Top tourist destinations in India to explore by Bicycles / Ebikes

Life is better on a bicycle, is a famous saying told by many, rightly exploring places on a bicycle is one hell of an experience that every human being must experience at least once in their lifetime. The effort put in reaching the destination you are longing for a while is a very different kind of joy. Away from the city traffic, into the different landscapes from hills to plateaus with the wind blowing against your hair is indeed the most enjoyed leisure time in India. So, everyone wonders what the best places to visit while riding a bicycle or an e-bike in this Eco friendly world are. This might give you a short idea as to where your bicycle could take you.

  • Leh On Bicycle 

The place lies in the border of the county is known for its vast lands and beautiful and peaceful sceneries. Generally, people prefer taking guides and renting jeeps, motorcycle or cars to explore this place, but it is highly recommended to rent bicycles to explore the attractions that include the beautiful crystal-clear lakes and spiritual temples and make your visit one hell of an experience. The weather being cold will give you a chilly ride, and the bicycle ride will create the warmth to keep going, just like how you have to keep going on in your life.


  • Pin City (Jaipur) On a Bicycle 

The city of Rajasthan attracts a lot of tourists due to its vast culture and beautiful dessert. Contrary to the first place, this place is pretty hot and getting into a bicycle rather than taking closed car rides is very feasible. This place offers inter-city bicycle rides, though the distance from one end of the city to the other might be very long and tiring, checking out the pink city and stopping for the beautiful monuments and exploring the chat streets will make your visit a lot more fun than planned.


  • Heaven in Bangalore (Nandi Hills), on a Bicycle

The city located in the state of Karnataka has beautiful places in its outskirts that are particularly meant for bike rides. Like the famous Nandi Hills which is a small hill and a tourist place. This place is known for its sunset and sunrise. Bikers and bicycle riders start from the city at 3:30 AM so that they are on time for the sunrise. What makes this place so special is that it is different from the city in general, no traffic, loads of greenery and fresh air makes it want every health freak to visit this place. For photographers, this is a plus point as they get to catch every detail of the place within seconds and also make filing easy. People frustrated with Bangalore traffic usually try cycling as a remedy to their stress. Cycling is a stress buster.


  • Exploring Katakana On a Bicycle 

Being a famous hill station in Tamil Nadu is famous for its Ghar sections and lake views. Cycling through the cool breeze of the lakeside with a bunch of friends is a great morning activity session to add to your visit. You can rent a bicycle for the lake stretch of 4-5 km and even make a stop for water sports. This place even provides dual bicycles(tandem) just like you see in movies.Yes! You could take that special one gives him/ her a special bicycle your making some fond memories for a lifetime. The Ghar section might give you one of the most hassle-free bicycles rides with a little adventure of high and low lands. A bumpy ride is all you need to get started with the day.


  • Explore Pondicherry in Old school way on a Bicycle 

When you think about Pondicherry what is the first thing that comes to your mind?Yes! the French cobbled streets with loads of people on bicycles in the vacation time. This place comprises of the highest used bicycles in a single period. Large groups of teenagers come and rent a bike each, cycling their way through the humid streets of Pondicherry. This place has the most convenient cycle renting method, as you know bicycle can become a headache in foreign cities, Pondicherry has their own Pondicherry Tourism Information Centre that give you detailed information of bicycles long places and even help you rent bicycles then and there, what could be more convenient than that for a bicycle lover? This city also conducts heritage tours to show their tourists the rich heritage of this place with their morning sessions. This followed by a yummy French breakfast will make you want never to visit France when your county has such a rich heritage.


  • Coonoor Tea Estate On a Bicycle

As the doctors say cycling is one of the most recommended exercises no matter what your age is, this place puts your fitness to test. With its challenging terrain, including upward and highly downward roads, you need to go prepared for this bicycle journey. The place consisting of the lush green tea estates with the smell of freshly bloomed flowers and the dewdrops falling drop by drop as you cycle your way across the estates is a mesmerizing thought. The place with its beautiful candy shaped clouds, cool breeze and smooth winds not only makes it a must-visit in the summer vacation but also an up-and-coming place for bicycle riders. This place is the closest you could get to nature and its elements. What more does a bicycle rider what?Well, a big caution to the riders is to be safe in those estates due to the landslides and uneven terrain as many accidents keep taking place in these areas. Someone has rightly said that what is a bicycle ride without a fall?


