Electric Cycle, a 400% return on your Investment (50 Paisa/KM for next 5 YearS)- Part 1

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Electric cycles are not only the Fastest, Eco friendly and healthy mode of transport in today's world but also help you save a lot of money with running cost of ~50 Paisa per Kilometers for next 5 years (including battery replacement, electricity bill and maintenance costs) which assures you 100-400 % returns on your investment within an year.

OMObikes electric cycle in India black color

Electric Cycles - Door to the Future

Considering most people live within 5-10 km radius from their offices, school or University, and including usage of vehicles for daily household works such as market visit, a normal person travels 20-25 km everyday. 

We made a comparison based on the these minimum travel data with Electricity cost 5-6 Rupees per Unit(a full charging consumes less then a unit of electricity) and fuel prices 70-80 Rupees per Litre.

Yearly saving by using Electric cycle instead of Motorcycle comes around 27,000 Rupees and 84,000 when compared to a car.

running cost comparison of electric cycle and car

Electric Cycle vs Petrol Bikes cost comparison

Electric cycles are Zero maintenance electric vehicles and most of them can be repaired at a normal cycle shop. But still a major expense for running electric cycle comes when the you need to change battery. 

Every battery has a life after which you need to replace them with new one.

The battery life of electric cycle is 15,000 kilometers, so as per daily usage of 20-25 km, your battery will be fine for next 2.5 years after which you need to replace the battery. 

The cost of battery at present is 8,000 INR which is likely to reduce in future. 

Considering the expense of battery change, assuming fuel price to remain the same for next 5 years and you don't need to have major maintenance (rarely possibility) in your motorcycle or car for Next 5 Years. We have made a comparison chart of how much you will be saving in next 5 Year.

cost of running electric cycle compared to car

Cost of running electric Cycle vs Petrol powered vehicles

Some people consider electric cycle expensive but the truth is electric cycle is best investment with 100-400% sure return rate because the 'Future is Electric'. So, Instead of limiting your needs everyday to save some money for future, an electric cycle gives you easy and healthy way to save lot of money.

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