What kind of Bicycle/build is suitable for you?- A complete Guide

While there are several options from which you can choose from, cycles in various size and shapes. It’s this very factor that can determine the style and flair that you can utilize to showcase your caliber and style to the rest of the world. While buying or building a bike, there are several aspects that you do need to keep in mind such that it could be beneficial for you in the long run.

Through the various options that you can avail through these cycles, getting the best out of them is why you need to choose the right one for you. Hence, resulting in a seamless riding affair is what it's all about. In this article, we are going to discuss the various types of bikes that are there that you could buy and also have the best time in using them. Choosing the right one would undoubtedly elevate your cycling experience and given the scenario of enjoying the cycles, it’s a way in which you can benefit your health conditions to the next level.

Types of Bikes/Bicycle that you can choose from

The name translates to what the purpose of the bike is all about. They have flat tires and upright handlebars, increasing the grip of the bike to another level. Also, there are shock absorbers at least one in the front , which makes life easier in huge potholes while going off-roading and on the pavements. Thus, there are several types of mountain bikes that you get but based on the extreme terrain conditions, and you might have to choose the ones that you feel is desirable. Also, the ones that don’t comprise of a shock absorber are known as rigid mountain bikes.


  • Road bikes

The overall design of road bikes is to provide the best in class comfort and rideability on the pavements of the streets. They have a “drop” shaped handlebars and thinner tires that can result in lesser pothole feeling but give you a racing sort of feeling. They are very light and might be brighter than many of the bikes that you might find on the road. Strictly made for pavement roads, going on an unpaved road can result in an unpleasurable experience that would certainly not be worth your time. Also, they aren't great in carrying huge loads, and they aren’t that sustainable in long journeys and commuting on tough terrain.


Initially, the conceptualization of the hybrid bike was within the road and mountain bikes. These cycles have enlarged padded seat configuration along with high raised handlebars which are flat in design. Along with a comfortable riding position, carrying errands on the pavements and going off-roading is quite feasible without worrying much about grip and comfort ability. The tires that you find on these bikes are quite smooth and well oriented to provide grip in both terrains, and there are suspensions as well that is provided that can ensure that you get the best riding experience. Often, people divert to this style of bikes because of the practical and affordability of the bikes.


  • Adult tricycles

These are cycles that have three wheels where there is a cargo compartment in the behind side of the cycle where you can load as much of cargo that you wish to have. It's only of the most effective way to transport goods from one place to another and ensure proper management of the things that you have to transport as well.


  • Triathlon/time trial bikes

Focused on the track more often than anything else, these bikes are the epitome of where bikes have come after several years of reach and development. These are strictly focused on aerodynamics and to cut weight drastically. Everything about this bike speaks speed, and it helps in the reduction of resistance and moves the bike quite quickly. Well if you are choosing such a bike, then you can ride them only on a particular surface, and they are costly and might cost as much as an average cost of a car if not more. Hence, if you are a professional, then this makes complete sense to purchase if now the other cycles on the lists should do justice for your cycling venture.


  • Folding bikes

The name suggests, these are the bikes that are used for travelling from one point to another without using your cycle. Well, these can be folded into a compact manner to ensure that you have the best transportation possibility. Also, they don’t take up any extra space as well. They are great for people that have to travel by bus and take their cycle along to ride alter. They have smaller wheels, and the entire frame is designed to ensure that the cycle can fold adequately and can be stored easily in one safe spot. The only issue with folding bikes in the terrain you have to use. You can not use them on very bad roads or off road terrains


  • BMX bikes

These are the bikes that are still sued by bike stunt professionals that help in getting maximum speed and control of the bike. They are lightweight bikes with a single gear ratio, and they have leg lifts on either side of the front and back wheel to help support the rider in performing stunts. Also, they are the bikes that kids first get when they are younger.


  • Fitness bikes

Fitness is the central idea for these bikes and ensures that it provides that on many levels. They are lightweight bikes that have frames that weight virtually nothing and are significant efficient and have a flat handlebar to manoeuvre the bike into tight curves and corners seamlessly. Also, they are much better than a regular road bike and can offer way more practicality in terms of health benefits and other places. Sometimes, these cycles can easily outnumber other cycles on the pavements, but then it might be a struggling task to use on unpaved trails. While it might be somewhat usable, they have the feature of tying cargo on the behind rack and having the experience of cycling for a more extended period making them more great commuter bikes.


