Taking up Cycling as a Hobby after a long time - Keep in Mind These Things

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Cycling is something that many try but fail in mastering. Well, no one fails, but the will of taking up the sport and ensuring that you succeed in learning is what it all about.

Hence in life, there are few things that you wish to learn and always try to go ahead with it in the best of interests to ensure that you are significantly benefited out of it. Cycling is one such venture where it brings a lot of experiments for you and also brings out the best in the person. As a hobby, it can be fun, but when you take things seriously, you seriously need to put in all the effort which indeed can give you several health benefits.

Also, in today’s modern general, more and more millennial are trying to get into shape through the means of cycling to avail the most of what they can get through the activity. Also, the overwhelming response through cycling can undoubtedly boost your overall stamina and ensure that you are toned to the very best. A sport that packs so many benefits in life can be left off in the dust because of the essential things in life.

Hence, when you leave cycling in your life, there are so many things that you forget such that the riding ability to master cycles and therefore can be a learning curve all over again.

Forgetting how to cycle can be simple, but for many, it's embedded deep into their systems that even after years it stays the same and can bring about several changes in their lives once they start to cycle all over again. Hence if you are looking for the things that you need to keep in mind before you take up cycling after a long time, then below are few of things that you need to keep in your mind such that you can learn deeply and ensure a successful outcome. Take a look.

Valuable pointers to keep in mind if Cycling After Long Time Gap 

There are several nit-picky things that you need to ensure that you have to keep in mind that would undoubtedly follow. Hence all of them are given below for youth to follow after you have taken up cycling after a long period.

  • Be Ready For Little Discomfort  

When riding after long time, your body is no longer used to of cycling style. For first few weeks, the riding posture and pedaling would not be easy. Some people have complaints of seat while others have complains of riding posture, but truth is our body have been so used to of sitting on wide seat of motorcycle or car with upright position, that we start blaming the bicycle part and riding posture of cycles even when they are standard size only. 

While cycling you stretch a lot of muscles and its natural to have muscle pain for first few weeks if there is a long gap in cycling activity . In most cases it has been observed that if people manage to ride with little discomfort for first few weeks, there body gets used to of cycling posture and style and they never face the same issue again which they noticed in the beginning.


Yes, necessary gear for your bike and yourself is undoubtedly the best way to protect yourself while riding. But then when you are just starting after a long time, you must learn the practical usage of the bike and ensure that you are well involved with the cycling experience to not worry about the gear. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that you need to give it your all with the cycle rather than the gear as the cycling experience comes only when you are invested with the bike and not the other way around. It might seem like you might be showing off, but then it’s the ability to ride is what determines the gear that you require and the terrain on which you might be riding is what determines the amount of equipment you need for your bike and yourself.



  • Get a bike that fits your riding style

Cycling after a long time where you haven’t even touched a cycle in several years can be a challenging part. But then the fun part is that there’s something new to try out at all times. Thus, if you are trying the activity all over again, you would certainly have to try and get a new bike. Well,it’s not much of an investment but then getting the right bike that fits all of your needs is what is required to ensure that you are well sustained and comfortable in getting the feel of what the bike imparts on you. Hence, you need to feel a sense of belonging with the cycle and also make you feel like riding the bike. After purchasing the cycle and not riding, it makes no sense. Thus, know the bike before making the purchase and see how it makes you feel such that you get the correct feel of the bike and would stay the same for several years to come.



Getting the basics right is what is deemed to be necessary. Your bike is like your second life where you need to take care of it as much as you do for yourself. Thus, it’s a seemingly more magnificent affair that you get the bike maintained and then start riding. An ill-maintained bike can cause not only problems but if you are riding after a more extended period of times, then it can put strains on your legs and make you lose balance quite quickly. Thus, lubing your chains, tightening of brakes, checking tire pressure, overall cleansing and cleaning of spokes and other things certainly bring out the best of the ability of the bike. Also, try to consult a mechanic or a cycling expert before you start. At least they would be able to bring something to the table to help you get the best of your cycling expedition.



  • Never try a lot at once.

The chances of falling down or even sustaining an injury are what higher when you try out too much at an early stage. It’s all because your body isn’t designed to take in that much. Hence, try out small at first and then scale up slowly towards a more significant target once you are comfortable in getting the cycle to adhere to our level of comfort ability. If you were ever to try out something fast, then at the start you might be filled with energy, but later on, you would undoubtedly feel the fatigue and pain riding through every nerve of your body and would indeed cause several physical problems and mental issues as well where the fear of getting that pain would not allow you to ride the bike every again. Hence, warm up, have some light exercising strategies before you cycle after you have left the activity for a more extended period.


Gear bikes aren’t always the solution to all the problems that you might have while riding after a long period. Gear less cycles provide one ratio where you can learn it quickly. While gears are the bikes that you would have to put a lot more effort into mastering it, at times the standard bikes do justice towards your bike learning venture. Thus, practice is critical when you are starting for a long time. Also, ensure that you have someone with you that can help out and make your cycling time a pleasant one. It’s not every day that you cycle and when you do, it's mandatory to make it a memorable one and after that long a time, you need to make the best of what you can. Once you start riding more than 10 km everyday for few months on gear less bike, it will be time to upgrade your bike with gears 


  • Refuel rejuvenate and then ride

When you are starting after an extended period, you must learn when to stop after you start to cycle. Going on longer stretches never really suffice the body as the body isn’t trained to push out that level of energy to get the period moving. Hence you must take short breaks every 45 minutes to help the body re couple what it has lost and also provide a sustainable feeling for the body to have a fresh intake of supplements that can provide an additional boost in getting the best of your riding experience. If you are ever feeling tired and nauseous, then it’s necessary that you stop for some time and then start again. But then any of these symptoms means that you need to stop suddenly and there as it might be an activity that might be taking the very life out of you.



Hence, it's these pointers that help in getting the best out of cycling after such a long time that you need to get the knack of riding it properly. Never try a lot at once. Enjoy and take in all the things that are around you to avail the best of what cycling can get for you.

All the best.

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