The Complete Guide to Bicycle Brakes: Which Are Best and How to Perform Maintenance?

Bicycle braking is one of the most important feature to be used while choosing a bicycle. Depending on usage and terrain, one can opt for different type of braking mechanism . Before we look further lets talk about different braking system available

What are the three types of brakes most commonly used in Bicycle?

  • V Brake / Calliper Brake - A calliper brake is a type of bicycle brake that operates by squeezing brake pads against the rim of the wheel. It's a common type of brake found on many bicycles, especially road bikes and older models.
Bicycle brake type Calliper brake
  • Disc Brake - A disc brake is a type of bicycle brake that operates by clamping brake pads onto a rotor attached to the wheel hub. This design offers several advantages over traditional calliper brakes, including improved braking performance, especially in wet or muddy conditions, and better heat dissipation, which reduces the risk of brake fade on long descents
bicycle disc brake
  • Hydraulic Brake Hydraulic brakes are a type of braking system that uses hydraulic fluid to transfer force from the brake lever to the brake calliper, which then applies pressure to the brake pads against a rotor or disc attached to the wheel hub.
bicycle brake type hydraulic brake


Which disc brake system is best in bicycle?

Depending on Usage , one can choose the correct brakes. 

  • If you are riding mostly in city , and need bicycle brake which are more reliable and powerful braking for emergency stop, having mechanical disc brake in bicycle is good option. Disc brake do add little maintenance over the calliper brake but the advantage of powerful braking is worth the maintenance cost
  • Hydraulic brake are mostly used in high performing bicycle, mountain bikes. These are fluid pressure operated similar to a motorbike and provide a very powerful braking system 

So if you are using on mountain and hilly area or need to stop bicycle running at fast speed, disc brake and hydraulic disc brake are most suitable option. 

Which brake are Best for Hybrid Bicycle ?

Hybrid bicycle are city usage bicycle , they are light weight and runs on average speed of 15-20 kmph in city. Having Mechanical disc brake is good option as in city you can use powerful braking and avoid accident. Hydraulic brake can also be used in city and have a long brake pad life and less maintenance compare to mechanical disc brake. But while choosing hydraulic brake, one need to also consider available bicycle store in city which can repair the hydraulic brake. In India, most tier1 cities it will be easy to find a mechanic to repair of hydraulic brake but in tier 2 or tier 3 cities using mechanical disc brake is best choice as the brake mechanism is easy and can be repaired at any bicycle store

Which brake are Best for MTB ?

If you are using Mountain Bike or MTB in city, mechanical disc brake are more than enough but if you are using it on mountain, trail riding or stunt, hydraulic brakes are needed as mechanical brake are not much of usage in such conditions

How To tune or tighten the bicycle disc brake?

Bicycle brake do get loose over the regular usage. Maintaining mechanical disc brake is easy and can be done by oneself at home. One can find the below video where our bicycle expert guide on tuneup of mechanical disc brake. It is same process for tuning in the new bicycle or regular bicycle brake tuneup (Considering your brake pads are still in good condition )


What are available option for disc brake in omobikes?

Omobikes offers customers the option to choose from Logan, Jak7, and Tektro as mechanical disc brake options, as well as the Shimano Mt 200 as a hydraulic disc brake option.

  • For regular city usage within a budget range under 15000, on flat roads for distances of 5-10 km, Logan and Jak7 are good options. Jak7 is particularly best due to its lower maintenance requirements compared to Logan.
  • For long rides, mountain biking, touring, or seeking a good MTB option within a budget range of 15000-25000, having the Tektro mechanical disc brake is the most suitable choice.
  • For off roading, trail riding, stunts, or tackling high steep mountains, hydraulic brakes are the most appropriate option.

    Choose Best Disc brake option in omobikes customisation

Individuals can also opt for higher budget brakes like Tektro and hydraulic for smaller usage if their budget permits.


How to Maintain disc brakes in bicycle?

Self-maintenance of bicycle disc brakes is easy if done regularly. Clean the disc rotor with a clean cloth; degreaser or sanitiser can also be used to remove dust or mud from the disc rotor.

If after cleaning the disc rotor you feel that your brakes are not providing the powerful braking they used to, remove the brake pads and rub them with a piece of sandpaper. Once the surface is rough again, reinstall the brake pads.

Note: Never use any oil on the disc rotor. If oil is applied and absorbed by the disc brake pad while braking, the brake pad may not function properly. Once oil is absorbed, even sandpaper won't work, and the only option left will be to replace the brake pads.

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