Meet Anbu - 3672 Km in 22 Days from Tawang to Kanyakumari

Meet P. Kamadhenarasar from Gobichettipalayam, Tamilnadu—a civil engineer, basketball enthusiast, and social activist. Let's see how he covered his journey, on OMO Bikes, spanned 11,123 km in 162 days, including a 3,672 km ride from Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, to Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu, to spread the message "Say No to Drugs".
Anbu with mobiles

Q -  Tell us about yourself and your interest in Cycling

A - My name is P. Kamadhenarasar from Gobichettipalayam, Erode(Dt.) Tamilnadu, I completed B.E in Civil Engineering.  Yes! I am very much interested in cycling since my school days, I used to commute to my Polytechnic College which is about 70kms a day.  Unfortunately I broke my ankle in a Basketball competition during my Engineering graduation, I was unable to continue my cycling passion afterwards, as I got engaged in my career path as a Civil Engineer, Basketball Player, Basketball Coach(NIS), Basketball Referee(TN), Painting Artist and Social Activist.  As my life was rolling busy, during the pandemic I too become a victim for the COVID-19 and had suffered a lot due to my reduced Lungs functioning as lower to 35% but I decided to come out of all these odds and to be more stronger in mind, fit body, confident and better person as a whole than before by rekindling my passion -'CYCLING'! 

Sharing my thoughts with my friends P. Naveen and A. Mohan kumar I came to know about OMO Bikes and their passion for cycling and quality Products, got a chance to talk with their Co Founder Mr. Deepak Chauhan who helped me to set a bigger goal, and very much grateful for their support during my journey.


Q - Which Bicycle Model do you own?

A - Alloy MTB Customised Model as below:

21 inch Frame with 29 inch Wheel, 21 Gear Free Wheel, 50mm Lockout Suspension, Shimano Disc Break 


Q - Are you a Pro Cyclist or have you started Cycling recently ?

A - Though I was cycling regularly, post my injury I took break from cycling for a long period and I would consider myself as a beginner. I have not been to long rides before this trip.


Q - How long was your trip ?

A - 11,123 Km Ride in 162 Days which includes, 

1)  7,014 Km in 138 Days covering 7 States.

2)  3672 Km in 22 Days 5 Hours 50 Minutes from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh to Kanniyakumari in Tamilnadu covering 8 States.

3)  437.12 Km in 24 Hours from Kanniyakumari to salem in Tamilnadu.


Q - How much was your daily Budget and where did you spend?

A - I spent approximately rupees 100 per day for my food and I stayed in Tents, I received great support from good People all along my trip.


Q - How did you decide to Go for the trip ?

A - When I decided to attend the National Level Basketball referee exam at Indore Madhya Pradesh in December 2022, I planned to restart my bicycling journey from Indore to my native town Gobichettipalayam in Tamilnadu.  

But during my exam days at Indore, I came to know about my friend Naveen’s bicycle trip of North East India and I went to Jorhat, Assam to meet him and I planned to Start my trip from there on January 1st 2023.  I was enjoying my initial trip in Assam along with my friends Naveen and Pinku till 24th January, I became more fascinated for Cycling and decided to continue my Journey alone after their trip completion in guwahati, Assam.   

 OMO Bikes anbu

There onwards as a solo cyclist I traveled to Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. During my 7,000+ Km Journey the encouragement and support I got received from the diverse society that’s when I realised “Humanity is the only constant”.  This becomes my tag line to my YouTube Channel “KAMADHENARASAR’S DAY DREAMS”.  And Started broadcasting daily updates through my YouTube Channel “KAMADHENARASAR’S DAY DREAMS” and other social Media platforms, 

And also made me think  that, carrying a message to the Society for a good cause.  I felt that most of our Youth are affected by the ill effects of Drug abuse and lack of physical activities.  So I decided to carry the message “SAY NO TO DRUGS” and set my ride from TAWANG, Arunachal Pradesh to KANNIYAKUMARI, Tamilnadu which is about 3,600+Kms covering Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkant, Odisha, Andra Pradesh, Tamilnadu etc. I was able to complete the trip in just 22 days 5 hours 50minutes with substantial encouragement and support from the people of all walks of life and felt very happy and proud, make me think further in giving back to the society and planning BIG for the right cause.

I thought of testing my endurance like cycling professionals and decided to travel from Kanyakumari Tamilnadu to Salem Tamilnadu which is about 400+ Kms in 24Hrs continuously. I was able to complete 437.12Kms in 24Hrs and become more confident and aiming high to set some international records!

 Anbu with OMO bikes

Q - Share one most memorable experience from your Trip ?

A - I would say every day of the trip is most memorable, but in particular I would say I have seen the society a very beautiful one. the people I saw in the society is the reason to remember because of the love, caring, support they gave me throughout this trip. Humanity of the people is the most beautiful thing I cherished in the whole trip. 


Q - How was OMO Alloy MTB 29er with lockout suspension performance during this trip ?

A - It was really good and it gave me a comfort like a motor bike. The ride was smooth and the performance was really good even though I was starting my cycling after a long gap. The performance and comfort was really good on hilly areas, bumpy roads and off-roads.


Q - Did you face any issue with the cycle during this trip?

A - Yes, I did. Since I am new to long cycling journey and I travelled mostly in hilly areas and bumpy roads. And I couldn’t have service shops in those remote hill areas. 


Q - Any suggestion for new cyclist who are planning to go for such trip

A - Patience and will power is very much important, be disciplined in food, plan well and be prepared for the worst, always give your best.

Know your machine, keep necessary tools and replacement spares.


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