Model E.0 (2019) - A New Generation of Electric Cycles in India

Model E.0 (2019) is here. With new changes that makes it stronger and more beautiful. We keep in regular touch with all our customers from the time they purchase OMO Bikes and keep learning new things from their feedback. On the bases of our feedback collected over last 4 months from our 452 amazing customers of E-bike around India, we have made following changes in e bike.

Steel Mudguards in Electric cycle :

We found that the plastic mudguards which we used to give with Model E.0 2018 electric cycle were not as effective at higher speeds (25 km/hr) as one would expect them to be.
Taking this feedback to seriously, we started designing our new mudguards as other bicycle steel mudguard won’t fit in OMO bikes model E.0. The design of omobike model E.0 is completely new in India and even for a small changes we have to design everything from scratch again. But putting it at our topmost priority, we have introduced the steel mudguards in our new Model E.0 this year.
OMObikes model E.0 yellow color with mudguard
Note : - Don’t worry if you already own an OMO Model E.0 2018 electric cycle. We will be sending you free upgrades of steel mudguards as we believe this is a must for all OMO Ebikes.
Currently we are in the process of making additional arrangements to make sure that the steel mudguards fit perfectly in the older version of Model E.0, and will soon begin the free upgrade dispatch.

Semi Fat Tyre In Electric cycle :

We have upgraded our ebike tires from 26x2.35 to 26x3 inch (Fat tyres are 26X4 inch). These semi Fat tyre helps OMO E.0 (2019) get a good grip over road, increases shock absorption and improves the overall riding experience.
OMO electric cycle silver color with Fat tyre
Note :- This upgrade is not possible with Old ebike models because of the limited gap of front suspension


Threaded Rigid Fork (Without Suspension ):

With the semi Fat tyre comes a custom fork as this is not something produced at mass scales in the industry. But we believe in manufacturing an electric cycle whose parts minimum repair, and maintenance can be done easily at any bicycle shop locally. Since the Semi fat tyres themselves provide a good shock absorption over the bumpy roads in India, a heavy duty rigid fork is the best way to go about it.
OMObikes e bike black color with Fat tyres
Note : Some people might argue that this change might reduce the ride quality of the bike. But in our hundreds of tests with numerous riders, rigid fork with fat tires has been a clear winner over suspensions.
Note 2: This Upgrade can be be done for old model as well at factory cost of product of the item + shipping charges

More stable Frame :- 

All our Frames are MIG welded ISO certified and tested for high strength. But, we have gone a step further to make it further stronger by adding an extra crossbar in the middle. So it can be used not only in cities but even in villages with no or bumpy roads for very very long time.
India best electric cycle with fat tyre OMOBikes

Basket and carrier :

Getting mixed feedbacks from customers for the front basket and rare usability of rear carrier, we have replaced the front basket to more generic one and removed the rear carrier. However, if someone needs customization, a rear carrier can be fitted separately on request.

What do you think of these changes?

Do you have any ideas for improving OMO Model E.0 ?

Feel free to write to us or reach us. Discussing electric cycles gives us immense happiness.
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