How a 14 year old kid Motorized his OMO Bike 1.0

There is no age to learn new things and you do not need degree to invent new things, specially in a country like India, a land full of challenges & talented young people. Such is the case with 14 year old Arsh Khan from a small town near Lucknow, who customized his OMO Bicycle Model 1.0 into motorized (fuel powered) bicycle, all by himself.

Arsh Khan had been using the cycle for quite a while but his daily routine travel was more than what he wanted to pedal. So one day he got the idea to make it fuel powered instead of toiling several miles everyday.  When all the mechanics in his city refused to help or guide him, instead of loosing hope, he decided to start the project by himself and completed it smoothly without anyone help 

OMObikes model 1.0 customized motor cycle

Omo Bikes have always promoted innovation, specially with young kids like Arsh Khasn. Our team got in touch with Arsh to help him add some more feature like disk brake, light and got to know about this young Engineer in a small interview with him

Question : Tell us about your self ?
Answer :  My name is Mohd. Arsh Khan. My age is 14. I am a student so I have no occupation right now.

Question : How did you get the idea to convert your OMO cycle into a motorized cycle?
Answer : I got this idea when I saw a very compact engine and I thought that I can try to fit that engine into my OMO Cycle. I purchased the engine and all the automobile accessories. It took me 3 months to complete it because I have to do studies also.

fuel engine for bicycle
Question : Have you done it completely by yourself or you needed help from other people to make this working?
Answer : I have completed the project by myself because no one here knew how to do it. When I went to a automobile mechanic and told him that I had to do this project and he said that this is not possible. So from that day I had started the project and completed it by myself only.

Question :  How much is mileage? 
Answer : The mileage Of the bike is not so good. It gives mileage of about 40 km in 1 liter of fuel.

Question : What is maximum speed? 
Answer : It can go upto the speed of 45 km/h. But as it does not have disc brake so I usually ride the bike at speed of 25 km/h. I have fixed a digital speedometer in the cycle so one day I have tested it's speed and the went upto the speed of 45 km/h.

QuestionHow long have you been using the motorized cycle?
Answer : I have been using the  cycle since 3 weeks and it is working smooth without any problem.

QuestionWhat are your future plans?. Do you want to make further changed in this or are you planning to make something more out of this?
Answer :My further plans about the cycle is to get a disc brake so it can stop on time and I am thinking to improve its mileage. And now I am trying to make a treadmill cycle that will move with the help of treadmill and now I am making its figure and thinking that how can I make it .

We have nothing but loads of appreciation & best wishes for Arsh in his future endeavors. We are sure he will rock. Also, if you have any such crazy projects in your mind, please let us know, we will be glad to be of any help. 
If you have any such crazy projects in your mind, do let us know, we will be glad to be of any help. 
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