Assam Chief Minister Launches Free Bicycle Distribution for Students in Government Schools

Assam's leader, Himanta Biswa Sarma, gave bicycles to kids in government schools in Tezpur. The government plans to give over 3.69 lakh bicycles to these students. That's a lot of bicycles! The government spent Rs 161 crore on this.

Sarma gave 12,484 bicycles to students in Sonitpur district. He said the government is working hard to make education better. They are giving free bicycles to students to help them. Starting next year, they will give bikes to students in Class VIII too.

Sarma mentioned they are hiring more teachers, and 10,000 more will be hired this year. They are also merging some schools to make them better. This helps improve the education system.

Sarma said that after 75 years of independence, they are building high schools in tea garden areas. This is a big step for education in Assam.

Other important people like Ranoj Pegu and Ashok Singhal were at the event too. They all want to make education better in Assam.

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