  • Hampi on Two wheel  

This is another place in the state of Karnataka with its historical significance of the Vijayanagar Empire is also a place to take your bicycle for a ride. Your bicycle view may comprise of remains of the temples,halls, baths and much more of the Empire of Vijayanagar. A treat to your senses of visited during November and December. The only thought to watch out is the heat during the other months, which can give you a severe headache if you are on your bicycle. This can be solved by including some hats and cool sunglasses in your luggage to this place. The scenic trails of Hampi are waiting for its riders to learn more about the history of the state and spread it among the next generation. Important Fact: do not forget to carry plenty of water bottles on your ride through Hampi.


  • Discover God's own country on a Bicycle

Munnar, not so little hill station of Kerala, is the most crowded hill station during the summer vacation. People come to cherish its beautiful yea estates. A bicycle ride through these tea estates and to the famous tea factories will be a different experience for the riders. Early morning rides will make you want to never come back because of its beautiful carpet of green Street had throughout the hill station with one hell lot of birds and butterflies adding colour to the green. The bicycle rides maybe a little clumsy due to mud and puddles in the rainy season;hence summer is the time to visit this place. The air is so fresh that any patient suffering from any breathing problem will instantly get relief from the pollution and smoke from the cities. Cycling in such places will contribute to most of your daily workout, giving you more time to explore the place.


  • Manali on A Bicycle 

This is one of the town's that promotes eco-friendly tourism meaning a healthy alternative of travelling or experiencing a place. Manali, as seen in most movies like 'Bang' and our most favourite ' Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' is one place which is a dream college trip to many teenagers. As a teenager, everyone would want to save up some money by not renting a Jeep and would be advised to rent bicycles to go through the blockbuster town. Cycling through the narrow bridges and its waters makes Manali unique and makes everyone want to keep riding through the cool breeze cooling the sweat in our hair. Manali also provides Manali to Leh bicycle rides, making it one of the most adventurous places to ride bicycles. Important Point: look out for snow in some regions during November and December and try packing the appropriate gear for that season.


  • Darjeeling on Two wheel just Like Old Movies

If you have an adventurous spirit, then Darjeeling is your go-to the place, not only is this place is known for its adventurous sports activities but also its unique terrains. Located in West Bengal is this beautiful hill station where many different kinds of bicycle riders visit. Ranging from beginners who are learning cycling, which can start riding on the roads away from city traffic to fitness experts and enthusiastic people who can start on the rocky terrain. The cycling trail may vary from bumps to open muddy and dusty roads. Cycling is a challenge for your inner spirit as well as to boost your self-confidence. People going through mental trauma can cycle away from their stress and problems through the tea plantations of Darjeeling.


  • Dream Tip of Mumbai to Goa on a Bicycle

This is one of the most memorable road trips taken by bikers and bicycle riders. Not only is this a trend followed by teenagers but also a gang visit during the holiday seasons. This ride includes the famous National Highway 17 (NH17) giving a foreign road feeling with its clean and smooth terrain without any hassle. All you riders gear up to cherish the most famous and trending bicycle ride. Keep the tradition going.


  • Last but not least is Riding in Heaven  (The Spiti Valley)

This beautiful area located between two mountains of Himachal Pradesh which has a great resemblance to Ladakh is the place where bikers get to spend some solo time cherish the beauty of nature created by God. It falls across the Hindustan-Tibet highway which gives the same adrenaline rush as the mountains of Ladakh. You can find riders cycle their way through the highest villages such as Spiti and Kaza. You can also stop at the beautiful apple and apricot orchards and have some raw fresh fruits directly from the trees. Who knew that the valley could give the same feeling like a mountain? Only the cyclists would realize the importance of cycling through the banks of the Sutlej river as the moist wind hits you and mesmerizing and capturing the beauty of the snow capped mountains. If you ever want to visit this place and go for a long cycle ride follow this path: Shimla to Sarhan to Sangla to Chitkul to Baspa to Kinnaur to Recong Peo to Kalpa village to Kaza village to Tabo village to Spiti to Keylong and Manali. This valley is best visited in mid-October. Thus, the cyclist knows a must-visit now and can add this to their checklist.


Not only is cycling fun but also considered a fitness medium to increase your cardiovascular fitness. Cycling not only makes one’s body happy but also keeps the brainpower in control, sharpening your mind. And of course, who doesn't want to save a little amount of cash from their pocket money from all these expensive other vehicle expenditures. Not only this, there are studies from the University of Whales starting a cycle is safer compared to other vehicles creating a pollution-free and Eco-friendly environment for our ancestors. Most importantly, cycle symbolizes freedom and freedom is the start of one’s successful life.So, when is your cycle journey starting?

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