Hybrid Bike good for long distance ride ?

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Hybrid bikes are designed for versatile purpose including city commute, small off-road trails and long roads. They are the mid way between a mountain bike and road bike. With relaxed geometry, lightweight and easy to ride, they are most popular choice for beginner as well . 

What are the Type of Hybrid Bikes?

1) Hybrid bike with Rigid fork : are light weight without suspension bikes which are used for city commute and long rides on paved roads. With full alloy components these bike weight around 12 KG. They come with variety of configuration to be used for small 5-10km commute or sometimes long ride on weekend 

Hybrid bike for long ride without suspension

2) Hybrid Bike with Suspension : are used to make it usage more versatile. With added suspension, they are ready to go on gravel as well or rough road condition. But adding a suspension means adding another 2.5 to 3kg weight to cycle. 

Hybrid bike with suspension for long ride

So while purchase a hybrid bike , having idea of mostly commute area road conditions, one can opt for hybrid bike based on the need   

                                                         Hybrid vs Road bike

Which one to choose a road bike or Hybrid bike for long ride?

Both road bikes and hybrid bikes have different geometries which serve different purposes. If your main intention is to cover long distances on well-maintained roads with a high average speed, a road bike is a good choice. Road bikes have aerodynamic geometries, and riders often need to adopt a forward-bent position for extended periods, which may feel uncomfortable for some.

On the other hand, hybrid bikes have more relaxed geometries and are comfortable for long rides. However, they have limitations on speed due to factors such as thicker tires, being heavier than road bikes, and experiencing air drag caused by the inclined riding posture. Nevertheless, for regular bicycle riders who commute daily and need a bike suitable for weekend long rides, a hybrid bike is the best option. Additionally, if you plan to ride on mixed terrains such as unpaved roads or engage in light off-roading, a hybrid bike with lockout suspension would be the most suitable option.

Can I convert my Hybrid bike to Road bike for long ride?

A hybrid bike can be converted to resemble a road bike in appearance, but geometrically it won't be correct in most cases. Both hybrid bikes and road bikes have different geometries, with the center of gravity typically positioned above the crank or bottom bracket to maintain bicycle balance.

centre of gravity hybrid bike converted to roadbike

When you convert a hybrid bike into a road bike, you tend to shift the body weight forward, thereby moving the centre of gravity slightly forward. This may not have an immediate effect, but it will shift the overall balance of the bicycle forward, potentially causing it to become unbalanced or lose balance while riding at speed or experiencing minor imbalances during long rides.

Can hybrid bikes be used for long touring ride?

Hybrid bikes are designed for easy commuting and can also be used for long touring rides. Their thin tyres provide good commuting speed during long travel, but at the same time, any extra pressure due to rough roads can easily be transferred to the bicycle's wheels, causing spoke or wheel damage. Due to some limitations, the following points should be kept in mind during touring:

  • Do not overload the bike with luggage during travel.
  • Keep the weight distributed over the bike instead of putting all the load on the backside carrier.
  • Do not use a hybrid bike for trail riding with luggage, as the thin tires of a hybrid bike may not handle rough off-road terrain well and can easily cause issues with wheel alignment

Can Road bikes be used for long touring ride?

Road bikes are designed for long rides and speed, but if you prefer to use a road bike for touring, a gravel bike with endurance bike geometry is most preferred. The thin tires, typically sized 23-25c on road bikes, are not suitable for rough road conditions; they are only suitable for good, smooth roads and can provide great speed up to 35-40 km/h.

munnar roadbike for long ride

A gravel bike falls into the category of road bikes with endurance geometry and features slightly thicker tire sizes between 32-38c. These bikes can be used on small, rough road conditions and can handle extra luggage weight. However, it's important to note not to overload the bike with luggage and distribute it equally for better performance on gravel roads.

What gears to be used in Hybrid bike for long rides?

Mostly 1x drivetrain or only rear gear are good enough for long rides including flyover with hybrid bike. But during long rides the terrain are sometimes challenging including mountain. so having front gear system is always useful even in case of hybrid bikes while going on long rides. 

Now Gear system in Hybrid bikes are two Type , Cassette based and freewheel based. 

Gear system difference cassette based and freewheel based

So while choosing Gears in hybrid bikes always choose cassette based gear such as 3x8 or 3x9 drivetrain.

If you have any queries or question, drop us in comment, we will update the same in our blog post as well

What are the best customisation option omobikes provide in Hybrid Bike in year 2024 for Long rides?

When opting for a hybrid bike for long rides, one can customise the bicycle for easy and smooth long rides with the following components:

  • Choose the frame size after checking the size chart of the bicycle. A wrong frame size can cause a lot of problems and an uncomfortable ride during long rides.
  • Choose gears in combination of 3x8 or 3x9. Having 3x8 is always the best option as spare parts in India are still available in major cities, or it can be adjusted and used for 7 gears as well. For example, a bicycle chain of 7 gears can be used in 8 speed during an emergency, while for 9 speed, the components are very specific.
  • Choose powerful mechanical brakes such as Tektro. If you are already aware of cycle maintenance or willing to learn bicycle maintenance, hybrid brakes can also be opted for. But always remember, while traveling in India, you may not find a place for brake tuning in the case of hydraulic brakes.
  • Wrist support grips are always a good option for comfortable hand support during long rides.
  • Adjustable stem can give a major advantage during long rides, as you can adjust and make your riding posture more upright

Apart from above components, other components can be opted as the most premium or basic one available on omo website based on the budget 

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