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OMO Bikes

Love for riding bicycles, is a very strong emotion. It makes people do crazy stuff. It makes people ride bicycles around the world for months & sometimes years. It motivated us to start this company. It inspires us to keep doing better. For this reason, we recently launched our rider reward program, where riders are rewarded for every km they ride. So now, not only you save petrol, become healthier, reduce traffic & pollution by riding bike; but you actually earn just by riding a bicycle. No catch. No hidden conditions. Read the complete details of how you can join this club. 

Since the beginning of this program, we have been joined by hundreds of passionate riders who have earned around a lakh of points. One story that stood out recently was of Manish Rathi from Rajasthan. He bought an omo bike to reduce weight & get healthier. In few months of daily riding & bicycle commuting, he reduced his weight by astounding 35kg. In the process he won enough points to purchase another bicycle (few parts every month), and gift it to his wife. Such is the love of riders for bicycles. 

Now, we have been successfully running this program for quite some time now, and are ready to welcome more riders. We just wish more people to switch to bicycling. It keeps every one healthy, happy, and the world a better place to be. Are you game for this? 


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