How to Buy a Bicycle Online In India? . A complete guide with tips and tricks.

Buying a new bike has never been easier. While there might be several online websites around the world that sell bicycles, people still refrain from making their purchases online. But then buying a bike is merely a click away, and around the globe, millions of bikes are sold because of their strong social presence and a variety of choices that one can choose from. The mode of delivery of such bikes also differs while few doing direct business to customer sales and others providing sales from the business to the local re sellers and then the customer.

OMO Bikes best bicycle to buy online in India

But is buying a bike online the best choice for you? Do you see yourself purchasing before you try it out?

Thus, to save you from all such questions, we have all the question and answers that might be eating you up form the inside and have curated them below such that you know what you are paying for and get the best choice for your bike and make the right purchase.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s take a closer dive into the subject of how you can buy a bike online, and what are the things that you need to look out for? Let’s get started.

Things to look out for a while buying a bike online

  • Scavenge the internet for your requirement

You are probably sitting in front of your laptop and wondering which model to purchase with the extensive choices and builds to choose from. But the specs might be identical and look the same from a bike that might be costing to a few thousand to the one that costs million of rupees. Such that the tool of having a “chat box” on the website(right Side bottom of OMObikes website ) is the perfect way of ensuring that you have primary interaction with the company and get to know much more about the bike itself.

shop bicycle online for mtb and hybrid cycle in india

Chats can help in the segregation of the bike specification and ensure that you have made the right purchase. With specialized and tailor-made choices all for your needs, companies can offer special discounts and other offers for the bike of your choice. But then many companies fail to provide this, and it’s a chat bot that usually turns up. But when you are on OMOBikes, our support team will be guiding you through the details over chat and there is NO Chat Bot used to answer.

Pros – you can carry in-depth research and make purchases even when the shops might be closed. Its flexible as the sites run 24/7 and making a purchase can be made at any point in time.

Cons – digging for the right information can be tight and nothing compared to an offline retailer to give you the exact information that you are looking for.

  • Get the right size Bicycle

Speaking of chatting and having a close-up conversation, the size is what matters the most. Such that getting one size smaller doesn’t help anyone and getting a larger size might ruin the very aspect of riding a bike. Several websites have a specific option for choosing the bikes based on the purpose. Hence, a common approach for online retailers would be selecting the bikes based on their target usage.

Chat can prove to be useful to some extent to help to determine the size. If the end-user who is responding to the chat is an expert Like OMObikes Customer support , then it can prove to be a worthwhile experience. If not, checking out the local dealer can help in shedding some light on the correct size. But then on the online websites, you do get various options on choosing the right size for yourself with bikes. It’s an infrequent occasion that bikes are returned because of the wrong size.

Thus, if you are skeptical on buying it for the first time, then head to your local dealer, determine the size that suits you the best and note down the size of your bike that you require. This way you will get to know the size that you need for any bike and you can buy similar size bike Online.

Pros – the online inventory of bikes is quite extensive. You can avail from a range of bicycles. Such that if one store doesn’t have the stock, purchasing from another store can be availed, and it’s all free of cost and delivered right to your doorstep.

Cons – determination of the right size isn’t everybody’s skill. Only an expert support system of the manufacturer would be able to provide the correct details.

  • Getting the delivery and assembly right

Online sellers comprise of various tips and tricks to ensure that you get your bike on time. Such that they have tie-ups with other offline retailers to get the bike of your choice effectively. Few online retailers have a large tie-up with different small-scale resellers to felicitate the demand for the bike that you might have ordered.

No doubt, you would get your order on time, but is it assembled? Or fully assembled that you need to unbox and use it? 

These bikes that require a torque wrench, screwdrivers and few more tools which normally comes along with Bike. Thus, it would require a manual and another tool to get the bike assembled in the best possible manner. OMObikes provide a user manual along with instruction manual to assemble the bike by yourself. But we do recommend it to verify at mechanic once the assembly is done. 

Assembling the bike is fun activity where you can get your hands dirty and later start riding it. Most of the customer have felt a great connection with the bike after they assembled it by themselves.

Pros – you can avail the bike in a disassembled condition and learn a lot from it. You can guide your way and have a bonding session with the bike that you are building.

Cons – if you have no prior experience, then it would undoubtedly lead to some minor issues in assembly which can be easily corrected if the bike is taken to any local mechanic. 

  • All the essentials required for the longevity of the bike.

Maintenance is crucial and ensuring that the bike lasts longer, then there are several vital components that you need to procure and use it on regular intervals to provide form and function. Looking after the care and quality of the bike is necessary. Online websites do offer such tools, but you have to keep in mind that they are to be used periodically. 

