How to choose the Best Dry and Wet Bike Lube : A Complete Guide


Just about every rider knows how important it is to keep a lubed chain.

Your chain is the lifeforce behind your bike, and can be the determining factor between a thrilling ride and a long walk back to the car.

Luckily, your bike chain is one of the strongest parts on your bike – as long as you care for it properly. But this is where it can get tricky.

As I mentioned before, most riders are aware of the importance of keeping a properly lubed chain. But there is some confusion when it comes to doing so. Specifically, when it comes to using the right chain lube.

When it comes to chain lubes, riders have two options, both Dry and Wet lubes.

But how do you know what to pick?

In this article, we will go over the difference between Dry and Wet lube, along with a few tips to help you decide which is best for you.


Wet lube is an all-weather lube that works best when riding in wet conditions. It is thicker than a dry lube, which helps it repel water and keep your chain lubricated. Wet lube also attracts more dirt and grime, and requires consistent cleaning and reapplication. Dry lube is a lightweight lube that penetrates deep into your chain links. It is a lot less messy compared to wet lube, even with repeat applications, however, it will wash off easily if it gets wet.


Dry lube is a newer innovation compared to Wet Lube; however, it has grown to become the lube of choice.
In an effort to reduce the negative side effects of the Wet Lube at the time, cyclists started to experiment with the different ways you could lube a bike chain.
One of the most promising methods for doing so involved heating your bike chain in a pan with wax. The goal was to find a way to fully lubricate your bike chain, without running the risk of clogging your chain. Dry lubes do not last as long as most wet lubes, and this gets worse when you add water. Due to their lightweight nature, most Dry Lubes will wash off with even the most modest amount of water.



Now that we know the purpose of Dry Lube, it is time to go over the best times to use it. The good news is that Dry Lube is really “beginner-friendly”.
It is really easy to get a hold of and even easier to use. The only real risks you have, is riding in wet conditions or going extended periods of time without lubing your chain.
For these reasons, along with the properties of Dry Lube, you should use Dry Lube if you:
1. Are a Beginner Rider
2. Ride on dry or rocky trails
3. Like to lubricate often
4. If you do not clean or degrease your chain frequently
Of course, there are more instances where a Dry Lube will do fine.


Wet Lube is not as “forgiving” as Dry Lube, however, it can be absolutely necessary in some instances. Just like Dry Lube, Wet Lube is meant to be an all-season chain lube. But it really excels during Winter months or during seasons where you get more rain and humidity.
Wet lube is especially helpful during the Winter months, as it can stop salt from getting to your chain, causing all types of havoc. For these reasons, it is recommended that you use Wet Lube when you:

1. Need to Silence a noisy bike chain
2. Need More Lubrication
3. Riding during winter
4. Riding in Wet or Muddy Conditions

Again, try to review your riding preferences before you decide to use Wet Lube.
And make sure you have a solid degreasing and cleaning routine to go along with it.





Wet – Wet lube is a lube meant for riding in wet or muddy conditions. It last long but can attract dirt and buildup overtime.

Dry – Dry lube is a lightweight lube that can be applied multiple times; however, it does not last long and washes off easily with water.

All-weather – All-weather lube is a mix between Wet and Dry lube.

Wax – A Dry lube that contains no oil or grease. Meant to provide superior protection without attracting dirt or buildup.

Ceramic – A wax-based lubricant meant to last longer than standard wax bike chain lube.

I Hope these all information will help you for sure but still you have any feedback or what you are thinking about this article please let us know.

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meanwhile RIDE HARD & RIDE SAFE.

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