Why to buy electric cycle when you can buy a motorcycle or scooter at same price

Two wheelers are fastest and easiest mode of transport in city as compared to 4 wheelers which are more convenient for long distances or when people are traveling in a group. For the same reason, more people prefer to have a car as well as a two wheeler motorcycle or scooter for easy commute to office, school, colleges or supermarket and other such small distances activities in daily life.

Also, there is no denying the fact that one can opt for motorcycle, scooter  or electric scooty in place of an electric bicycle. But the added advantages of having an electric bicycle are worth investing the money on buying OMO electric bike as they give you (300-400% return on investment).

As per Data Census Report sources, around 140 million workers who commute for work, the distances tend to be quite small. A quarter of commuters travel less than 1 km to work, and another third travel between two and five km. Just 30 million people travel more than 10 km to work, and just 17 million of them have a commute over 20 km. 


Omo Electric Cycles / Bikes vs Scooters, Motorcycles & Cars

That being Said the Major advantages of having Electric cycle, a few more features Of Electric cycle made it eco friendly and most convenient transport option

OMO Electric Cycles / Bikes vs Scooters, Motorcycles & Cars

OMO electric cycles on one complete charge can go upto 50 km without pedalling and upto 70 kms with pedal assist mode which is more than enough for most people traveling around India for work and other purpose. A fully charged battery can take you to office as well as let you do other market shopping work with maximum speed of  25 km/hr( more than average speed on traffic in India 17 km/hr as per Ola research) Buying an electric cycle not only saves a lot of money as compared to buying a fuel motorcycle, but also help you improve your health by daily exercise.

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