Increasing longevity means investing in the bike, and there are parts that you need to buy. Hence, the safety and other measures can be maintained equally to provide surplus benefits to the rider and bike as well. Thus, taking bike to mechanic regularly to verify the tuning and lubricating parts will help increase the life of Bike 

Pros – online partners do have sales on the bike that you can get most of the products for free. Look out for these offers and can make huge savings on the dram bike of your choice.

Cons – determining which one helps out in what way can be a tough task to determine. Such that offline retailers can be handy most of the times.

  • Dealing with the services, returns and warranties

Before you hit the buy, button and complete the transaction, it's necessary to understand the terms and conditions of the website along with the warranties offered, services and returns, and so on. Understanding all of these pointers helps in getting the best for the money that you are paying for the bike.


Don’t get carried away when you get the delivery of the box. But scrutinize the box to determine if it were damaged while shipping. Before you open the box, ensure that you take a good look at the box and if you see significant damage and alteration made to the box, then take a picture of it and return the box. Such that you are not responsible for the damage that might have caused to bike during shipping.

Once you open the box if there are no external defects, then check out the bike itself. Check the parts if there are any defects and make a note of them through pictures and notify the online seller. Most of the errors can be corrected through specialized tools, buts its necessary that you make a note of it such that you are not responsible for the damage and can notify that seller immediately. in case of OMObikes you can drop us mail at and our team will respond within 24 hours and resolve all the minor issues you are facing 

State a genuine reason as the seller also should be concerned rather than make a false effort in getting your money back. 

Pros – you can get an instant return on the bike within particular days. Also, the return procedure is simple and hassle-free.

Cons – returning is a pain as you have to wait several days to return the bike and wait several days to seek a refund.


For any product that you might buy online, it requires to be guaranteed such that any defects in a particular period can be replaced or fixed for free. A branded bike has to provide warranty such that it can be under the company’s guarantee to fix the issue if the bike were to be damaged or faces any problem for free.

Pros – a good and reliable online bike seller would help in claiming the warranty and ensure that your bike is serviced, replaced or refunded based on the extent of damage that might have occurred to the bike.

Cons – if the site form which you might have bought the bike were to be bad, then you might end up without any warranty whatsoever, and all the costs would be on your hands.


Servicing your bike can be done in any cycle repair shop. But then when you buy it from an online store, you might want to consider the fact that them having their servicing outlet is a trustworthy sign. But then if they don’t provide any servicing option, then its better to get the issue or bike fixed in your nearest cycle repair shop by a professional.

Pro – online site often provides exclusive offline repairs through their direct stores to ensure that customer satisfaction is retained and it’s a professional that takes care of your bike.

Cons – if the bike that you might have chosen is proprietary and requires special attention, then getting that service center that services the part might be a tough task to find. 

  • What’s comfortable for you?

Last but not least, would be the option of what happens to be comfortable for you? Whether you are fine in buying a bike that is million of rupees and buy it online or check it out first offline and then comparing the prices to see which one works out to be cheaper.

The comfort level is all it's about. When you are buying something that you would be using for a more extended period, then it’s necessary that you know about it first and then pull the trigger to buy it online. Don't force the decision but embrace it. If not, you might end up hating the bike and might have to sell it because of the guilt that you might have put upon buying the bike in the first place. 

Hence, the above-given pointers are what you need to keep in mind if you are ever going to buy a bike online. After deep consideration and taking the final call, pull the trigger of purchasing the best for yourself.

The guide provided below can help you in buying a bike online.

  • Research is key.

It's all in the research that you put into finding that particular bike online. There are multiple stores that you can find out that would equally give you the same bike but for different rates’ check out the pros and cons of each of those bikes. Try consulting biking professional to see their say on the bike and determine which one suits your lifestyle the most. Such that you know that you made the right choice in choosing the particular bike of your choice. 

  • Making the purchase.

Once you have selected the bike, then it comes down to choosing the choice such as variant that you wish to have. There are so many choices where you can choose the color, size, accessories, and so much more. All of which can vary from one online website to another. Thus, it’s a better choice than you see which seller offers a better deal and go for the best. Ensure that you get a better deal for the bike that you are purchasing and try to get the bike during some offers such that you can avail exciting discounts and get the bike for cheap as well.

  • Taking delivery.

Once you have made the payment that might be through debit/credit card or cash on delivery, you will have to wait for a couple of days before you receive it. Thus, after you get the product, you will receive it in a semi-assembled manner. 

However, purchasing the bikes directly from the local outlet can be a better option. But due to modernization of the technological world, you can have a far better experience in surfing the internet and getting what seems to be the best for you. With a plethora of options that you can choose from, you can have an exciting time in selecting the best and ensure that you get all the accessories and delivery inclusive of the cost. Such that you don’t have to physically collect the bike whereas the bike comes to you when you make an online purchase.

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