OMO Bikes' Strava Rider Reward Points for February 2021

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The time to reap rewards for your efforts is here. More and more riders are joining our community on Strava (OMO Bike's Riders' Club), an effort to promote cycling by rewarding every ride & every kilometer ridden on bicycle. As the community is growing, our team is also trying their best to make sure that points are rewarded in a timely manner. 

For February 2021, we issued a total of 5702 points to 23 riders. The highest points were rewarded to Mohammad Faisal from Chennai who rides a Ladakh X1. He rode an impressive 882km and was awarded the exactly same amount which he can use to purchase any part, accessory from the website. 

OMO Bikes Ladakh X1 Chennai
Picture Courtesy  (Md. Faisal, Shared on Strava)
His longest ride was a whopping 104km+ ride completed in over 5hours. Much Kudos !!!! 
In case you are unaware of this club/community or how it works, do visit this page to understand the complete process
Picture Courtesy (Md. Faisal, Shared on Strava)
All in all, February was an excellent month in terms of riding statistics and active participation from our rider community. We wish more and more riders to join this and opt for bicycling as a means to commute at least once or twice a day. What do you think of this? Have you become part of it yet? 
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