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Cycling is considered as one of the best and fun way to exercise and burn calories. All fit and healthy people prefer to have a little cycling warm up exercise in gym to intense cycling once a week because controlling your diet is just not the solution to become fit.

Electric bicycling helps people cycle their way to health, fitness and live young forever by reducing the risk of many health problems, from heart disease to breast cancer. Electric cycle also motivate people to go outdoor and work out by just using it in their normal day to day life work such as going to office, market or just evening ride with friend to refresh your mind after work.

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The Joy of Riding Bicycle never gets old.

Even with the electric motor, you can choose to do most of the pedaling yourself or use the throttle to conquer hills, go easily over the flyovers or make headwinds a leaving no carbon footprint while you commute. Doesn't matter what age group you belong to, you will for sure feel like an energetic kid again.

Electric cycle, when not used on full throttle and pedalled simultaneously, is 50-60% as effective as pedalling non electric cycle at a speed of 12-15 mph depending on your weight. (Journal of transport and health published in US, A PDF file can be downloaded here.)

 As per a research publish in Harvard health journal, 30 minute cycling of an average weighing person burns around 260 calories.

So the estimated health benefits of pedalling electric cycle for 30 minutes with little Throttle for and average weighing man will burn 130-150 calories.

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E-biking has many health benefits

It Reduce Stress and Relaxes Us

As per the an article published in Stress Management Society, cycling reduces stress and helps you relax. From student age until we retire, we are surrounded by many difficult tasks and responsibilities. And many studies have shown that regular exercise helps you get rid of problems like mild depression and anxiety.

Cycling exercise boosts body immunity by up to 50%(Appalachian State University Study, 2010). You’re not only enjoying but also pedaling away from germs. So no more worrying about diseases. Cycling reduces blood pressure and lowers down your cholesterol level which reduces the chances or heart diseases, diabetes and Cancer. As per the an article published in  Health Benefits of Cycling, riding 25 km every week may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 50 percent. Riding a non electric cycle for 25 km in busy everyday life is not possible for everyone, but with electric cycle, you can actually ride at least 50 km every week.

Cheer Up Your mood

As per a study published in Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation & Prevention, regular exercise helps us get rid of mild depression and anxiety. Riding an electric bike helps release Endorphins, which makes us happy and cheers up our mood. There’s no better way to be healthy and having fun while riding an Electric cycle.

Make you Look 10 years Younger

Studies have shown that regular cycling exercise will make you look and feel 10 years younger. Its a one stop solution for loosing weight, being happy and becoming fit. Cycling can burn upto 500 calories per hour, with 50-60 percent efficiency, electric cycle can help you loose 250-300 calories (with pedal assist) every hour to keep you fit and healthy  (How Long & Fast Do I Need to Bike to Lose 500 Calories, 2015).

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Beat The Traffic on an Electric Bike

Future is Electric Commuting by electric bicycle, a zero maintenance vehicle, helps you exercise while you are traveling for work, school or office without taking any extra time from your daily life schedule for exercise and lets you arrive your office, school or college on time and sweat free  — No to mention that , it’s green and fun!. A beginning of a new Future.

OMO electric bikes are a great way to have healthy and happy days with exercise disguised as fun! .

We also, plant 5 trees for every bike sold, because good cycles & healthy environment are our top priorities.

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