Cycling During Covid-19 : Keeping Head High & Staying Positive During Lockdowns

The past 3 weeks have been tough on the world. Covid 19 is still one of the greatest crisis of our times, and it seems worse is yet to come for a lot of people. 

In such grim times, we compiled how people have been biking & cycling to reduce their anxiety & stress both in & outside their homes. Because no matter what happens, we gotta keep the bicycling spirit high & keep ourselves motivated. 

Shohaib Akhtar goes on a bicycle ride at night

On 13 April, legendary Pakistani fast bowler Shohaib Akhtar went on for quick ride on the empty roads of Islamabad and posted a video about it. Unfortunately he received a lot of flak from fans & public stating that by doing so, flouted the partial lockdown imposed by Pakistan Govt. to fight Covid-19. 

Right or wrong, it is not our place to judge it, however, we do agree to Shohaib's caption saying 'Cycling in My beautiful City. Lovely Weather. Empty Roads. Best Workout'. Indeed, nothing matches a lovely night time ride. 

Tamil Nadu Farmer Rides 140km with his Wife to take her for a Chemo Session amidst lockdown 

A Manjula, wife of Arivazhagan, 65 years old, a farmer living in remote village in Tamil Nadu, had her chemo therapy in Puducherry 31 March. Due to lockdown, they didnt know how to go. So Arivazhagan decided to take her on his bicycle and cover the 140km distance & left on 30 March evening. They only took one break on 31 March for breakfast & reached the hospital on time. The hospital staff moved by the couple's resolve, sent them home in an ambulance, and assured they will not need to do this again. Thank gods for that. 

But, what courage. What a story. 

labor cycle to home in lockdown

20 Year Old Jena Pedalled his way from Sangli to reach his home 1700 km Away in Odisha due to Lockdown

The Indian govt's decision for a complete lockdown has greatly stalled the spreading of the deadly pandemic across India. The people of India have shown immense faith & resolve to follow the lockdown. However, some people, unfortunately have been stuck in distant lands due to this, and it is only natural for them to want to go their homes. One such story is of Mahesh Jena, a 20 year old factory worker, who pedalled 1700km from Sangli to Jajpur in Odisha. He did this in 7 days, without any map (he only remembered the major railway stations that would come up on his journey while travelling by trains). 

cycle to home during coivid 19 lockdown

Indoor Bicycling Sees a Major Spike

With roads under major restrictions, bicycling isnt dying out. Instead more and more people have started training on their bike inside their homes. Its just more convenient & keeps on giving body the workout it needs. 

Zwift, the market leader in virtual bicycling gaming has reported a 250% jump of people riding indoors with it since the Covid-19 has hit Europe & Americas. 

cycle at home get healthy


As always, bicycling is one of the best stress busters, and no wonder people are finding new ways to enjoy their bikes. 

Tell us how have you been coping up during the lockdown. Do you have any such interesting stories around bicycles. Do let us know and we will make sure to feature them. 

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