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A bicycle ride worth every stroke of the pedal! Welcome to the Great Malnad Challenge MTB ride. The premier MTB event attracts cyclists from across India and abroad. The 8-days, 600kms journey passes through some of the most remote and scenic locales of the Western ghats and gives the cyclists a unique perspective on the ecological relevance of the region. Intrinsic to this adventure bicycle ride, is the emphasis laid on local cuisine where a cyclist friendly menu greets the cyclists at all meals. Local breeds of cereals, millets, vegetables prepared by the local cooks in their customary style keep the cyclists nourished through the trip. The cyclists also get a chance for sightseeing in the evenings, like, places of worship, scenic locations, heritage sites, etc.…

The GMC trail is replete with little known places hidden in some rarely visited recesses of Malnad and is sure to get an avid traveler all excited. This annual MTB pilgrimage is also a gathering of ‘serious’ MTB cyclists to exchange ideas and best practices. Bikes costing from twenty thousand rupees to seven lakh rupees regularly make their appearance at the ride. The daily post-ride gathering of cyclists is a cacophony of cycling jargon, which would be melodious music to the ears of the ‘pedaling-inclined’. Deliberately scheduled during the post-monsoon season, the GMC trail is at it’s greenest best, with streams and rivulets cascading across the landscape in full glory. The weather will be ‘cycling-friendly-cool’ and very often, even the harshest sunlight will be will be filtered by the ample foliage. The early morning part of the ride, in the early morning fog, is an experience that can only be… well, experienced! Get your cycling gear ready to face the 11th edition of the Great Malnad Challenge, from 13th November to 20th November, 2021.


Event Name



Dates: 13-20 November 2021

Race / Event Format : MTB XCM (Cross Country)

Track Details 

DAY1: GMC Commences with grand Ride from Kukke to Sakleshpur, up on the mountain through bisle Ghat.

DAY2: A Ride immersed in the valley of coffee estate.

DAY3: On the true Slope of Coffee Plantation.

DAY4: Tarikeri to Attigundi & Kemmangundi and Z point. Breathtaking route encompassing Karnataka's highest peak Mullayanagiri.

DAY5: Sweeping across natural  landscape of Muthodi forest and beautiful Badra river.

DAY6: A circuitous ride through the dichotomy of lush green tea estates and off road pedaling.

DAY7: A circuitous ride through the dichotomy of lush green tea estates and off road pedaling.




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