Bicycle Travellers : 860 Km Ride by Beginner Cyclists from Dhanushkodi to Nambiyur on Omobikes

860 Km Ride by Beginner Cyclists on Omobikes

Riding a Bicycle is no doubt the most enjoyable experience you can have but taking your hobby a little further will make it one of the most memorable part of your life. Here is the story of two Beginner Cyclist friend who bought Omobikes Model 1.7 - 7 Speed Hybrid Cycle and went from Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu to Nambiyur, Tamil Nadu . Both of them were Beginner's and bought the Hybrid cycle for city ride but ended up going on one of the most enjoyable trip of their lifetime.  
Omobikes traveller -Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu to Nambiyur, Tamil Nadu on model 1.7 omobikes hybrid cycle

Q - Tell us about yourself and your interest in Cycling

A - My name is Mohan Kumar from Nambiyur, Tamil Nadu, I completed B.E civil Engineering. I am a sports person and currently self employed. Yes, I have been interested in cycling since my school days and I love my Bicycles. After my college days, I never had an opportunity to ride a Bicycle, but I am self employed now so I decided  to Buy a Hybrid cycle online from Omobikes website for my local rides,  to improve my endurance
Bicycle Traveler customer review omobike model 1.7 hybrid cycle 7 speed

Q - Which Bicycle Model do you own?

A - Omobikes Hybrid Bicycle with 7 Speed Shimano Gears

Q - Are you a Pro Cyclist or have you started Cycling recently ?

A - I have recently started cycling and I consider myself a beginner only. I have not been to long rides before this trip. I bought the cycle for City rides and regular usage initially 

Bicycle Traveller in India on Omobikes Hybrid Cycle model 1.7

Q - How long was your trip ?

A - 860 Km Ride in 8 days 

Q - How much was your daily Budget and where did you spend?

A - We spend only 2500per head for 8days we stay in tents and we take fruits only  for foods

Bicycle travllers camping in India on Omobikes hybrid cycle

Q - How did you decide to Go for the Nambiyur, Tamil Nadu to Dhanushkodi trip ?

A - Nambiyur, Tamil nadu Is my Hometown so I decided to start from my Home. Nambiyur to Dhanushkodi is one of the toughest route for cycling because of heavy wind and humidity, so we challenged ourself for this ride in summer (may 7-may 15). Although we were beginner's and we did feel nervous but as we started moving ahead, we gained more and more confidence everyday. On 8th Day we completed the trip after crossing the really challenging route on our omobike
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Q - Share one most memorable experience from your Trip ?

A - Last stretch of 13km from Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi we will never forget in our lifetime. It was afternoon around 2:00 pm to 4:30pm, the weather was very humid and we almost lost all our energy but we did not quit. We Helped each other, motivated each other. We knew the terrain and it was challenge we decided to take. Although, our body felt like giving up every minute we spend riding the bike, but we keep pushing our limit to go little further until finally we reached Dhanushkodi

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Q - How was OMO Hybrid cycle with 7 Gears performance during this trip ?

A - It was really good, comfortable and nice experience. The Bicycle is light weight and ride was smooth during the entire trip

Q - Did you face any issue with the cycle during this trip?

A - Yes, we did face some issue with gear. Since we were new to cycling we didn't know much to tune the gear but we get it fine tuned and after that there was no issue in gear shifting

Q - Any suggestion for new cyclist who are planning to go for such trip

A - Patience and will power is very much important, and discipline in diet, and practice also plays a vital role

bicycle travellers in india omobikes hybrid cycle customer feedback
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Wel done dear friends from T N.

Ajay Desai

Wel done dear friends from T N.

Ajay Desai

Awesome mohan congrats.


You made it possible. Well done Mohaa

Arun Venkatesh

Super. You made it possible 🔥

Arun Venkatesh

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