OMO Bikes & Shimano Join Hands to Make Better Bicycles in India

When we say we are committed to great bicycles, we do not mean just in terms of design or styling, but also performance and technicality. With this promise, we are so proud to have world's best Shimano as our partner for all gear components & geared bicycles. In a time when supply of critical components like gears have a waiting period of upto 12 months, and big brands are shifting to other options for gear train, we have harbored a special relationship with Shimano Team to ensure there is no such issue with OMO Bikes. 

So, hence forth, all OMO Bikes will have original Shimano gear components only. This means that all our geared bicycles for men, women & kids will have highest quality gear parts available in the price range. 

Why do we stress on 'original' shimano components? Bicycle industry is plagued with unoriginal components. And shimano is the most copied / duplicated brand in entire cycle industry, primarily because they are just so good, and their waiting period is so high. 

Shimano has very few authorized OEM partners in India, and it is a great step forward for us to be one of them. And we do not wish to stop here. We are working closely with Shimano to develop more India specific products. Bicycles & parts that cater to Indian road conditions & market. This takes our vision of World Class Bicycles Made in India a step further. 

Our 21speed (21 gear bicycles) & 24 speed (24 gear bicycles) are under development with components that are used in much higher priced bicycles. We are working closely to provide excellent transmission in a better budget for our Indian buyers. 

Stay Tuned. And yes, Happy Holi. 

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zaid ahmad

Excellent collaboration.
It will open up new avenues for indian market and customers.

Ranbir Singh

Excellent performance, ultimate design and best quality.

Shailesh Kumar Sharma

What a surprise. Today I installed shimano 6 speed gear sets for my July 2020 OMO hampi 700. Looking forward from new offerings from omo


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