Must have accessories for your Electric Bike

Electric bikes are the best when it comes to short-scale mobility and transportation. But then with any vehicle, safety is a must. Electric bikes do follow some amount of safety regulations such that the user can feel safe while riding the bike. Things such as helmets, gloves, pads, etc. are the standard precautions that every electric biker should follow while riding.

To enhance the experience or the feel of an electric vehicle, several accessories get along with your bike to either make it aesthetically pleasant, or serve as practical use. Hence, if you are wondering what those uses might be, then we have enlisted several of the must-have essentials that your electric bike should consists. Thus, without further ado, let's get started.

Accessories for Electric Bikes / E-Bikes 

To complete an electric bike, there are must-have accessories that can prove to be useful when in need. Thus, there are a few that can help you out.

  • Basic Bike tool kit for Bicycle 

There comes a time where your electric bike might breakdown, and repairing it in the middle of nowhere can be a tedious task indeed. It could be the problem with the chains, brakes or even the throttle for engaging the electric motors. Hence, it's advised that you get yourself a handy toolkit for your electric bike that serves the same purpose of fixing any issues. Even though you might not have any mechanical experience, fixing anything with the right tools serves a purpose and can help in mending the problem right away. Hence, it serves its goal of being a handy accessory. 

basic tool for bicycle


  • Multi-tool to regularly check and tighten nut and bolt

Well, if the above-given option doesn’t serve you any purpose, then this will! A humble multi-tool accessory does justice in making repairs quite easy. Multi-tools have wrenches, Torx, screw drivers, and much more in a pocket able form factor. Such that if you are using your electric bike on hilly terrain and anything comes loose, tightening it and ensuring that it stays in place is a breeze of a task. A must-have if you are someone that is looking for a quick fix for your electric bike.

multi tool for bicycle


  • Digital multi meter for Battery or Electric Circuit Issue

Although it might not be essential or as essential as the others given above, it’s an accessory that can help you in resolving any electric circuit issues that you might be facing. If you are suffering from voltage issues or the battery isn’t charging with power not being delivered adequately, then a digital multi meter is a device that can help you decode the problem effortlessly. There is nothing worse than burning your battery by overcharging it while the problem might be in the wiring of the electric bike. Such that there are digital multi meters that help in giving out accurate readings based on the temperature, frequency and even the capacitance of the battery. Although they might be expensive, they are an accessory that can help to keep the battery, circuitry, and motors of the electric bikes in top shape.

multi meter for ebike


  • Bicycle Tube repair kit 

Although OMObikes tyres are very thick puncher resistant tires . It might be unessential accessory that you can have on your electric bike. Punctures are often the worst nightmare for any two-wheeler. Getting them repaired when you are somewhere remote is usually the task that could take a lot of effort indeed. Thus, having a tube repair kit goes a long way in ensuring that you have the best tools in repairing those nasty punctures in no time. Typically, a tube repair kit comprises of rubber glue/cement, piece of rough metal and rubber patches. While it might differ in the components, ensuring that you don’t have a flat tire helps a lot. Also, including a pocket able air pump goes nicely with this tool kit. 


  • Headlight and Horn for safe riding at night 

If you have ever ridden a cycle, bike, or car in the dark without having lights, then you very well know that having lights is essential. Electric bikes often skip this accessory to ensure that the bike has longer battery life. At night times, they are invisible and can get hit easily. Several countries have made it mandatory for bicycles to have  glowing lights to ensure your presence on the road at night times. Thus, these can be places either on the front of the bike or elsewhere. . 

  • Hand grips, pedals, and seat for comfortable bike ride

Let’s get things straight. The main things that you touch on an electric bike are the pedals, handles, and seat. While these might not be an accessory, but then they are the essentials that need to be given a luxury touch. Being the most used in any electric bike, replacing them with something comfortable is a must. Such that taking your electric bike for long rides can be smooth and without any interruptions whatsoever. Hence, don’t just upgrade them to something better, but invest in them to improve the overall journey by manifolds.

omo cycle with free accessories


  • Steel Mudguards is Must 

Most of the electric bikes come without mudguards. The only purpose of them not to go without mudguards so to shed weight and help the motor function effectively. Hence, they are essentials to ensure that they keep water out and not make you dirty from the muddy water of the roads. Such that going off-road on your electric bikes becomes more comfortable and you don’t have to fear the dirt or water anymore. They are certainly cheap and don’t cost a must. So, ensure that you get a good pair of mudguards that protect the wheels and gives your electric bike an aesthetic touch. 


  • Bicycle Mirrors for safe riding 

If you are familiar with riding a bike or an electric bike, then having the convenience of looking behind while moving forward is necessary. It’s to ensure that you have eyes behind your back and can decide when you might have to take a turn at any point in time or even see whether there is a vehicle coming behind you to go the opposite direction. There are several types of mirrors that you can choose from. You can attach them to the handlebars or even the edge of the handlebars. Based on the make of your electric bike, there are several options that you can choose from and wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket as well. 


  • Security Of Bike and Battery on Electric bicycle

Security in any device that you use is a must. The same reflects electric bikes as well. Electric bikes can cost significantly, and securing them when you head out on the road is crucial. Well, you can use wheel locks or locks to attach your bike to a lamp post or fence. There are several types of smart locks available in the market that provide in keep your electric bikes free form theft. 

Most electric bikes provide detachable batteries but detachable batteries can be easily pulled off from the bicycle. Hence having a lock attached to battery is necessary as battery of electric cycle is around 1/3 price of the entire bicycle 


  • Bell Or Horn on electric bicycle 

Warning people about your presence is indeed a tough task when you are traveling on an electric bike. Because of the silence,it’s hard to make your presence on the roads. Such that having a bell can prove to be essential. Instead of screaming on top of your voice to move people from your path, having a device that does the same for you is necessary. But several electric bikes do include bells as standards. But for those that don’t have one, there are streamlined ones that help in giving a boost to the overall aesthetics of the vehicle and with function.


Therefore, the above-given accessories may or may not come with your electric bike. These are a must-have in any electric bike to ensure that you have no problems while riding them. Also, ensure that the accessories serve a purpose on your bike because carrying extra unnecessary weight means lesser mileage and loss of power. Hence, carry out thorough research and see what serves a goal on your electric bike.

All the best. 

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