Beginners Guide : How to Pedal Your Bicycle Efficiently

A lot of people are not aware how to pedal their bike more efficiently and because of that they are not able to enjoy much while cycling and get hurt or face knee injuries. So today we will try to explain how you can make your pedalling better whether you have a hybrid bike, road bike or mountain bike by following 5 simple steps:


First of all, you must have a bike as per your height because without proper bike fit you wont be able to pedal in efficient way. To get the idea of proper bike fit, you can refer to the above image we have shared where your inseam length should be higher than height of top tube from ground

Bicycle size chart for efficient pedalling in mountain or hybrid bike


Cadence is number of revolutions pedal make per minute when you ride a bike. While riding a bike, always try to play with cadence and don't push yourself because most of the people thinks "If you pedal hard on lower gear, you will loose weight fast". But it works otherwise, by pushing yourself while pedalling, you are actually getting yourself prepared for knee injuries in a future. So always choose a gear which your legs feel comfortable to pedal with. Increasing the cadence will gives you the feeling of good cardio vascular exercise, and it makes you sweat and lose weight.

Beginners Guide : How to Pedal Your Bicycle Efficiently step 2


We all know, our one leg is more powerful than other, and it will be inefficient pedalling if you do not understand the mechanism of cycling. A continuous energy needs to be supplied to pedals during cycling while distributing your energy during the full round of pedal instead of pushing the pedal hard when the pedal is on highest point.

Beginners Guide : How to Pedal Your Bicycle Efficiently Step 4


Most of the riders are always Focused on push not pull. One of the most important thing is always try to pedal with energy distribution in a circular motion which make you more efficient. You can refer to the image below to understand one full round of pedal. The red zone is maximum power , purple is medium and green is low. Most people while pedalling use their energy in red to purple zone only and leave the pedal free in purple to green zone which is very inefficient way of pedalling. 

Beginners Guide : How to Pedal Your Bicycle Efficiently step 3

5. CORE 

Last but not least, your core is always important and a game changer if you are a performance rider. Try to include some planks and crunches in your daily routine 

Beginners Guide : How to Pedal Your Bicycle Efficiently core strength buildder

So, I hope this blog will help you in improving your pedalling and because of that you can enjoy your cycling in much better way. .

If you have any other question or suggestion, do let us know we will share blog post and video for your guidance on that topic in future as well 


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