Will I reach office/ school on time using OMO Electric cycle??

Living in a big city is a sweet dream for most people, but this dream is turning into a nightmare day by day. 

The population is growing at alarming rate and so do the vehicles on road. It is known that around 20 million two wheelers & 4 million cars are sold in India every year. This makes it extremely difficult to travel using car or motorcycle on road during office and school peak hours.

Average Speed in all Indian Cities < 25kmph

As per a research conducted by Ola, the average traffic speed in major cities of India have dropped 10% from 2016 to 2017

City 2016 2017

  • Bangalore 20.4 17.2kmph
  • Delhi 26.5 25kmph
  • Mumbai 21.6 20.7kmph
  • Pune 21.9 19.4kmph
  • Kolkata 20.2 19.2kmph
  • Chennai 19.6 16.9kmph
  • Hyderabad 27.1 18.5kmph
The overall average traffic speed of India has reduced to 17 kmph.
omo electric bikes in traffic

Beat the traffic with OMO cycles & electric bikes

Because of such traffic woes, people have started leaving for office 25 minutes early and reach home 20 minutes late from office, spending valuable time of everyday life just in traffic struggle (again part of data shown by Ola research ).

Average Time of leaving for office in big cities City 2016 2017

Bangalore 09:20 09:45 Delhi 09:09 09:20

Mumbai 09:12 09:12  Pune 09:44 09:44

Kolkata 09:19 09:33 Chennai 09:30 09:45 Hyderabad 09:52 09:54

With these major disadvantages of moving in today's traffic with car / motorcycle, OMO cycle could prove be a major solution for everyone with it's many advantages over Car/motorcycle . It's hard to move car or motorcycle in heavy traffic, but a cycle can always slide through heaviest traffic and put you in front.

omo bikes premium electric bicycle lithium battery

OMO ebike India

Since the average speed of traffic (19-22kmph) is less than the speed of OMO electric cycles (25kmph on throttle only), you can assure yourself to reach your office, college or school on time.

For those who look for fun options while doing some exercise as well OMO is a great option. With OMO cycles, you don't have to find extra time for your exercise and be healthy. When you are in mood to sweat it out, speed ahead in manual mode. Otherwise zoom ahead with throttle without breaking a sweat.

You might be over taken by these pollution causing high speed vehicles, but you can always ride an eco friendly OMO electric cycle with smile because you are going to reach either on same time or earlier than the other car or motorcycle. Not only this, with little effort in pedalling exercise you do on your way, you will have brain booster for rest of the day doing hard work in office or school.

Also all this while with your 5 planted trees you will be taking care of pollution caused by other cars and motorcycle and making OMObikes Bicycles and Ebike as world's first carbon negative commute vehicle

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