tyres and little heavy weight they are comparably harder to Ride. Basic features to identify a Mountain Bike

  • Thick Tyres ranging from 2.10 to 3 Inch Wide 
  • Suspension , Both front and rear could be possible. For regular usage only Front suspension is enough. The bike with only front suspension is also called Hardtail Mountain Bike

Below Example of Mountain Bike with gear and front Suspension(Hardtail Mountain Bike) for Refrence 

omobikes mountain bike alloy frame 29t and 26t


Common FAQ Regarding Purchase of MTB or Hybrid 


Catagory  Hybrid Mountain
Usage (Paved roads mostly 
Smooth Roads - Rigid fork)

(Potholes and bumpy - Suspension)
Paved and off roads both
Weight Light Weight Little heavier than Hybrid
Distance to Travel  Short as well as Long rides Good for short rides
upto 15km , Longer rider consumes more energy
Heavy Rider 100kg + Yes can be used.
Good quality Suspension such as zoom or suntour needed or no suspension

Gets little Extra support because of thick Tyre on wheel 

STEP 2 : Choosing Frame and Wheel size 

Now depending on usage if you have figured out the bicycle category to choose , you can focus on the Frame and wheel size 

bicycle frame and wheel size measurement

For adults Above 18 (More closer you are to the Lower limit of height, better size dimension category you will be on the right side of table)

Height  Size
5'0 - 5'4" 16-18 inch Frame, 26T / 700C wheel
5'3- 5'8" 17-18 inch Frame, 26-27.5T / 700C wheel
5'5" - 5'10" 18-19 inch frame, 27.5T / 700C / 29T wheel
5'8" - 6"0 18-20 inch frame ,  700C / 29T wheel
5'10-6"2 19-21 inch frame , 29T / 700C wheel

This data is considering the data and usage by our customer in the height range group . There are multiple factory other than frame size as well like seat height and reach which collectively needed for the suggestion of best suitable bicycle option

STEP 3 : Choosing Gear , Single Speed , 7 Speed or 21 Speed 

Single Sped Good for small Rides say 5km daily on flat Roads
7 Speed Good for around 10km daily on flat roads
21 Speed Mountain or hilly areas even 2-3km
Long rides on flat roads 10+ km

Note for Beginners
* Single Speed means without Gear
* 7 Speed have 7 gears in Rear wheel hub
* 21 Speed have 7 Gears in Rear Wheel and 3 Gears in front Crank (Pedal side), the combination is 21 gear

The following gear combination smooth shifting and high performance
Front - 1 x Rear -1,2,3
Front - 2 x Rear - 2,3,4,5
Front - 3 x Rear - 5,6,7

STEP 4 : Choosing Fork in Your Bicycle  

Fork Type
Rigid Fork
No Suspension 
Smooth Roads
Normal Suspension Without Lockout
City usage with bad roads, potholes or speed breakers
Lockout Suspension with Preload
Suspension with option to lock it and use like non suspension 
City usage for small and long distance.
You can lock the suspension when Riding on Highway to use like rigid fork
Unlock the suspension when Riding in city
(Rigid fork will give more speed than Suspension)

Lockout suspension have different variants from non branded to zoom and suntour option. Branded suspension have smoother function as compare to non branded but that will increase the costing of cycle. Non branded can be used if the rider is light weight and usage is within city. For heavy riders or performance riding or usage on very rough rough roads Branded suspension will be better option

STEP 5 : Choosing Gear Type 

Gear Mechanism are available in 2 different variant. Most part of gear are same except the rear sprocket and hub. It comes in 2 different version. Freewheel and cassette. Both will functionally work the same way , only difference is performance

freewheel and cassette
(Difference in parts between a Freewheel and Cassette Bike)

- Freewheel have 5-7 speed option while cassette have 7-12 speed option 
- Freewheel cost less compared to Cassette mechanism 
- Freewheel has less maintenance cost and replacement in case of breakdown is Easy
- Cassette maintenance is expensive but they break less and more durable in comparison of Freewheel 
- Freewheel may wovel a little bit, Cassette wont  

Type of Shimano Gears and Model No

Shimano gears are One of the Best in market available for entry to sports level but just Shimano name is Not Enough, one need to understand the Gear specification and model number to understand and compare 

Shimano Gears Levels 

Shimano Tourney < Shimano Altus < Shimano Acera < Shimano alivio < Shimano Deore

Each Level of Shimano gear has multiple variant as well. Higher the variant, better performance it will give. For example Shimano tourney itself has 20+ different variants . The higher variants of Shimano tourney will be close to Shimano altus lower variants in performance. Here is the numbering sequence for Shimano gears 

x > y > z, and numbers 2>1 or 500 > 30.

