How to Choose Best Kids Bicycle Online In India

Kids bicycle is one of the best gifts one can give to a child which are not available online. Almost every one of us has fond memories or our early days on a bicycle. First bicycle has a charm, that few other things in life can match. However, getting the perfect bicycle for a boy/girl one can be a tedious task. For a person less familiar with bicycles, what size to go for, which brand to go for, whether to buy bicycle online or offline, what to look in a good kids bicycle, these questions can be confusing. So we put together some important points, by following which, you can confidently purchase the best bicycle for kids online (& offline). 

What Size to Choose for your Kids Bicycle

Kids bicycles come in numerous sizes these days. The  sizes can be based on frames or wheel size.  The recommended way of selecting the bicycle is  by wheel size. 

Height  Wheel Size
Less than 2'6" (<3 years old)  Trikes or Balance Bikes
2'6" - 3'6"  (3-5 years old) 14" wheels (OMO Panda 14T)
3'6" - 4'0"  (5-8 years old) 20" wheels (OMO Panda 20T )
4'0" - 5'0"  (8-10 years old) 24" wheels (OMO Jarvis 24T)


What Features are Important in Good Kids Bike

Bicycle these days are feature packed, just like cars, and it makes difficult for buyers to decide what features actually matter for kids bicycle. Here we list the most important things that you can check while buying 

Safety - Safety is the most important thing to look out for while buying a kids bicycle. 

  • It should have a strong & adjustable set of support wheels. Support wheels ensure your kid doesn't fall off the bicycle while riding & can spend long hours on bike having a good time without you worrying. These support wheels should be easily removed at home, without the help of a professional mechanic. 
  • It should have a good quality of chain cover / chain guard


  • A comfortable saddle will make sure whether the kid spends enough time on the bicycle or not. Saddle can be the make or break deal on how your kid likes the bicycle. 
  • Comfortable Grips - Grips are the place where the child holds the bicycle handle bar, and hence needs to be comfortable and soft. 

Build Quality & Components

Kids love to hammer their bicycles. So you don't want them to be disappointed if their favorite bicycle start falling apart within a couple of months use. Hence, the bicycle build quality should be solid. 

The quality of moving components, like wheels, chain, crank, etc. determine how well the bicycle rides. Unless the bicycle is enjoyable to ride, the entire purpose of buying it in the first place is not fulfilled. Hence, good quality components in the bicycle is very important. 

Kids Bicycle Online vs Offline 

In the age of internet this choice is an easy one now. Gone are the days when bicycles were purchased at a local store and brought home in an auto/rickshaw/ car. 

Almost all brands these days have an online Bicycle store, as it gives them reach to their customers that an offline store cannot provide. Plus, all reputed brands offer return period no offline store offers. We at OMO Bikes offer 10 day return period, 30 day parts replacement warranty & 2 years warranty on frame. 

Some of our Bestselling Kids Bicycles 

Panda 14 (Kids Bicycle 14T for 3 to 5 Year old Boy and Girls )

OMO Panda series designed specially keeping kids safety & growth in mind. It is ideal for 3-5 years boys / girls (height 2'6" - 3'6"), and is one of the best kids bicycles in India.

Panda 14 3 to 5 year old kids bicycle
  • Strong and adjustable support wheels. 
  • Full Chain Cover.
  • High Quality moving components (which are generally used in adult bikes) to ensure bike rides like a dream. 
  • Comfortable Saddle & Soft Grips. 

Panda 20 (Kids Bicycle 14T for 5 to 8 Year old Boy and Girls )

The Panda 20 is the quintessential kids' bike that will make your kids childhood even more cherishable. This gorgeous little bike is sturdy,  will take all the beating your kids has to offer and is definitely the Best Kids Bicycle in India (under 6000). 

panda 20 kids cycle for 5 to 8 year old boy girl and children
  • Age : Ideal for kids aged 5-8 years (height 3'6" to 4'2") girls & boys.
  • Light but Strong : Efficient geometry & tube design makes it the lightest bicycle in its segment with the sturdiness of steel.


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