Rider Spotlight: Home Maker to Aspiring Randonneur

We recently interviewed one of the proud OMO bikers, Mrs. Vibha Choudhary. Vibha is a 56-year-old homemaker who is passionate about sports, fitness, and outdoor activities. She used to cycle 40 years ago and took it up again in 2020.

You can follow Vibha on Strava here.

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OMO: What was your initial experience with cycling, say during the first 30 or 60 days?

Vibha: I was skeptical and nervous to go out at first as I started cycling again after 40 years. I regained confidence by initially cycling around the house and then inside the society campus. Doing this for a couple of days made me comfortable and confident, so I went on the road and felt quite surprised and joyous that I can cycle again so well! I initially started with cycling for 5 km a day then increased it gradually to 10 km, 15 km, and went up to 40 km a few times.

OMO: Tell us about your current cycling experience?

Vibha: I cycled for around 3-4 months after taking it up again but due to some unforeseen events, it took a back seat and I could not cycle for 5-6 months. I started again around 4 months ago. Right now, I ride for 4-5 days a week and cover nearly 150 km on an average per week. I either go alone or with my husband. My target is to cover at least 20 km per ride. Till now, I haven’t joined any community rides. At the max, we were three people during these rides.

OMO: What has been the impact of cycling, especially after you have taken it again?

Vibha: Cycling renews me and also keeps me fit. I wait to cycle and it would have been unimaginable for me before 2020 to go from Karnal to Kurushetra on cycle. In 2020, my target was to cycle 20 km a day, once it was achieved, I kept on increasing it to 30, 40, and even beyond that. Now I cycle for around 80 km per day and I am quite eager to reach the 100 km mark.

OMO: What changes would you like to see in society to make it a better place for cycling?

Vibha: I feel that society needs to improve its opinion on cycling and cyclists. Many people have the notion that cycling is a way for the over-privileged to show off. I think this needs to change. The society also should consider altering its perception of women cyclists.

OMO: What suggestions or advice would you like to give to your fellow cyclists?

Vibha: I would suggest regular cycling for everyone. Once purchased, a cycle has very few maintenance expenses; it has a very good effect on health and one can even go out shopping on a cycle. You are also making a positive change in the environment along with helping your knees last longer in your old age! Cycling is also an enjoyable activity. I recommend wearing all the essential safety gear and cycling in a disciplined manner following all the traffic rules.

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OMO: What feedback would you like to give for OMO so that we can improve further?

Vibha: I have OMO’s Hampi 700 model. It is quite lightweight and smooth on the road. It accelerates quickly and less paddling is required than the other cycles I have seen. Brakes, cycle bell, and everything else is good but I would like to have reflectors on it. Overall, it has been an excellent experience and cycling brings me lots of joy.

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Respected Mam, You are an inspiration for all who left working out due to one or other reason in life. Keep inspiring and stay fit.

Deepak Khanna

Splendid inspiration from madam Vibha. Started cycling from very scratch , madam cycled for 80 KMs in a day . It is wonderful effort from Madam Vibha. Really cycling could have marvellous impact on our health and it could be extremely beneficial for our health in day to day stressful environment. We can emulate it and can get inspiration from Madam Vibha. Great Awareness drive started from OMO bikes. I am grateful to OMObikes for sharing such a wonderful story.
Ranbir Singh

Ranbir Singh

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