Electric Bikes vs. Hybrid Bikes: A Complete Guide to Choosing What's Best for You

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Hybrid bikes are sometimes misinterpreted as electric cycles or e-bikes, as we regularly hear 'hybrid vehicles' like cars or motorbikes referred to as vehicles operated with fuel and electricity. However, in the case of bicycles, a hybrid bike is a fully non-electric bicycle with certain features that are best suited for city and commute use, similar to an electric cycle.

What is Electric Bike or E-Bikes or Electric cycle?

E-bikes are two wheeler bicycles that are battery operated or pedal assist (with a battery powered motor functional only when the cyclist is pedaling). They may appear similar to normal bicycles, but they are equipped with a motor powered wheel hub, BLDC motor, or central crank part operated with a motor. All electric cycles can be considered hybrid bicycles, but the reverse is not necessarily true

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What is Hybrid Bikes ?

Hybrid Bikes are bicycle thin tyres city usage bicycle for commute or fitness purpose. They are also used among riders for long weekend ride . They are fully human operated with no battery supported assistance. They are light weight in range 12-15kg and have versatile usage 

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What is Difference between Ebikes and Hybrid Bike?

 Hybrid Bike E-Bikes
Max Speed Beginner riders can comfortably pedal at an average speed of around 15 km/h, while pro riders or regular riders are able to achieve speeds between 25 km/h and 35 km/h In India, the speed of electric cycles is regulated, and they should not exceed 25 km/h on full throttle
Powered by Human pedal powered  A motor is fitted to provide partial or full assistance in the rotation of the wheel.
Weight Light weight in range of 12-15kg With the motor and battery weight included, electric bicycles typically weigh around 20-25 kg
Design Depending on usage and terrain, electric bicycles can be equipped with either a suspension fork or a rigid fork, along with thin tires, which are easier to pedal Most electric bikes come with front suspension and slightly thicker tires. An electric bike could be a battery-operated version of a hybrid or mountain bike, but the reverse is not applicable
Purpose Commute, exercise and fitness purpose  Electric bikes are mostly used for commuting or when assistance in pedaling is needed, compared to hybrids where full pedal effort is required without assistance from the e-bike


Which bike is suitable for commute to office ?

If your main motive is to commute to the office as an eco-friendly option instead of burning fuel, an e-bike is the most suitable option. E-bikes are also suitable for fitness purposes, especially if your commute is far away from home. Riding long distances with human-powered pedaling can drain energy, so opting for an electric cycle is a good choice.

If your office commute is short and you mainly want to focus on health during your commute, non-electric hybrid bikes are the most suitable option. You will burn more calories, and with busy schedules, many of us don't find time to work out. A bicycle trip to the office could be the best possible choice.

Which Bicycle is most suitable for Fitness and Health purpose?

For good health or weight loss purposes, if you are planning to start cycling, choosing a hybrid bike is the best option compared to an e-bike. The extra calories needed to be burned for fat loss can be achieved with regular pedaling. We have seen changes in customers who ride the Hybrid Bike Hampi Series and lost upto 30kg weight by just riding cycle 

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