Example -
ty500 > tz 500
tx500 > ty500 > tz500
ty500 > tz30 

That being said, if you still have doubt in choosing the best suitable model for yourself as per your need,

You can take help from our Chat support on Website to customise your bicycle  

chat support omobikes

Frequently Asked Questions

1.1 About Company

Where is the company / factory located ?
  • The company production unit is located out of Karnal, Haryana.  

About OMOBikes?

Omobikes is Startup By IIT graduated Bhishma Choudhary and Deepak Chauhan , who are passionate for cycling and want to make people ride more bicycles in India since 2016. They started there operation in 2018 . Since then, they have kept their team of engineers, technicians, designers busy in designing & producing cycles & electric bicycles that can match any world standards but proudly 'Made in India' 

Do you have any physical shop, retail outlet, dealership ? 

  • As of now, we do not have physical outlets and all OMO Bikes are sold direct to customer over our website or other e-commerce channels like Amazon, Flipkart, Bajaj EMI Store so we can reduce the dealer margin and give at lowest possible prices to customer

Do you have any service centers? How to bicycle repairs, maintenance, servicing? 

  • We have Home and Store service partner in 30+ Major cities across India which is chargeable at 499 INR for Home Assembly and full Service 899 INR per Home visit. You can connect with our chat support to check the serviceability in your city and pin code area.  All OMO Bikes have high quality but standard parts that can be checked, tuned, repaired or replaced at any professional bicycle shop. 

1.2 Payments

Do you have any EMI offers running? Is there an option for No Cost EMI ? 
  • Yes we do have No cost EMI options on Major credit card, Bajaj Finance card and Hdfc Debit cards.  
Do you have a cash on delivery option (COD)? 
  • Yes cash on delivery is possible with 999 Prepayment and remaining at time of delivery to delivery boy via upi or cash. You can make 999 prepayment at following link, after which our team will connect you or you can share the details over chat support to create your order  
    Cash on Delivery link 
Are the payments secure? Will my payments data be safe with OMO Bikes? 
  • We partner with only the best companies. Our payment partners are Razorpay that is the most secure payment gateways in India. In fact, OMO Bikes, does not receive or store your payment details. 

1.3 Delivery

Who will deliver my bicycle and How much time will it take? 
  1. All Bicycles orders are shipped from Omo Bikes central production facility in Haryana by our courier partners only, irrespective of the channel / website where the purchase has been made from. 
  2.  Delivery to all Over India is possible. It will take 5-9 days depending on your location across India. For major cities its within 5-7 days . For tier 2 and tier 3 cities it may take upto 9 days from dispatch

1.4 Warranty

Want is warranty on Bicycles?

  1. Life Time warranty* on frame and rigid fork Post March 2022 Purchase. You can check full warranty details on this link . OMObikes Warranty Page  
  2.  30 Days part Replacement warranty from day of delivery in case of any issue occurred while riding in any bicycle part except Tube puncher

1.5 Rewards, Discounts & Schemes

What is the rider reward program? 

  1. It is a unique program where in our riders are rewarded for every ride. The riders must join the OMO Bikes Riders Club on Strava here. They should record / track all their rides for maximum benefit. At the end of each month, riders activity is checked and based on their shared activity, each rider is rewarded ₹1 for every km. This is one of the very few programs in the world where riders don’t just save but actually earn by riding bikes. 
  2. You can connect with our chat support to know ongoing offer or discount.

1.6 Accessory

What accessories are included in the bicycle box? 
  1. The following accessories are included with all adult manual bicycles - (1) Side Stand, (2) Mudguards, (3) Riding Bag, (4) Allen Keys, (5) Multi Hole Spanner,  (6) Assembly Manual
Are all the accessories made in India? What are the country of origin of accessories? 
  1. List of Made in India Accessories - Cable Lock, Mudguards, Riding Bag, Dual Allen Key, Multi Hole Spanner, Side Stand, Safety Helmet, Air Pump, Bottle + Bottle Holder, Rotatory Bell
  2. List of Imported Accessories - USB Chargeable Head Light + Horn, USB Chargeable Rear Safety Light

1.7 Assembly

What will be in the box? How will I receive the bicycle? 
  • All bicycles are shipped 90% assembled and packed in 7ply strong carton. The following accessories are included with all adult manual bicycles - (1)Side Stand, (2) Mudguards, (3) Riding Bag, (4)Allen Key, (5) Multi Hole Spanner, (6)  Assembly Manual. 
  • Customers are required to assemble the bicycles with the help of manual & assembly instructions. Once the bicycle is assembled, it is highly recommended to get the bicycle tuned by a professional mechanic.

