Tips on cycle maintenance on touring (Problems & their solutions)

Bikers often prefer going on long trips with their group. Well in a similar tone, there are cycling enthusiasts that prefer cycling in hilly regions and the flat countryside region. In India, there are several places where you could find cycling enthusiasts cycling for miles without breaking a sweat.

bicycle touring

Often, they have tours and touring expeditions to a particular place that could either be 90-100 kilometers in the distance. Thus, cycling such a range might seem impossible for many, but for the dedicated ones, its a breeze of a task in enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and serene environment around them.

Several people from Bombay and other parts of Maharashtra take their cycles onto Lonavala to take the experience of cycling on these hills to take the fun and joy of cycling to a whole new level. Every state has its perks, but in general, what would a touring expedition mean if the cycle that you are touring with has no proper services or is a bad condition?

It's mandatory to check your cycle before you take it out anywhere such that you don't face any issues when you take up a touring expedition. But from the start, specific pointers have to be kept in mind before you kick start your touring excursions. Let's take a look.

Cycle maintenance tips and tricks

Don't worry if you have no idea where to begin your cycle maintenance journey. There are several ways in which you can maintain it efficiently and without any additional costs. There are intuitive tips that you should keep in mind before you take up any cycling expedition. Take a look.


bicycle repair


Prevention is better than cure

It's often said that the worst things happen at the wrong interval of time. Well, expect a lot of such things to happen when you take up your cycling expeditions. Even though you might have set up everything in an orderly fashion, you can expect anything to go wrong at any point in time.

Its basic curtsy to know how your bike works. Ensure that you learn the working and other schematics of the overall functioning of the bike. Learn every nut and bolt of the bike such that if anything were to go wrong, you know how to fix it and find alternatives to do the same.

Maintenance is critical for the longevity of a cycle. Never try to keep your service till the end, always get your cycle now and then. It's a thumb rule of setting your cycle effectively and replacing the worn-out tire's now and then. Any squeaking or rattling noise has to be checked. A smooth bike is a happy bike, indeed.

Keep an eye of punctures

Any vehicle weather it might be a large aircraft, to a trolley mover, punctures are the worst.

Puncher tyre

To prevent them from occurring, it's a better option to invest in better alternatives to reduce the overall chance of punctures to ever happen. Also, fill in the air with the right pressure and ensure that the tires that you purchase have puncture protection on them.

Always keep in mind that after every ride, do take out any shards or stones stuck in the threads of the type. Keep a screwdriver with you in any of your touring expedition to removing such objects that could cause punctures at any point of time. On touring and expeditions with your cycle, you will have to change a punctured tire all by yourself.

Hence, it's advised that you have a practice first before you take up the job of changing the tire. Once you change the tire, inspect the nature, and see what might be the reason for the puncture to occur.

Such that you can prevent such objects on your next touring expedition.
Touring requires patience and calmness. Rushing things will never help. Same goes for puncture repairs. Well, often people who tour a lot with their cycles carry a spare inner rubber tube that if there is any puncture to occur, they can swap it out quite quickly and replace it with a new one.

Efficiency is key to all successful repairs. Thus, always try to patch the punctured tube. Patched rubber tubes when repaired correctly are as good as brand new ones. And on tour, you are no rush of getting things done quickly. So, take your time and get your hands in repairs to get the best outcome.

Healthy state of chain and gear

Treat your chain and gears with love and care. Never rush the process of treating them with adequate grease and oil. Oiling chain and gears are vital to helping them run smoothly without any friction or stress.

bicycle chain lube

Remember that while touring, you should never change your gears when you start cycling. Always keep your gear in equal ratios both in the front and back.
It is advised that you carry a quick link or a chain breaker to remove the broken chain piece and swap in a new one. But ensure that you prepared for the best. In case if the derailleur breaks (the mechanism that helps in changing the gears) then it's better that you swap the chain onto a shorter gear ratio. At least
you would have a working cycle without the functionality of gears rather than a broken one.

Rack and frame

It's a convenient step to ensure that your cycle frame is intact and there are no loose connections. Often, wires connecting to the brakes or gears ten to snap or come out of place. It might not cause any problem but keeping everything organized proves to be a better way of ensuring that the cycle is fully

Thus, if you ever witness a situation where the frame of the cycle or the rack (where the luggage places) is broken, then find something near you that could be used a splint to give adequate support to the broken part. You could use a spoon handle to ensure that the defective part is competent and proficient
in carrying out its purpose.

Wheel servicing and maintenance

Before any touring expedition that you might take your cycle for, ensure that you have enough practice in changing the spokes of your wheels. Such that in case if it happens to break or get damaged, then you know how to change them. Carry additional spokes and spanners for removal and fitting them adequately.
Often, the front wheels are quite easy to repair without the tire coming off as well. Repeat the pattern of the existing spokes on the new ones, and you are good to go. The rear wheel might be a bit difficult because you would have to remove the gears, chain and much more to repair the broken spoke.

Wearing of brakes

Brakes are essential. And without them, stopping a moving mass would be a nightmare. Thus, it advised that you keep spare brake pads and brake wires, nuts, and bolts to ensure that you are prepared in case if the brake pads wear out. Often, if you wish to tighten the brakes, then adjust the brake barrel on the
handles to tighten the brakes. But many times, the brake lines would snap and cause the brakes to malfunction.

bicycle brake wear

At this point of time, take your spare brake wire and replace it with the new one with the same connections that were made with the previous one. But do ensure that you keep your brakes well maintained and serviced at regular intervals of time such that they are in good and healthy shape at all times.

Therefore, the above-given pointers will indeed help you in your cycle expedition and touring adventures. Well, these are the most common problems that you could find in your cycles if could differ based on the make and the age of the cycle.

So, try to get it serviced now and then before any cycling journey. Keep a close eye on what needs to be done and ensure that you have a decent backup of gear in case if anything were to go sideways.

All the best and do the needful.

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