9 Reasons why you should cycle to work

Countries are developing constantly such that there are several means of commuting from one point to another. For many, time is money, and this is what is making people not use cycles to commute from one place to another. But they fail to recognize the effects that it can bring in your life.

Research has shown that there has been a 60% rise in commuting to work utilizing cycles in the last decade . It's by far the highest and steepest rise in the cycling community and continues to rise as the years go by. There are several reasons as to why one would want to cycle to work. But then, many strive away from the option as it might be tiring and yes, it is. But the after-effects of using cycles is impressive indeed.

Thus, for those wondering as to why you might want to commute through cycles? then there are nine reasons we can impart you with. All of which are enlisted below. Different reasons for commuting to work using a cycle.

Fun way to commute instead of boring Car or bus ride 

Cycling is undoubtedly fun and an exciting thing to do. Often cycling is one thing that people can relate to their childhood. The long-lost memories come back within a flash within a few moments of cycling. But then, the same fun and excitement can be brought to like by using a cycle to commute to work. Cycling provides a significant boost of exhilarating feelings to dwell within the body and allows you to live your life a bit more. Thus, it helps in listening to your surroundings more often and enjoy the environment considerably. Soon enough, it would seem that you would wish your commutes were longer rather than being cut short.

using cycle for work instead of car

Health is wealth

Cycling is good. Well, really good in several ways indeed. If you are someone that wants to mix your workout regime and commute to work, then you can opt for cycling. Well, the number of calories that an individual burn is relatively different. But you burn the same as jogging and also improves the body's
overall performance with later joint problems to deal with. Cycling impacts the body in several positive ways such as improving the cardiovascular health of the
body, lower blood pressure, a significant jump in energy boost, improvement of coordination, muscle stability, and much more. It's almost like healing yourself little by little through cycling without consulting or paying for the services of a doctor.

Enjoyment :- Will bring smile on your face 

The overall emotional quotient of a person improves after using a cycle. It helps in making you happier and more stable in terms of emotions and feelings. It helps in enhancing your patience levels and maintaining the overall posture of the body, both physical and mental. It would be one way of getting therapy if you were ever to have a bad day.
Cycling helps in the overall stress reduction, improves sleep patterns, relieve symptoms of depression. But then cycling in an urban atmosphere has proven to enhance the overall mood along with a significant boost in self-confidence indeed.

Cycle to work bring smile on your face

Relive stress and increase Mental Health

The more you cycle, the smarter you get. Well, the chances of you getting smarter overnight are highly impossible, but then over time, there are chances of your brain activity developing significantly. Your memory sharpens, cognitive declines are prevented, and you need a shorter period to remember
complicated things. Such that the overall performance of the brain improves considerably. But then don't worry, if this pointer doesn't benefit you, at least you will have the self-confidence of doing good at your job and giving it your all to grow steadily.

cycle relive stree

Save More money

Cycling will never burn a hole in your pocket. Such that you will save considerably if you cycle to work. In a recent study, it's was shown that an average American typically spends roughly about $8,558 a year behind a gas-powered vehicle. But the annual cost of owning a cycle is approximately about $350 in 2016. 
Also, the savings that you make in commuting to work through a cycle is quite a lot. Using the money saved can make the difference in having a different lifestyle, and you can carry out the other errands that you would have wanted to with the saved-up money.

save indian money with cycling

Fresh air in morning and evening will make your day happier 

Well not only for you but for everyone else indeed. Well, it's is said that almost 30% of all the greenhouse gases that are affecting the earth comes from automobiles. Though through respiration, the person is cycling might be releasing 0.7 grams of CO2 when compared to 1.2 pounds of CO2 for the same distance traveled by a gas-powered vehicle. 

While the energy used in the manufacturing and maintenance of a cycle through 15 years is roughly about 60 kilo joules per mile traveled. But its 4027 kilo joules for a sedan in the same time frame. Some considerable savings in terms of money, energy, and time if you were to use a cycle.

Fresh air while cycling

Easy to operate and can be taken anywhere.

Several think that cycling to work might be the most horrible experience. But that's where they are wrong. Cycling is the most effortless experience that you can ever experience. If you were to take any gas-powered vehicle, then you would be stuck in traffic and once you reach the workplace, finding
parking would be a pain.

Hence, with a cycle, you don't have to worry about parking as you can lock the cycle to any post and walk away. No questions asked. One thing unique about cycles is that you never get stuck in traffic. You can seamlessly cross through traffic with ease making it faster and reliable indeed.

Safe way of commuting on road

Many have the misconception that cycling is never safe. Well, that entirely depends on your cycle. If you oblige to all the rules and regulations associated with cycling, then you can hardly ever fall or crash. But riding like a maniac on the road can certainly get you into some accident indeed. But the safety factor is entirely based on the city that you are using the cycle. Few cities have dedicated
cycling lanes that give you a separate pathway to ride your cycles. Hence, keeping all the safety hazards in mind, there is absolutely nothing that could go wrong.

Ride more with Freedom 

Childhood was fun when you are free of training wheels, and you have the full freedom of going however you want. Fun times isn't it? But then you start to grow, and with more responsibilities, you hardly get time to touch your cycle. Once you get associated with work, then you spend hours together in traffic jams. Instead, you could switch to using a cycle to commute to work and have all the freedom of getting to your workplace effortlessly. Take off the shackles of using a car, and switch to using a cycle as you can explore way more than ever before. Every trip is a new experience and can give you the best of times, indeed.

Freedom with cycling

The above-given pointers are exactly what you would receive while using cycles to commute to your workplace. Well, there are other benefits as well that can come at a later stage. Once you get used to cycling to work, then using any other means of transportation might be a strain or a burden indeed.

Therefore, based on the distance and the type of work that you might be carrying out, it's advised that you take cycling up as far as possible. It's good for everyone, the environment, your health, and your bank balance as well.

Nevertheless, if you are in the market to start your cycling venture, then you can do so by checking the bikes that we have to offer. The cycles that we have to provide is something different, and nothing of the same iteration. They are priced aggressively, such that you can have the best cycling experience for a fraction of the cost. Hence, if you want to learn more about these cycles, then check our page out.

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