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Cycling has transformed the way we tend to live our lives. Not because of the radical impact that it has on our lives, but because of the sport being recognized globally. From the poorest of poor to the richest of the richest, everyone has used a cycle at least once in their lifetime such that it’s a sport that is loved by all and several people have created a name in it that makes it a sport that the country of India proudly recognizes. The cycling federation of India (CFI) is the regulating body of all the activities that are pertaining towards the sport of cycling and ensures that there are sufficient sustenance and development throughout the comes along with the art of cycling.

As of now, there are several games and events where cycling has undoubtedly been taken to the next level where there are several individuals that have made the nation proud through their achievements. Hence the right support and encouragement for the board can make the proposition unique and ensure that the people of India do take part in the exciting sport to make it achieve a grandeur stature.

Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the top cyclists in the country that have done India proud and ensured that they had done justice in the field of cycling by banging several top scale awards in national and international games and made the country proud through their achievement. Check them out.

Top cyclists of the country.

Arvind Pawer has no short of achievements as he’s won several in the sport of cycling. Wining gold in the south Asian games and taking part in the world championship in Doha, Qatar, he’s an athletic person ever since the tender age of 16 along with his brother. But then cycling was something that interesting him a lot and took it seriously while growing up. He loves adventure sports and cycling made him go several places where he was recognized for the efforts the hard work put into achieving the feat of success. As of now, he an employee in the Kolkata eastern railway and he belongs from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.


Creating history in Independence Day in the year of 2018, Esow Alben won silver in the junior world cup in cycling for the competition that was held in Aigle, Switzerland. Interestingly, this was the first major international feat that he has achieved, and he hails from Andaman and Nico bar islands, making it a pool of achievements for the young lad. The 19-year-old also happens to be a great competitor in the Asian championships and other cycling events where he has displayed some impressive feats of achievements — having the number one spot in the junior sprint category, that indeed a feat impressive for Esow and the country as well.


The highest ever calibre you can receive in a cycling sport is the tour de France. But wait, there’s another sport in the cycling venture that happens to be on the epitome of difficulty and this is the Trans-Siberian extreme which is the world toughest cycling event and certainly can give you the run for your money. Until 2018, there want a single Asian that had conquered the game event, but it was Dr Amit Samarth hailing from Nagpur and finished the competition with ease and difficulty. Also, before the sport, he took part in RAAM as well and completed the event successfully. He along with other cyclists on the lists are the only two cyclists to complete RAAM from the whole of Asia.


Naveen John is what you can say is an inspirational story of losing weight and representing the country in various levels that have bought him the calibre of pride and joy. He was an overweight person at a young age and ever knew that cycling would be a part of his life. Thus, while he was studying his bachelors in electrical engineering in the USA, he sued to cycle in the weekends for an extendedperiod and fell in love with the sport. Such that when he came back to India, between his full-time job, he took up cycling seriously and there was no looking back. He presented Indian in the 2014 Indian national games and has since the rise to success ever since.


Cyclist choice by a doctor by profession, Srinivas Gokul Nath is an army doctor that has done wonders in the field of cycling. His more notable achievement was that he covered well over 3000 miles in 12 states and over 170000 vertical feet to complete the entire RAAM. He is one of the most notable people to carry out the race and says that he’s been an avid cyclist since 2009. Covering the certain distance at one particular time is what ensures that he was going on and on continuously. It was pushing the barriers and ensuring that I had enough stamina to finish the race successfully. Challenging myself was the central aspect of the game, and so I did. He has notably conquered the world toughest race and the only ever Indian to do so.


  • Amrith Singh

Amrit Singh is undoubtedly notable in the sport of cycling in the country. The 27-year-old is the youngest member in the Indian squadron to represent the country in the world track cycling championship which was held back in 2012. Since the tender age of 9, he has been associated with cycling and took the sport quite seriously. The first every competition he ever entered was in the U-12 national championship category in 2004. Through several setbacks that imposed on him, he never lost hope but went on to win 34 golds, three bronze medal and 11 silver medals in a continental and international level. His proudest achievements were winning multiple events in the field of cycling in Asian cycling championship, commonwealth games and many more.


  • Rameshwari Devi

Women in cycling are quite a few, but then these few have done wonders indeed. Meet Rameshwari Devi, who has bagged 102 medals altogether in the field of cycling. Hard to believe.Well, she is a 41-year-old cycling expert who belongs to Manipur and has risen to the ranks of the elites in the cycling industry. She is an inspiration to many because of the wonders that she has displayed on track and off the track. She isn’t just a cyclist but a CID officer at the same time. Representing India in several occasions such as the Asian games and many more championships held internationally.


The first Indian women to ever be ranked 4th on the world elite UCI women ranking, Deborah Herold holds an impressive record in the world of cycling. She was just nine years old when a tsunami struck her home, and she was left to live on trees for several weeks before being rescued. She belongs to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. However, she did have a great deed of financial problems, but that didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams. Thus, she travelled to Delhi somehow and entered the training camp In Delhi for cycling. The troubles kept piling up because of the language barriers, but then all the talk was done on the track where she bagged one gold, three silver and a bronze medal in several competitions.


Belonging to the Imphal district of Manipur, Bikram Singh is 32-year-old national-level cyclists. At an early stage, he was a footballer and represented his state at several national-level footballing competition. But cycling was something that he had all along since his childhood. Football and cycling went hand in hand and later decided to take cycling to the next level, and so he did. He followed the sport closely and trained hard day and night to become successful in the sport. Till date, he has competed in the 5th national games that were held in his home town of Imphal in February 1999. He became the talk of the town all through his cycling skills and became the face of Imphal. Till date, he has achieved well over 16 bronze, 15 silver and 30 gold medals spanning across all international games.


Hailing as a resident of Karnataka, Sreedhar Savanur is 25-year-old cyclists that is India’s best sprinters to date and have an impressive track record as well. For several years he has held the reign for being the top cyclists in the country and also a champion in the sport as well. He represented the country in the commonwealth games in 2014 held in Glasgow, Scotland. He belongs to a family that holds an impressive record in the field of sports, and this certainly helped him in representing the nation in the international games that were held. For the sport of cycling, he currently holds six bronze medal, nine gold medals and five bronze medals. In 2013, he was bestowed with the Eklavya awards which happen to be the highest civilian sports award in the state of Karnataka for his achievements. An aspiring cyclist and currently works for the railways to support him, family. 


Thus, the above-given names are just a few of the several thousand aspiring cycling experts in the country. These are the names that have represented the country in various sporting events and have ensured that they do justice to the sport of cycling worldwide. Hence, they all believe in taking the sport to the next level and encourage you to take up the sport as it’s anexciting field where you can have the best of times no matter what and dare to go way beyond your dreams and achieve them successfully.

All the best.

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