How to Buy the Best Hybrid Bicycle Online in India (Entry Level)

Looking to Buy a new Hybrid Bicycle Online in India?. Here are Few pro Tips to Make your search easy

Hybrid Bicycles are great way to restart Bicycling after a long time. Their geometry give you good balance between comfort and speed. A comfortable riding posture will not put strain on your back, and thin profile tires will make the Hybrid Bicycle lightweight, which helps bicycle riders attain good speedy & pedal more efficiently.

But for Beginners, It is confusing to choose the most suitable technical specifications in a Hybrid Bicycle. Depending on your usage and body type, some specifications are important and some can be overlooked if you buying the Hybrid Bicycle from Online Shop in India. 

A lot of people are getting health conscious especially after the 1st wave of covid 19 pandemic in India and restarted cycling. Most of these riders are in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Their primary requirement is a healthy lifestyle, apart from opting for eco friendly way of commute, with 3-4 rides per week (including long rides on weekends/holidays). If you have similar purpose of bicycling again, Hybrid Cycles are great for you to start again, go for weekend long rides & for mild/simple trails.

A big advantage of Hybrid Bicycles are that since they are comfortable to ride & light weight, they are one of the Best Beginner's Bicycles for men, women & even senior members of family . 

Now, coming on to main part - How to Shop the Best Hybrid Cycle online in India. 

Hybrid Bicycle Sizing

A good Hybrid Bicycle is the one which fits you well. It is important to check what wheel size are you opting for. For most people in the height range of 5'6" - 6'2", 700c or 29 Inch wheels would be a good fit (700c wheels is a nomenclature that roughly translates to 28-29" wheels. This means these wheels have large diameters, have high rolling momentum, and offer good amount of peddling ease.)

Hampi 700 (Single Speed Without Gear) & Hampi 707( 7 Speed) and Hampi 21(21 Speed) are one of the bestselling hybrid bicycles in India. 
If Your requirement is for alloy Frame You can Also Check Alloy Model 700C

An added feature to look for in Hybrid cycle is to have adjustable seat & handle. This makes sure every rider can fine tune the riding position as per their liking , and a single bike can be used by multiple family members as well. 

All OMO Bikes have height adjustable seats & handle (with quick release lever in seat) for quick adjustments on the go. 

Quick Tip: If you are looking for hybrid bicycle online for height under 5'6", there are not many options available in the market. However, OMO Model 1.0 and Model 1.7 ,Model 1.21 has been designer specifically as a hybrid bicycle for people in height range 5'3" - 6' with 26" thin profile tires. 

Selecting Gears and Speeds of a Hybrid Cycle

Choosing a single speed without gear Hybrid cycle or a 7 / 21 speed Geared Bicycle depends on your daily usage and terrain where you want to ride the Bicycle.

If you are restarting bicycling after a long time, and aim to ride 5-10 km every day on the flat surface, our recommendation would be to keep things simple and go for a Single Speed Without Gear Bicycle. But if you want to ride the same distance 5 to 10 km on hilly areas , even at the beginner level you will need a Geared Bicycle.

Added advantage of having single speed hybrid bicycles (non geared) is that they have less Bicycle weight, less moving parts (means less maintenance / less servicing required). They are cheaper, and have much easier learning curve as compared to geared Bicycles. 

On the other hand, if you planning to Buy Bicycle Online for 25+ km every day on flat or hilly areas, and have some familiarity with gears, then we would suggest to go for Geared Bicycles. Hybrid Bicycles with gears (7 or 21 Speed ) offer much greater performance, pleasure & efficiency over Single Speed Bicycles. If there are inclines / hills / flyovers in your route, then Geared Hybrid Bicycles offer a great deal of convenience too. 

Hampi 707 ,  Ladakh X7(With suspension) & Model 1.7 are excellent hybrid bicycles with Shimano gear components(OMOBikes is One of the official OEM for Shimano in India). 

Budget for Hybrid Cycle in Online Shop

To make a good purchase, it is important to have a budget in mind. However, people who are new to this field, do not know what to expect in what price range. Hybrid bicycles start from 8,000 INR and go upto 1,20,000 INR.

So where should your expectations be? 
A lot of new startups around Bicycle have come up in India and started offering a good quality Hybrid cycle Online with Shimano Gears under 15,000 INR. Within that budget, you can expect to have good quality Bicycle components such as wheels, drive train, saddle & handle bar, with strong steel frame or alloy frame and weigh under 20 kg. 

As you keep developing your habit of riding, you can upgrade the bicycle component later on as well. 

We at OMO Bikes run a special Rider Rewards Club on Strava Club where members can earn cash points for every single kilometer they ride on their bikes. Plus they get to ride & share with a strong & passionate community of cyclists. 

To summarise, if you are looking to Buy a Good Hybrid Bicycle Online in India, you need to 

  • Find the correct size of cycle (with height adjustable seat & handle). 
  • Set a goal of how much do you want to ride on daily / weekly / monthly basis (and go for single speed / multi speed bike accordingly) 
  • Have a budget of around ₹15,000 to ensure you get a good bicycle to develop a good bicycling habit. 


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