Buy Bicycle Upgrades & Accessories at 50% Discount Using Reward Points

Shailesh sir from Pune bought bicycle component upgrades & accessories worth ₹3175 at flat 50% discount. Mr Shailesh Kulkarni, an ardent senior cyclist from Pune, rode a mind blowing 1711km in December 2023. He averaged 60km & 3.5hour of daily riding.


Not just this is great for his health & fitness. But he is also able to use these rides to constantly upgrade his bicycle and accessories.

In January 2024 alone, he ordered 3 KMC chains, 1 premium BB set & 1 alloy seat post costing ₹3175 & was eligible for flat 50% discount using his reward points.

Fun Fact: Shailesh sir upgraded from old 2019 Steel Ladakh model to new Alloy Hampi Model using just reward points. Isn’t it amazing & truly inspiring.

Shailesh Kulkarni bicyclist pune india strava profile

What upgrades & accessories do you want to add to your ride, and how many reward points do you think you can earn in January 2024. Let us know in the comment section below.

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