  • Tandem bikes

These cycles are used when two people wish to go from one place to another seamlessly and want to ride to get there. The construction is simple. The passenger gets to cycle while the main rider gets to steer and cycle as well. Double the power double the surface you can cover through these cycles — a perfect way to learn how to cycle.


  • Dual sport bikes

A subcategory of hybrid bikes, these bikes are the mixture of off-roading bikes and mountain terrain bikes. They have a flat styled handlebar with a mountain terrain like structure. The entire purpose of the bike is to provide users with an aggressive-looking bike that carries out all the functionality of the hybrid bikes. They have multiple gear ratios making the riding experience both on pavements and off-roading quite feasible and seamless to operate. Also, they have a dual shock suspension along with a considerable amount of grip from the tires which are unique in its way. 


  • Recumbent bikes

For those looking to travel in style and have the back support to enjoy every moment while cycling, then this is the cycle for you. It comprises a long wheelbase and small wheels and a raised peddling position where you would feel like you are sleeping and cycling at the same time. It’s the perfect solution for the people that might have back problems and still want to take the full usage of cycling. 


These bikes are the perfect alternative to the other city bikes that are mentioned on the list. They are robust with fenders, place in the rear to store luggage and so much more. Hence, these are natively rose to fame from England, but then they provide excellent riding positions and also the road experience of riding these cycles is commendable indeed. They have a light gear ratio combination that helps in getting from one point to another seamlessly. Also, they have lights and other assistance for riding in the night. Something, not all bikes come with.


  • Cruiser bikes

It’s strictly targeted towards the casual riding experience of the user. They are highly comfortable with an upright riding position along with a large seat and full handlebars that make the position and comfort levels to rise substantially. Most cruiser bikes come with a 3-speed gearbox system, but then most have one a single gear ratio and nothing more. They are the best to carry out small distance errands and a long route errand as well. There are several colourful options available which you can choose from that would certainly give you the best time in flaunting the bike and riding it peacefully.


  • Track fixed gear bikes

These are the bikes that you see in most of the Olympics and other commonwealth cycling competitions where they can only be used on a velodrome where it’s a banked track that offers excellent grip and speed only on this track. However, these are bikes that are most often easy to maintain because of the high-end materials that are incorporated into its construction. Comprising of a single gear for simplicity purpose, and the brakes aren’t there as well, and braking is carried out through the unique gear mechanism. They have upright handlebars and ensure that the rider gets the best of experience and can elevate the riding experience to a whole new level.


  • Flat foot comfort bikes

If the end-user is to have a relaxed form of cycling, then these cycles are the ones for you, they have a semi sleeping sort of riding style that helps in getting the best of the riding segment. Also, these bikes are comfortable and the subcategory of the cruiser bikes. They have a low riding position that helps in getting the best position for pleasant riding experience. They might have a gear system at the rear wheel while many might not, it’s all based on the type that you choose.


  • Adventure road bikes

As the name suggests, these are the bikes that are the latest iteration of the cycling world. They are the bikes that can get you through any terrain quite seamlessly and offer exceptional grip and traction as well. They are super versatile. Comprising a drop like a handle bar system, the geometry of having an upright posture like all standard bikes but then if you are looking to get the best off the bike, you can bend down and unleash your inner strength to get the best of what the bike has to provide.


These are another segment of the road cycling category where the entire aim is long-distance travelling through the means of the bike, especially on the pavement. It provides excellent support and uplifting the overall posture of how you can take the biking experience to the next level. Also, they have additional gear installments that come with the bike that is used to hold the cargo and other things that you might have with you. The entire structure is built keeping a relaxed framework and keeping the rider in a more upright posture. They have a lower gear ratio configuration compared to other bikes and allows for climbing steep hills with heavier loads quite seamlessly. Also, they are everyday bikes if you have heavier loads to carry at all times.


  • Cyclocross bikes

These bikes are specially designed to provide some form of mixed riding experience. These can easily take on pavements of any kind, grass and gravel terrains that can give you an extra push and edge in your cycle riding experience. Also, they do comprise a drop handlebar system where they utilize a different braking system where mud and other dirt cannot get clogged up and provide an effective solution to elevate the overall riding experience. Overall these bikes are everyday use bikes that can get the very best of what cycling is all about. 


Thus, with the above-given options in bikes, you can have the best of times and result in a surreal experience in riding them. In your right choice of bikes, you will be significantly benefited and ensure that you have the most pleasurable experience in the event of biking that you are aspiring in availing. Choose the best and o the needful.

All the best.

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