Model E.0 : Zero Maintenance electric cycle

OMO Electric cycles/ E Bikes are very low maintenance vehicles for daily commute, but one does thing about even the little maintenance it needs. What happens if in case a problem come up with the electric cycle where you have invested good amount of money. So, let's see in detail about the maintenance of OMO electric cycle 

OMO Electric cycle consists of two kinds of parts

1) Electrical parts such as Motor, battery and controller etc
2) Mechanical parts like wheel, frame and chain etc
We have designed OMO electric cycle in such a way that failure of Electrical part won't cause any impact of mechanical working mechanism of a cycle. This is also an added advantage of electric cycle over Electric scooter, as you can always use your OMO electric cycle like normal cycle if electric parts stop working.
OMO India top 10 electric cycle with fat tyres

Maintenance of Non Electrical parts on OMO Electric Bicycle/Ebike

Wheel - We use premium double wall alloy wheel with 26 inch tyre and steel spokes which can be fixed and replaced at any cycle shop around India.
Maintenance - Air checkup in front and rear wheel twice a month.
Chain - We use high quality chain which can be fixed at any cycle shop across India. Since standard variant of Model E.0 does not have gears you won't have much problem regarding chain assembly.
Maintenance Tip : Lubricate chain once in 3 Months
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Frame - We use Carbon steel frame with very high tensile strength coated with double anti rush coating. We provide 1 Year frame warranty as we have tested our frame in rough terrain and Indian roads. We assure you won't have frame failure for next 10 years.
Maintenance : It is always a good practice to park vehicle / bike in covered areas.
Disk break - High quality disk breaks are used in our cycles. Depending on the usage of breaks in your daily commute, you need to tighten the break which can be done with an Allen key.
Maintenance : We advise to visit cycle shop or check break screw once in 2 months or whenever you feel it's needed 
Pedal -  We use Sealed pedalling assembly (friction less sealed BB) that will not create any problem for years. In normal cycles, you need to lubricate the bearing of cranks regularly but the good thing about sealed assembly is they don't need special care 
Maintenance : Not required 
These parts, if maintained regularly, will keep your cycle running for years without any failure, but now let's come to electrical components which are the main feature, but can cause some anxiety among customers.


Maintenance of electrical parts of OMO electric cycle

All our Electrical parts come with replacement warranty upto 1 year. So you don't need to worry about any manufacturing failure of electric parts as we will replace it for free.
lithium ion battery for omo electric bicycle
Battery: We use Lithium ion battery with BMS  which comes with 6 months Warranty. Most of the batteries create problem because of over charging but we have solved this by our smart design. We provide smart battery charger which cuts off once the battery is fully charged. So you can leave the battery for charging overnight without thinking twice.  Even then, if there is any problem within the warranty period because of manufacturing defect, we will replace it without any cost.
When you need to replace the battery during or after warranty period, you don't need to worry about visiting mechanic. We provide detachable battery which you can replace yourself in 10 seconds.
Maintenance Tip - Our batteries are IP65 water resistance. So you can ride in rain, clean it with water jet, but don't dip the battery in water container or ride cycle where water level on street is higher than battery open sockets (17 inch water on road) and chances of battery dipped inside water for very long. It may lead to short-circuiting the battery.
bldc hub motor for electric cycle in India
Motor : Motors are mostly maintenance free. If you are aware of the internal mechanic of motor, you will notice they can't be damaged easily. A simple example of motor is ceiling fan in our houses which run without any troubles for years. Same is motor in our cycle, you can use it for years without any trouble. But we provide 1 year warranty in case of manufacture defect. Our motors are waterproof as well, so you can ride OMO Ebike in rain or even dip it inside water and it will work fine.
In extreme cases, if motor stops working or there is a failure (which is highly unlikely), you can still ride the cycle with pedals without any problem.
Replacement of motor won't be easy for you to do by yourself. But you can visit any cycle mechanic in India and they can fix it within one hour. A new motor can be laced on your old heel using same spokes.
 Maintenance : Not Required. No grease or lubrication required 
Controller : We provide water proof controller with a warranty of 1year. Chances are very less of it getting damaged. Even in case of any damaged or failure after 1 year, you can buy it from us and fix it with your e bike yourself by just joining two wires from controller to the wires coming out of frame. 
Maintenance : Not Required
That being said, you can imagine how less maintenance our Eco Friendly OMO electric cycle need. 
Whatever maintenance is needed, its for non electric parts (which are common with normal cycles). All electric parts comes with warranty and don't need any maintenance at all even after high and rough regular usage. So you can do what you always wanted to.
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