Bicycle Traveller : Pune to Hampi (720 KM) by Beginner Cyclist on Omobikes Model 1.7 (7 gear Hybrid Bike))

Long distance bike touring is not a hobby, you just need to go on first Ride and it becomes a lifestyle. You always wish to go on one more such ride to explore more and collect million of memories. Unlike other means of travel , bicycle touring is slow, but as we all know at the end tortoise won the race and so does happen with Bicycle Touring as well. You enjoy every moment of the route you are traveling on.

Remember our Rider, Naveen and Mohan, who did 840 Km ride after buying a 7 gear Bicycle in 2019, Now they are on 4-5 month long ride, already covered 2000+ km in almost last two Months. We will share update on their journey soon

Bicycle Traveller Pune to hampi on Omobikes Model 1.7 Hybrid Bike with friends

This Blog is Quick interview with Onkar Dhaigude who Bought Omobikes Model 1.7 (7 Gear Hybrid bike in 2021) and did a 720 km ride from Pune, Maharastra to Hampi, Karanata 

Q: Tell us about yourself and your interest in Cycling
A: I am Onkar Dhaigude and I decided to buy a cycle to avoid regular commutes in the vicinity on my motor cycle on considering the rising prices of petrol and the double advantage of cycling which will save money as well as make me healthy as I work out.
Q:  Which Bicycle Model do you own, and when did you buy?
A: I own Omo 1.7T hybrid 7 speed cycle and I bought it in January 2021

Light weight Omobikes Model 1.7 customer review on pune to hampi ride
Q: Are you a pro Cyclist or have you started cycling recently ?
A: I have started cycling recently about a year ago

Q: How long was your trip ? 
A: My trip was about 720km long from Pune, Maharastra to Hampi, Karnataka

Cyclist group omobikes model 1.7 hybrid bike
Q: How did you decide to Go for the Pune to Hampi trip ?
A: Our group The pedal pride decided to go for a self supported ride. As many of my friends were into this ride, I decided to join my group.

Q: Share one most memorable experience from your Trip ?
A: The most memorable experience was when we camped near a temple on one night. We set up tents there and restarted our ride early morning the next day
Q: How was Omobikes cycle performance during this trip ?
A: The cycle performance was exceptional during the trip and I did not face any issues apart from one year kicking issue

Q: Did you face any issue with the cycle during this trip, how did you resolve it?
A: There was a kick getting generated in the gear initially. But after lubricating the chain that issue got resolved

Bicycle traveller India road trip and travel model 1.7 hybrid bike
Q: Any suggestion for new cyclist who are planning to go for such trip
A: Just do's a great experience 

Bicycle traveller omobikes omobikes model 1.7 7 gear hybrid bike for men customer review
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