Electric Cycles: A new beginning for healthy & eco friendly india

Bicycles are amazing, eco-friendly means of transport for cities that help preserve the environment, reduce air pollution. Apart from all the environmental benefits, bicycle keeps you healthy and is very inexpensive as compared to other means of transport . Some people may think only traditional bicycles help in keeping you healthy but a recent research has shown that 80% of people who own an electric cycle, use it 4-5 times a day for local transport whereas only 40 % of people who own traditional cycles use their bicycles once or twice a day.

Few decades ago, bicycles were the most common means of transport in cities before the world went crazy over the fuel vehicles. However, the recent crisis and rise in price of oil has contributed to a slight increase in use of cheaper and eco friendly means of transportation such as electrical vehicles. Since, pedaling everyday is not so easy for everyone in India, we have designed a unisex and very comfortable electric cycle for you.

The OMO electric bike(E-bike) is similar to traditional cycle that is equipped with a motor in rear wheel which is powered by lithium ion battery. The battery can be recharged anytime with a charger provided with E-bike.

A lot of people prefer to do high intensity exercise and cycling everyday, but not everyone is able to do it. A regular body movement is required for people of every age to keep you healthy.

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Cycle to Work. Be healthy & happy.

A cycling activity involves movement of following muscles.

Quadriceps muscles (front of thighs) , Hamstrings (rear of thigh) , Calf muscles ,Hip flexors ,Gluteus Maximus (butt), Plantarflexors of the foot, Dorsiflexors of the foot. Together all of these muscles contract in a sequence that creates the pedalling motion. Upper body muscles used while cycling are mainly for support and stabilisation, but this is still a great workout for Abdominal muscles (internal and external), Arm muscles ,Chest and shoulders, Muscles of the back.

How Electric cycle Helps in Improving health ?

Electric cycle helps you enjoy cycling exercise with less effort. OMO Electric cycle is provided with different modes such as low , medium and high for a healthy bicycle ride everyday. The maximum speed in low mode is 10 km/hr. So setting your controller to low mode and simultaneous peddling will assist you in pedal movement but still all your body parts are in proper cycling motion.

Since it is not possible for some people to pedal on fly over or steep roads, so people can change the mode to medium or high and with just accelerator(no pedal), you can easily climb the flyover as we have tested it on all major flyover in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Why Buy an electric bike ?

Its Fun!!

An electric bike is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face every time you ride.

For all Age group. No need of driving license, registration or papers

25 km/ hour is government’s regulated speed for which you don't need vehicle registration. So it is best commuting way for school going students, college students, people working in big cities and old people as well. Because of its unisex design, anyone can ride it. So one electric bike at home is solution of all your transport problems.

Saves a lot of Money

Buying an e-bike is not spending money, it's more of investing money with upto 400% sure return on investment. As per an estimate, the cost of running of motorcycle and car now days including maintenance is 2 Rs/km and 5 Rs/km, whereas the cost of running of en electric bicycle including battery replacement after few years and maintenance is 40 Paisa/km.

Say No To Traffic

No more delay and frustration of getting stuck in traffic and arriving late in your office or classes. Electric bikes are very light weight (25 kg) and runs at maximum speed of 25km/hour, so you can cruise through the heavy traffic leaving behind all the car and motorcycle users. One additional benefit of using cycle is you can go through routes and shortcuts which are not accessible via cars and motorcycle.

Go Green

Electric bikes are surely one of the most sustainable and environmental friendly means of transport but they do consume electricity. To make the carbon consumption as minimum as possible for our electric bikes, we plant 5 trees with survival rate of 80%. So when you are riding an electric bike, be sure that you will be a part of environment friendly movement.

We are committed to build a fun & high performance electric cycle. Here is a quick look of features & ride of our Model E.0

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