Making India CO2 Negative One Cycle at a Time : Omo Bikes

Omo Electric cycles are the fastest & most cost effective mode of transport in India today. But apart from saving a lot of money and time, OMO electric cycles are playing a major role in environment protection as well.

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Leave no Carbon footprint behind

Some people believe using fuel running motorcycle and scooter will be better than using a Car to protect environment but you will be surprised to know that the data shows motorcycles & scooters have worse emission than cars, even though they give better fuel mileage. The reason is that motorcycles and scooters have low pollution control standards. Even though they emit low CO2 but the emissions of other hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxides (NOx), and unburnt gas (HC's)  from these 2 wheelers are count more than CO2.

As, one can see the data here, these numbers are just the averages of 8 scooters & motorcycles. Some of the 2-Wheelers they tested did a lot better than others.

Electric Cycles, ebikes vs scooter motorcycles pollution study

The above data can be verified here   Ana-Marija Vasic and Martin Weilenmann. Comparison of Real-World Emissions from Two-Wheelers and Passenger Cars. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2006, 40, (1), pp 149-154

In comparison of cars, scooters and motorcycles, Electric cycle consumes 0.496 Kwh Unit of electricity for running for 50 km. Electricity can be generated from natural resources like solar energy and wind energy but even if we consider the electricity used from electric grid the result are really surprising 

1 kWh of electricity, when produced from a coal burning power plant, generates 940 g (or 2.07 lbs) of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere (As per report publish in Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund 

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It's time to say no to pollution

So the emission while using electricity generated by burning coal for electric cycle for 50km is 466.24 gms which makes the per kilometer CO2 emission generated by electric cycle to 9.324g/kilometer. This means that with OMO electric cycles, the carbon emission is reduced by 300-400 times on your per kilometer of travel.


Not Just reduce Pollution but make India carbon negative

As a company philosophy, we plant 5 trees with assured survival rate of 80% which makes 4 tress consuming pollution created by OMO electric cycle users (by consuming electricity produced from Coal).

As per data published in Urban Forest Network , young trees absorb CO2 at a rate of 13 pounds(5,897grams) per tree each year. Trees reach their most productive stage of carbon storage at about 10 years at which point they are estimated to absorb 48 pounds(21,774 grams) of CO2 per year.

This means that the CO2 emission absorbed by trees planted by OMO per year would be 29,485 grams (the first year) and 87,000 grams in next 10 years.

Assuming a normal person, travelling 3000 kilometers every year on OMO electric cycle instead of car or motorcycle for daily commute, emits 27,972 grams of CO2, the carbon emission will be less than as absorbed by trees planted by OMO. Going forward 10 years, one can only imagine how much each OMO rider will be contributing to nature.

That being said the emission of GHG(green house gases) produced by running OMO ebike on electricity( from coal plant) is being taken care of within 1-2 year. Also, we did our further research to include the carbon emission while manufacturing E-bike and bicycle. This small initiative of OMO bikes not only takes care of emission from electricity, but also absorbs carbon produced during manufacturing of Ebike and Bicycles and make OMO Ebike world's first carbon negative commute vehicle

Future is not just Electric , it's green as well with OMO electric cycle.

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 Electric cycles & cycles ensure a greener & happier tomorrow.


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