How to lose weight with cycling ?

If you are looking to get fitter and healthier while enjoying your workout or daily exercise, cycling is the best and first option you should consider. It's an activity that allows you to enjoy the outdoors or your neighborhoods while exercising. Many of us have the typical 9 am to 5 pm working hours, making it difficult to set dedicated time for exercise. Cycling, however, is an exercise that can be incorporated into your commute to work, providing the same benefits as dedicating separate time for it. Therefore, it can even save time for personal activities or spending time with family while you exercise during your local or office commute.

Cycling has many health benefit not only physical but it lighten your head as well from daily stress. Here are few queries which beginner have while thinking of choosing bicycle for health and fitness purpose

10kg weight loss with cycling in 1 month

How much cycling is needed to loose 10 kg weight ?

Exercise is more about consistency. As a beginner, you should not push your limits initially. We recommend starting with a 5km daily ride, which may take 20-30 minutes for a beginner rider. During the first few days or weeks of cycling after a long gap, your body muscles may experience pain similar to your first time visiting the gym.

While some people start pushing their limits at a very early age with 20-30km rides, they mostly end up giving up cycling within 1-2 weeks. Other riders who are consistent with small distances and gradually increase to 5km weekly and monthly basis end up continuing cycling as a daily activity.

Apart from consistency in cycling, one should always be careful about the food they are eating. Consuming sugar or eating more than regular food to compensate daily cycling will not give any results.

According to our data research conducted with omo rides, reducing your diet to 80% of your current calorie intake and adding 1-2 hours of cycling to your daily lifestyle can help you reduce up to 10kg of weight within a period of 6 to 12 months

Does cycling help belly fat loss or stomach fat loss?

Belly fat is one of the most difficult areas to reduce. When you start cycling or any exercise, you will not immediately lose fat in the belly area. Belly fat serves as the body's energy storage reserve. It tends to expand when we overeat, as the body stores excess energy in the form of fat in the belly area. Since it's an energy storage, it's also the last to lose.

cycling belly fat reduce

When you begin cycling daily, you may not notice a difference in the first 1-2 weeks. Initially, the body parts most active during cycling, such as the legs, will show changes. Then, you'll slowly start seeing differences in your face, and after a few weeks, you may notice the same in your belly area. However, if you remain consistent with your cycling activity, it may not take much time to see a difference in the belly area as well.

How Cycling help in reducing weight?

Cycling for 1 hour on average burns 500 calories, which is even 20% faster if done in the morning on an empty stomach. If you are controlling your diet by consuming the recommended calories, which is around 2000 for men and 1500 for women, the daily cycling activity will additionally consume 500 calories. This creates a calorie deficit in your body, and the stored energy in the form of body fat starts to be burned to compensate for the body's requirement, causing gradual weight / fat loss.

How Much weight can be reduced with cycling? 

Cycling is a light-intensity workout training that helps you slowly tone up the muscles, joints, and reduce fat on various parts of your body such as the face, belly, legs, and more. There is no limit to how much weight you can lose. By making cycling your regular activity and being consistent with your daily routine, you can achieve an optimal BMI

calories burned during cycling

How to choose the right bicycle for weight loss?

Bicycle selection is not dependent on how much weight you wish to loose. It depend on the usage. First you need to figure out if hybrid or an Mtb is suitable for you ? . You can check Difference between a Hybrid and MTB  if the terms are new to you. 
1) If you are planning to use for city - Hybrid Bike is most suitable option
2) If your usage is on trail ride or unpaved roads - Mountain Bike is Most suitable option 

Note :- For rider below 120-125 kg weight, Aluminium 6061 frame are suitable. For rider in weight range 125-150 Kg weight, Steel frame are suitable

Gear or Non gear, which Bicycle is suitable for weight loss ?

Both types of bicycles are suitable for cycling activity. In the past, people were often worried about gear cycles due to maintenance issues, as there were limited cycle mechanics knowledgeable about repairs, rarely people do self maintenance- DIY,  leading to high maintenance costs. This created a misconception among riders that gear cycles were not good.

Hybrid cycle for weight loss

However, based on our customer experiences, gear cycles are more beneficial for weight loss journeys. During the initial days of starting cycling, when your legs may lack strength, pedaling a gear cycle is easier. This helps in developing consistency and confidence for beginners to commute longer distances. One can always start with 7 gear bicycle, which are easy to operate and easy to maintain as well

How can Beginners start their cycling journey for fitness after long gap from cycling?

  • Start your cycling journey by getting a good bicycle suitable for your weight, height, and age group using  bicycle finder tools
  • Begin with a 5km ride in your society or nearby area
  • Gradually increase this distance every 2 weeks. Once you reach a distance of 15-20km, which is around 1-1.5 hours of riding alone, it's time to plan longer rides.
  • Join cycling group or OMO cycling community on strava
  • Once you have found a cycling club nearby or got connected to any cyclist who are also doing city riding or starting new, start going on long rides in group during weekend 

Apart from above one can include cycling into daily commute such as office commute or commute to store nearby for daily household activities to increase the cycling effect

Note :- Consistency is important during weight loss this journey

What all things to keep in mind for beginners during weight loss journey?

  • Always carry a water bottle with you. All bicycles have the option to attach a bottle holder where you can carry a water bottle during your ride. During cycling, just like any other exercise, the body will sweat, which can cause the body to lose fluid, leading to dehydration and muscle stiffness. So, regular water intake especially after the ride is very much needed
  • If you are going on a long ride, do carry Electral with you. Electrolytes help maintain the minerals in the body while the body is losing fluid through sweat. If you don't like electral, do drink coconut water during or before your ride
  • Wear a bicycle safety helmet. A good quality helmet is always required to protect you from any injury. It doesn't need to be an accident; sometimes, during a small fall from the bicycle, one can hit their head on the ground, causing a major injury.
  • Use front and rear USB chargeable safety lights if you are riding at night.
  • Include protein in your diet if you are going on long rides; your muscles need to recover
  • If you are going on long rides like 50-100km, do give your body proper rest or take a 1-day break if needed, to let the muscles relax. Do not over exhaust the body while cycling.
  • Always know your limits, and if you feel your body is not able to handle long periods of stress, take a break. It's a long journey of weight loss; one day of overworking won't help

That being said, it is time to start your bicycle journey. If you have any doubt or queries, you can drop is comment and we will update the same in blog section 


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