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There are a lot of bikes and variations on the market these days, and in the same way, a lot of rider variants are coming, but most people are confused about what kind of rider they are because of a lack of awareness. People buy over budget bikes or under budget bikes as per their requirements, and the result is that either the cycle is kept aside or the rider faces a lot of technical issues because they pushed their limits and the bike did not match their physique.
So, in this blog we are trying to explain how you can identify your category, so let's start.

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If you are just looking for a bike for morning rides solo or perhaps with some family members or friends, you use your bike very frequently to bring groceries, milk, fruits, and veggies. You are not very demanding in terms of performance, like your distance, speed, and cadence. You just want to pick up your bike for weekend rides. It means you just want to have fun and go on outings with your loved ones. It means you are a fun rider and you play an important role in developing the culture of cycling.

blog post what kind of rider are you - brevet rider

Brevet is a variation of cycling that originated in France, and those who love to travel a long distance by bicycle really love that format. If you are not aware of what Brevet is, its full form is called Brevet de Randonneur Mondiaux, or BRM. It is long-distance cycling within prescribed time limits on designated but unmarked routes with control points to check off. It’s a ride of independence, a chance for you to ride in whatever way you want, with a focus on you, your bike, and the road that lies ahead of you.
Now, how do you become a Super Randonneur (SR)? This title is earned by any rider who completes a series of brevets (200 km – 13.5hrs, 300 km – 20hrs, 400 km – 27hrs, and 600 km – 40hrs) in the same year. A medal is also available for those holding this title.

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If you love to measure a milestone and you love to go far at a very consistent speed, it means you have to fall into the category of an endurance rider. Endurance Cycling is going to define "the endurance style of cycling" as "any bicycle ride of 100 km or longer". Consider this: most people will take more than 3 hours to ride 100 km. For any event of that length or longer, it takes some planning and a certain amount of discipline to complete the distance in one session with no minimal stops. It takes even more fitness to be able to enjoy the event, especially if you are doing it solo or with only one or a few friends riding with you.
There are a number of people who already ride many miles, and there are new cyclists who would like to be able to ride even farther than they currently ride or race, whether it be for a prize or a lifetime accomplishment. Endurance Cycling wants to help encourage the sport and events that would be considered "endurance cycling" events.

blog post what kind of rider are you - road cyclist rider

Road cycling is the most widespread form of cycling in which cyclists ride on paved roadways. It includes recreational, racing, commuting, and utility cycling. As users of the road, road cyclists are generally expected to obey the same laws as motorists. However, there are certain exceptions. While there are many types of bicycles that are used on the roads, such as BMX, recumbents, racing, touring, and utility bicycles, dedicated road bicycles have specific characteristics that make them ideal for sport. Road bicycles have thinner tires, lighter frames with no suspension, and a set of drop handlebars to allow riders to get into a more aerodynamic position while cycling at higher speeds. On a flat road, an intermediate cyclist can average about 18 to 20 mph (29 to 32 km/h).
So, if you like to ride only on roads for multiple reasons, it means you come under the category of road cyclist.

blog post what kind of rider are you - bicycle traveller backpacker

If you love to explore new places and just want to visit new places on your bike, then bike packing is only for you. Bike packing is "the ultimate freedom," according to those riders. You travel from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Manali to Leh. You can pack your belongings for a few days and travel to places such as Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Leh, and the North-East.
The appeal of bike packing is one of freedom, of exploring any road, path, or expanse that you like—provided you leave it in the same condition as you found it and follow the Leave No Trace principles. Therefore, you can go bike packing pretty much anywhere. There are plenty of set routes available online, too, which almost guarantee great riding if you don't fancy putting a route together yourself.

blog post what kind of rider are you - Mountain MTB rider

If you love off-roading, obstacles, and mountains, then you will definitely like to be a full-time mountain biker. A mountain bike (MTB) or mountain bicycle is a bicycle designed for off-road cycling. Mountain bikes share some similarities with other bicycles, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain, which makes them heavier, more complex and less efficient on smooth surfaces. And mountain biking is also called "one bike for all" because it's one of the most affordable categories in India, and it can be ridden by everyone from kids to most senior citizens.

blog post what kind of rider are you - performance rider


If you are a strong endurance rider who excels at maintaining a high speed over a long period of time to win stage sprints, races, or time trials, then you are a performance rider and there is a lot of training and technicality involved to give a performance. There are several performance riders in India like Shiven, Devender, Kamlesh Rana, Adonis (mountain biking) and Arvind Panwar, Kiran Kumar Raju, and Gurpreet Singh (road cycling). You can follow him to watch, learn, and cheer.
I hope this article helps you identify the category and motivates you to achieve your personal goal. As always, if you have any questions, please let us know; we will be happy to assist.


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