  • You can also take help from our home assembly service in 30+ Major cities which is chargeable at 499 INR for Assembly . And full Service 899 INR per visit

1.8 Discount & Offers

I want a particular bicycle model, but my budget is less than the price for my chosen model. What should I do?
  • All bicycle are Assembled after we receive order. You can place customise your bicycle with available option or add specific details or part in your order through our chat support team and we will customise the suitable model in minimum price possible 
  • You can connect with Our chat Support to know About Ongoing offers and Discount code
why choose omobikes vagator geared bike over any other brand in India
Vagator 26T Semi Fat is coolest semi fat Mountain bike with 7 and 21 speed geared  . It is suitable for Men, women and adults who are looking for thick tyres Bicycle which gives a strong grip on rough roads. With semi fat tyres, it gives smooth Riding experience not only in tough trails but on bumpy city Roads as well. Combining timeless design, speed & unbeatable build quality, this MTB Bicycle makes a great all purpose bicycle for men & women, particularly those looking for a healthy lifestyle & biking after a few years.

    Vagator 26T Semi Fat Technical Specifications 

    Rider Height: 167-188 CM
    Age Group: 12+ Years
    Category: Semi Fat Bike
    Frame Size: 18"
    Material: Steel
    Weight: 18+ Kg
    No of Speed: 7 / 21 Gears
    Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney - ARDTY500B (ty500)
    Front Derailleur: Shimano Tourney -  AFDTY500TSM6 (ty500)
    Gear Shifters: Shimano Altus - EF500 (Right /Left )
    Crank: Force 1 - (7 speed 44 Teeth , 21 Speed 24-34-42 Teeth )
    Chain: KMC Z7
    Max Rider Weight: 105 Kg
    Handle Bar: Flat Bar
    Brakes: JAK7 Dual Disc Brakes
    Pedals: Plastic Pedals
    Tyres: 26 x 3.0
    Wheel: Double Wall Alloy Rims
    Fork Type: Suspension
    BB Axel: Kenli Sealed BB Cartridge
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 67 reviews

    I'm very happy to see the results of my cycle. Amazing.... Looking forward to complete 1000kms soon. Thank you for the excellent service by omo cycles. Booommmm

    Sankar R
    Omo Semifat Bike

    Soo satisfied with the purchase, I really enjoy spending some time with him on my busy life, Thank you Omo you guys are amazing

    Worth the price!

    I bought this bike 7 months ago.I ride it almost 400 kms. Honestly, its very comfortable to ride it. The quality of the frame is exceptional. Brake system is superb....

    Awesome bike

    Bought my first fat bike and not at all dissapointed

    Good cycle

    Too good and comfortable.

    customizze your bicycle and help to choose bicycle
    • shimano Gear tourney derailleur in omobikes

      Rear Gears (7 and 21 Speed)

      Shimano Geared
      Freewheel :
       Tourney - AMFTZ5007428 (Tz500, Rear 7 speed, 14-28 Teeth)
      RD : Tourney - ARDTY500B (ty500)

    • Adjustable quick release in omobikes Hybrid and mtb cycles

      Quick Release Adjustable Seat

      Quick release Adjustable Seat with Seat pipe Length 10 Inch for Easy Seat adjustment as per rider height

    • Shimano tourney shifter in geared Bicycle by omobikes

      Rear Shifter

      Shimano Altus  - EF500 thumb Shifter for Rear 7 Gears

    • 21 speed crackset for 21 gear omobikes

      21 Speed Crank

      Force 1 Crank for front 3 Gears
      Force 1 - Front 3 Speed (24,34,42 Teeth )

    • 7 speed crackset for 7 speed bicycle

      7 Speed Crank

      Force 1 Crank for front 1 Gears
      Force 1 - Front 1 Speed (44 Teeth)

    • Gear shifter shimano thumb shifter 3 speed

      Front Shifter

      Shimano Altus - EF500 thumb Shifter for Smooth Shifting Experince

    • About Us

      Omobikes is Startup By IIT graduates , who are passionate for cycling and want to make people ride more bicycles in India. 

    • Free Shipping

      24 Hours Dispact and Free Shipping all Over India to 30000+ Pin codes

    • No Cost EMI

      No cost EMI options available on Major Credit card, HDFC Debit Card and Bajaj Finance card

    • Warranty

      Lifetime Warranty on Frame.
      30 Days Part Replacement warranty on all moving part after delivery

    • GST Benfits

      Get GST Input Credits on Business Purchase

    • Cash on Delivery

      Cash on Delivery available with prepayment of 999 and due amount on delivery to avoid misuse of COD option.

    Bicycle Essentials

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