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When it comes to cycling, proper nutrition is quite important for all cyclists.

Health enthusiasts cycle for health benefits which increase when cycling is done along with following proper nutrition. In the case of endurance riders or brevet riders and bikepackers who go on expeditions, proper nutrition becomes vital.

In this article, we are going to explain what kind of nutrition is required when we are going on cycle rides of different types.

There are separate types of nutrition for different kinds of cycle rides. Cycle rides are generally categorized into the following types –
  1. Fun rides
  2. Endurance rides
  3. Long-distance or expedition rides

1. Fun rides –

These are community rides or the ones we take with our friends. A community ride is generally considered in the range of 35 to 50 km. The best thing about this kind of ride is that you talk to your friends and go on quite an economical mode. In this ride, the average speed is not high and the distance is also not long.

2. Endurance rides –

Rides in the range of 100 to 150 km are considered endurance rides. In some rare cases, 50 km is also considered an endurance ride.

3. Long-distance or expedition rides –

Long-distance rides are taken by brevet riders or bikepackers who go on expeditions. They cycle with small breaks from morning till late in the evening. This pushes their physical limits to the maximum which is especially true for brevet riders.

From the point of view of the expedition, they start in the morning from the time of breakfast and cycle till lunch. After a break, they again cycle till tea and then till dinner time when their ride stops. During this, they cover 150 to 200 km during a single day.

Since these three types of rides differ in terms of distance covered there will also be a difference in nutritional requirements for them.

Now we will discuss nutrition tips for rides of these three types –

1. Nutrition for fun rides (community rides) –

In these types of rides, consumption of generally three to four liters of water is essential. You can keep fruits like an apple or a banana with you and can also have dry fruits. Chocolate bars are also a good option during these rides.

2. Nutrition for Endurance rides –

It is certain that whenever you go from a 50 to 150 km ride, water alone will not work and you will need lots of electrolytes along with it. You can't drink too much plain water as one cannot be over hydrated. Dehydration should also never take place during a ride. Electrolytes maintain the level of water in our body and if the temperature is too high then their role becomes even more important.

Electrolytes can be taken as ‘electral’ powder mixed with water. Products from 'steadfast' nutrition can also be taken. ‘Carborance’, which is one of the products of steadfast, is good for endurance rides. ‘Reload' of 'fast and up' brand is also taken by many endurance riders.

Along with all these, you will need high-energy bars to keep your energy levels high.  Bananas can be used for this purpose. However, you will need to buy them frequently on the way which is not always possible.

A good option is roasted peanuts which can be carried from your home. These will give you constant energy during the ride. The good thing about home-roasted peanuts is that their environmental footprint is negative as they don’t come in plastic wrappers!

3. Nutrition for Long-distance or expedition rides –

Expedition rides continue for several days so the riders need to recover quickly after a day’s ride is over. For this, the traditional turmeric-milk combination is a very good option because it recovers the body for the next day's ride. Ashwagandha with milk is also quite good. However, you may not get these easily everywhere during the ride.   

You can also use ‘BCCA’ for the recovery of the body. BCAA or ‘bio chain amino acid’ and is quite good in preparing you for the next day's ride. You can take this at night after the ride is finished. It is taken with water before sleep. Consumption of BCCA will give a very quick recovery to your body and it gets ready the next day for the ride.

Avoiding alcohol during the ride

Some people prefer alcohol in beer or other forms as a means to relax. Although alcohol relaxes the muscles it also dehydrates the body quickly. If the body is dehydrated one can get cramps which will make the ride very difficult.  Hence alcohol needs to be avoided.

Proper nutrition is vital because during the ride you are the engine of your bike, hence you need to take care of yourself under all circumstances.

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    Very helpful and I will try to keep all the category method in my mind before riding .

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