Get Motivated : How more and more celebrities are cycling to work

Cycling causes no harm to the body. It helps in improving the conditions of the body considerably. There are so many health factors that it could help in keeping yourself fit and fine for many years if you were to cycle regularly. Thus, for those wondering how it would be to cycle to work, then the answer is “great” and at the same time “little weird.”

Well, on the first hand, being great is all thanks to the fact that it helps in giving the required push in staying healthy and being fit and fine. It helps in more excellent blood circulation throughout the body and helps in increasing your concentration levels and so much more. While on the downside, it might be a long stretch to work and may get tired in the process of reaching the place.

Thus, based on the distance you can take up cycling, but in the end, it's all going to benefit you and help you in your life to stay fit and have no illness affect your body whatsoever. And for the same reason, there are several actor’s and celebrities that have taken up the activity of cycling to bring about awareness amongst the general public.

However, bringing about awareness isn’t the only things required, but to be motivated into carrying out the sport and be reluctant on cycling daily can only being about changes naturally in yourself. Thus, if you are interested in learning more about the celebrities that take up cycling seriously and have become the promoters of cycling in the country, then we have a lucrative list given below.

Also, the list provided below has a combination of both Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities who use the cycle to work many times than others they have actually started a revolution in the industry and slowly has started to bring about a social awareness about the benefits and enable a more massive crowd to take up cycling. Take a look.

  • Barack Obama

It’s not often that leaders of the world use cycle whatsoever. While many may not even know how to rise one, there are a few that enjoy it as a past time hobby and also use the time to cycle with their family members. One of them happens to be the former prudent of the united states of America, Barrack Obama, who cycles with his family and enjoys doing the same. It helps him be active and also ensures that his spare time is spent peacefully rather than whiling away time doing something else.


  • Brad Pitt

Taking his time off from the big screen, Brad Pitt sure does know how to spend his time gracefully. Despite receiving several awards and nominations for the movies that he’s played in, he’s still a humble person that uses his cycle here and there. He’s an avid cyclist that indulges most of his time in gaining his workout through the medium that ensures that he can make the most out of and also get the perfect physique for his upcoming movies and have a splendor of a lifestyle indeed. 


  • Salman khan

The entire Bollywood industry knows about Salman Khan and his habit of riding cycles. You can easily sport him riding from his home to the studio and back to his house either in the mornings or in the evenings. He’s a person that believes in cycling and uses his cycle most of the time. If anyone who has been the right person to helps increase cycling in the country, it's him for sure. Also, the same can be reflected in the movies that he stars in, which was a super hit movie named “Kick.” While cycling, you can notice him along with his brothers cycling at a stretch. 


  • Shah Rukh khan

The Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, certainly enjoys riding his cycle many times and can be found cycling with his daughter on Carter road of Mumbai; Well it’s not that often that you witness celebrities that rise for fun, but then at times, he is seen cycling extensively near his house and to work as well. While not many celebrities are reluctant on cycling, stars like Shah Rukh Khan do defy the odds in taking the best means of transportation and provide it with some amount of publicity to ensure that more and more people take up the activity to keep them fit and healthy.


  • Justin Timberlake

Everyone knows about Justin Timberlake. The American songwriter, actor, singer who has won several awards and has been an accomplished star indeed. It’s not only his professional life that stays magnificent but then his personal life as well. His cycle expeditions can be seen far and wide where you can witness him cycling seamlessly alongside the beach alone. He’s an avid cyclist and spotting him near the cycling trenches where he lives is quite simple.


  • Ranbir Kapoor

As an avid sports enthusiast, Ranbir Kapoor has not held back one bit in promoting the overall idea of cycling and getting the best out of it. Throughout his career and personal life, he has been an avid cyclist and has taken up several races as well. Even in his movies, you can find the usage of cycles diversely. Being a fitness freak, he’s highly dealt over cycling. If he can’t cycle outside, then he would practice longer hours, win the gym and ensure that they get the best outcome for his body and enjoy the activity during cycling. Something that not many celebrities are reluctant on trying out.


  • John Abraham

A fitness freak and an avid sports bike collector, he’s none other than John Abraham. He’s believed to have cycled a lot in his leisure time and also uses it as a medium to train himself. You can spot him consistently on weekends and other holidays on the major cycling destinations. Despite owning an extensive collection of bikes, he usually takes his cycles out during the night and goes for long stretches to ensure that he is fit and retains his physique no matter what. Also, he keeps in mind to promote cycling to the rest of the country one way or another to enable many people to be aware of the benefits and get the best possible help in keeping themselves fit and healthy.


  • Hugh jackman

Many might recognise him as the wolverine of the X men universe, Hugh Jackman is a Hollywood star and celebrity that has won various awards for his acting skills. He’s one of the many celebrities that train through a cycle to keep themselves fit and ensure that they have the best body and physique at all times. Cycling was never the first choice, but if you are new to a city and are willing to explore the place bit more, then cycling helps, and that’s the same reason why he took up cycling in the first place. Though it might be odd for many, it’s an activity that he’s willing to promote and take it to another level to encourage more people to take upcycling.


  • Farhan Akhtar

Despite his dashing looks and multi-talented individual, Farhan Akhtar happens to be the person that loves trying something new. And cycling isn’t something new, but he’s reluctant on taking the activity to another level. Many times, you can spot him cycling for miles together to keep himself fit and also explore the area around him a bit better. Through his work out of cycling and his acting/singing skills combined, he has bagged several notable awards for which he has been recognized. Hence, it’s a regular physical training activity than a hobby that he considers cycling to be the best means of transport along with physical training and keeping yourself motivated to try the next best thing in total body workout.


  • Ajay Devgan

Not all celebrities are gifted with a fit body. Working hard towards getting that toned-down body is every celebrity’s dream. Hence, if you take a closer look at Ajay Devan, then you come to realize that all thanks to physical training and cycling were he able to get into shape. Hence, for further reference, in his plenty of movies, you can see him pulling off incredible stunts, and his cycling venture keeps growing more and more. He’s an avid cyclist and can be often spotted cycling the streets near his home and also can be found with his kids at times. It’s quite rare to find a celebrity like him practicing cycling regularly.



Thus, the above-given list of people cycles regularly to ensure that they have the best time in keeping themselves toned and also be active in their daily lives. Being lazy isn’t an option but to cycle and explore the outside world and be motivated to take up cycling is what cycling is all about. Thus, try and be driven to cycle and ensure that you make the most out of it if not, it would all go for a toss and wouldn’t be worth it in the end.

All the best.

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