How to Choose Perfect Hybrid Bike for Beginners in 2024 at Best price in India

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A hybrid bike is an excellent choice for a wide range of cyclists and riding scenarios. It's a versatile option that can meet the needs of various individuals. Before we go further into details of choosing right configuration. Lets discuss what is hybrid bike 

What is Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes are designed to combine the best features of road bikes and mountain bikes, making them versatile options for various riding conditions and purposes. Here are some common features of hybrid bikes:

Best Hybrid bike under 20000 In India
  • Frame: Hybrid bike frames are typically made of lightweight materials like aluminum or carbon fiber, offering a good balance between strength and weight.
  • Tire Size: Hybrid bikes often have medium-width tires, typically around 700c x28c to 38c, which offer a smooth and efficient ride on both paved and unpaved surfaces.
  • Gears: Most hybrid bikes come with a wide range of gears, making them suitable for different terrains. They often have multiple gears (e.g.,7, 8 , 9 , 10, 18,  21, 24, or 27 speeds) to handle hills and flats.
  • Handlebars: Hybrid bikes typically have flat or riser handlebars that provide an upright riding position, offering better visibility and comfort for city commuting and leisurely rides.
  • Suspension: Some hybrid bikes feature a front suspension fork to absorb bumps and shocks on rough roads or light off-road trails. Others may have a rigid frame, which is better suited for smooth road riding.
  • Versatility: Hybrid bikes are versatile and can handle a range of activities, including commuting, fitness rides, light touring, and casual off-road riding.


Which Hybrid Bike is good for you? 

Selecting a beginner hybrid gear cycle in India involves considering several factors to ensure you make the right choice for your needs and preferences. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you select the right hybrid gear cycle:

Determine Your Budget:

Decide how much you are willing to spend on a hybrid cycle. Prices can vary widely based on features, and materials, so having a budget in mind will narrow down your options. It can vary from 10,000 to 50,000 price range as well

Define Your Riding Needs(Which one to choose Gear or Non gear):

Consider where and how you plan to use the bicycle. Are you mainly going to ride it on city roads, for commuting, or do you want a versatile bike for both on-road and light off-road trails? Your intended use will help you choose the right type of hybrid cycle. Usage of Gear is same for Hybrid or MTB 

  • For regular city commute upto 5 to 10 km on flat roads Non gear is suggested 
  • For 10-20 km of  city commute on flat roads 7, 8 gear is suggested
  • For Long rides like 40-50km on flat terrain 8 ,9 Gear is suggested
  • For hilly terrain 21, 24 gear is suggested 

Correct Frame size and Wheel Size:

Choosing the right frame size and wheel is crucial for comfort and safety. To determine your frame size, measure your inseam (the distance from the ground to your crotch) and match it with the manufacturer's size chart. For a hybrid cycle your inseam should be 0.5inch to 3 inch more than standover height of the bicycle frame in case on Hybrid bike

Size chart while choosing correct hybrid bike


Bike Brake Brakes (V Brake , Mechanical Disc brake or Hydraulic Brake?):

Two common brake types on hybrid bikes are rim brakes (V-brakes) and disc brakes. Disc brakes offer better stopping power and are more consistent in various weather conditions. Consider choosing a bike with disc brakes for added safety. Based on your usage , one can opt for the Brake type

  • V brake is good for city commute and to keep the bicycle light weight but are less powerful stopping power
  • Mechanical disc brake are more powerful the V brake but do need some regular tuneup or maintenance 
  • Hydraulic brake are very powerful to stop the wheel immediately. They do cost more but the life of hydraulic brake are very long as compared to other brake and need very minimum maintenance 

Suspension :

Hybrid bikes can be rigid (no suspension), have front suspension (suspension fork), or full suspension (front and rear). For city commuting and general fitness riding, a rigid or front suspension bike is usually sufficient. Full suspension is more suitable for off-road trails.

Brand and Warranty:

Research reputable bicycle brands known for quality and customer service. Check if the bike comes with a warranty, and understand the terms and conditions. Brand like us Provide 90 Days part Warranty from day of delivery and Lifetime warranty on frame will help customer purchase online without much fear of part failure or any manufacturing defect

Should I Customise my Hybrid Bicycle?

Customising a hybrid bicycle can offer several benefits to riders, including:

customised bicycle in India


  1. Personalisation: The most obvious benefit is the ability to tailor the bike to your specific preferences and needs. You can choose the frame size, handlebars, saddle, and other components that provide the most comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Customizing your hybrid bike allows you to select components like the Gear, Suspension, Grip, Brake and even the tires that match your body type and riding style, ensuring a more comfortable ride over long distances.
  3. Improved Performance: Customization enables you to select high-quality components, which can enhance the bike's overall performance. This might include upgrading to better quality suspension or alloy fork , more responsive brakes or hydraulic brake, or a better gearset.
  4. Versatility: Depending on your Budget and Usage choices, you can make your hybrid bike more versatile. For example, you can add racks and panniers for touring, swap tires for off-road adventures, or make it more aerodynamic for faster commuting.
  5. Unique Aesthetics: Customizing your bike allows you to choose colors, graphics, and accessories that reflect your personal style. This can result in a bike that not only performs well but also looks great.
  6. Long-Term Investment: By investing in customization, you can create a bike that suits your current needs and can be adapted as your riding preferences change. This can save you money in the long run compared to buying multiple bikes.
  7. Connection with the Bike: When you're involved in the customization process, you develop a deeper connection with your bike. You'll understand its intricacies, making it easier to maintain and troubleshoot issues.
  8. Pride of Ownership: Riding a bike that you've customised to your liking can provide a sense of pride and ownership. It's a bike that reflects your choices and preferences, making each ride more enjoyable.

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